G-Dragon’s New Twist-Perm a Hot Issue


For this spring, exaggerated colours and the funky 80s fashion is the new trend.

As the music video of ‘Lollipop’ by Bigbang and 2NE1 became an hot issue, the disco mood that has reminded people of the 80s roller-parks has sparked the senses of the teens.

Especially, in the “Lollipop” music video, the members of 2NE1 are wearing colorful skinny jeans, leggings with bold patterns, high-top shoes and funky accessories. These girls are becoming the new style icon for the teens.

Same for the hairstyles. Bigbang’s leader G-Dragon has boldly twist-permed his hair for this shooting. His ‘twist-perm’ hair has become a hot issue.

G-Dragon, who always shows off fashion senses and shocking hair styles, has drawn the attention of the fashion people again.

Hair designer Mr. Park Chul mentioned, “G-Dragon, who is popular for choosing his own hair styles, is showing off how he can pull off his own version of the ‘total look’ in a stylish way.”

This new hot hairstyle has also expressed the new trend ’80s code’ with the ‘twist-perm’, and has produced the mischievous lollipop style.

Recently, hair styles that remind us of the 80s have become the new trend for this season: like the twist-perm, vivid colour dyes or bold ponytail hair styles that Son Danbi tried.

Mr. Park mentioned also, “Hair styles such as puffed-up twist-perms; short hair with a lot of volume in the bangs; or wave perms that only celebrities tried, is also becoming popular amongst the public because of the new ‘back to the 80s’ trend.”

This spring it would be nice to try out hair styles that seem too puffed, or clothing such as baggy pants or denim overalls; fashion items that can bring out the nostalgia for the 80s like G-Dragon did in ‘Lollipop’.

Translated credits: Beau @ VIPZ
Post taken from:
Beau@VIPz Overseas


~ by Momo on April 12, 2009.

13 Responses to “G-Dragon’s New Twist-Perm a Hot Issue”

  1. true; true; true…, the 80s trends are back. even US is starting already. thank you.

  2. Yes everyone’s taking it back! I am guilty as well. lol

  3. starting with skinny jeans. 80s trends have already started.

  4. thanks for this.
    GOOO GD. =)

  5. If it was “Acceptable in the 80’s”
    It will be acceptable in Spring 2009. LOL

    Now I need to go shopping for leg warmers and mini skirts and purple skinnies and aqua skinnies and yeah…

  6. GDragon is H-O-T-N-E-S-S 😉
    sigh….i still miss their gangster look….. ):
    G D r a g o n Until Whenever ❤

  7. wAho! gd 😉

  8. yeahz!!!~~~GD always hot!!!~~~XD

  9. It’s happening…it’s happening with skinny jeans, leg warmers, suspenders…..but I’m sorry. No. GD, I miss your old hair. TT^TT

  10. Okay, the 80’s are back but…that is not an excuse for the ahjumma curls. The Einstein crimped hair was fine.

  11. He is so cute, but srsly whats with the curlz. He doesn’t come off as SEXY. Just cute…

    And I love the 80’s!!!

  12. I Love G-Dragon.
    He brings everything back INN!
    i’m starting to like his hair. Ahh that’s the thing about him.
    At first, you might hate it. But then you start to love it.
    Well, at least i’m like that =]

  13. well it’s GD he can pull it of very well 😀 <333

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