Lollipop by Sorea Group


With Traditional Instrument. They also did a remake of SNSD Gee.

Credit: 김상미 @cyworld

Youtube Channel: TheYGsecret

Post taken from: ncly@soompi


~ by Momo on April 12, 2009.

16 Responses to “Lollipop by Sorea Group”

  1. wow lollipop is getting popular

  2. lollipop is getting popular

  3. dude seriously we all love lollipop!
    dude even these group of girls did one too

    even that girl did sandra parks hair LOL! wow
    and that CL girl actually wore the similar outfit lOL
    and she has matching park bom outfit haha
    but the big bang one its harder to tell but its okay they look pretty good

  4. thats cool!

  5. CONGRATS TO THIS SITE at getting to #1
    with that voting thing.. LOL

  6. @xblackchristmas:

    omg? really? never follow the voting think and all this while i thot BB China is #1

  7. Lollipop FTW! ^^

    hahaha, and I wonder how these adults managed to
    listen to LOLLIPOP over and over again. ;O
    THE MUSIC IS SO TIGHT though. !

    ^ me & my friend did one, too. [;
    it’s like, a lip sync music video// parody-ish.

  9. How awesome was that! =)

  10. LoL. I even sing this song without noticing it! X)) LOLLIPOP<333

  11. Lollipop is a catalyst. Even my friends who tease me about my Big Bang-Kpop craze are singing it 😀

  12. oh shit, this sounds good! : D
    ah, love lollipop ❤

  13. I love it!!

  14. wow this sorea is amazing, i saw their gee version before. they can make gee sounds like a traditional song, but with lollipop is still sound very… modern? hahaha even if you remove the DJ-ing and leave only the violin-like instrument, it still sound techno-ish.

  15. wow, sounds really.. oriental 🙂

  16. the people in this video are BLIND.
    that’s talent<3[;

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