GDragon during shooting of W-inds’ MV

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This is a point where I’m worried for Bong about his health, I know his body is the type that doesn’t matter how much he eats, he won’t gain weight. But still, loosing weight like this isn’t good either. All I see is skin covered bones, the first thing pop into my head when I saw these was “Please someone shove a cheeseburger down his throat” But then… I doubt that burger will make any difference. Bong ah~ Please take care of yourself! Health comes first!! But oh my god, I actually think the popcorn hair is HOT now. :X

GDragon during shooting of W-inds’ MV


credit: SS.J ||dcgd||on pics||Heavenly Dragon | Ni-n-G’@bigbangpop

W-inds Music Video
Rain is Falling ft. GDragon
95 MB

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Thanks to SS10SG๋‹˜

Normal hair was out of the question for this MV, all we got is the Einstein look and the popcorn hair, he was hot though! Pronunciation wasย right on, it’s nice to hear Bong rapping without the vocoder, cuz seriously, I am sick of it, his real voice is amazing, those electronic crap just freaking ruin it, one of the thing I don’t like about LOLLIPOP song is no real Bong voice whatsoever.

I was screaming the whole time when i saw this… Bong MAY wind up getting together with a forgein girl in the future hahaha you never know.

Here’s a HQ pic of Bong in the MV



~ by Vicky on April 13, 2009.

63 Responses to “GDragon during shooting of W-inds’ MV”

  1. LOLSSSSSSSS. yes, he should totally consider a foreign chic :]
    but oh my.. BONGGG eat! i’d hate to see him sick D:

  2. …wow…
    he looks… really really hot.
    i never i thought i would say that about the einstein and popcorn hair… but he really looks hot…

    but yes, he does look too skinny

  3. duude, he needs more than a cheeseburger XD

    I actually dig his Einstein hair in this MV more than the Lollipop one for some reason XD

  4. coolios!!!! (:

  5. GD…I hope may get soon so that they can rest.
    And the einstein hair rock!!
    GD still and always look hot….and very very cute.
    Goo Go Go my fashionista….
    Fight for the world BB, rest well in your holiday boys.

  6. haha i’ve always loved the popcorn hair (:
    and yes, PLEASE EAT BONG!

  7. i like the einsten hair better than the adjumma one lol

  8. Agree with u. Bong needs to eat more. Btw, love all of Bong’s style!

  9. God, G-Dragon. you so fricken` skinny.
    i don’t like seeing boney areas. they don’t look too nice.
    Yeahh please take care of your health. eat lots of food =]
    Lols, oh yeahhh he looks hot. his hair caught onto me
    already. i love both styles (:
    Thanks Vicky.

  10. omg omg omg omg i REALLLYYYYYY FEEL SORRY for GD, he cant become that skinny, GAIN SOME WEIGHT BONG!!!!!!!!!

  11. Aside from the hair, GD looked HOT. But yeah….Jiyong needs some fatty American foods crammed down his throat. ๐Ÿ˜€ Or maybe he just has a super fast metabolism…if so, I’m super jealous. >_<

  12. You like the popcorn hair and I like the ahjummah hair. OMG I can’t believe that I said it aloud.It doesn’t photograph well, but at the interview those precious angel curls looked so good on him.

  13. He should come to my mom’s restaurant. It’s like…carb-mania there. Plus, the food is really good. He’ll be sure to gain weight AND be satisfied. =]

    Gosh, the popcorn hair is so…AWKWARD. Oh! I think the Einstein hair is just what it looks like after he takes out the “popcorns”. Too lazy to straighten it, eh? I’ll do it for him!

  14. GD your shirt barely sticks to your skin! =/

  15. haha yeah the popcorm hair is surprisingly HOT! well not really a surprise cuz its GDRAGON :]

  16. ohh, yes the popcorn hair xDDD
    my my. i didn’t notice unil you mentioned it..gosh, maybe shove 10 cheeseburgers down his throat xD but that might not be very good… lmaoo.
    stil..i want his metabolism ๐Ÿ˜€ lolol. i bet every girl does lmao.

    rahhhrr<3 i just LOVEE bongie’s part in the MV no shieettt ;D<333
    totally in love with his rap part x] hehehe:O but..still hot xDD

    bongie better get some good rest and FOOD soon! we await his solo album x]<3

  17. oh my gawd, look at his ARMSS D:
    gosh i envy bong’s not-able-to-get-fat genes
    BUT he looks so weak haha… yet stil lookin hot
    LOL i seriously got used to the eintein hairr its sexy ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. He.. can.. consider me!! ahaha

  19. Bong ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    please don’t work hard ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    I think you need to take a rest ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    Dont try to much ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    I can’t belive you’re so thin :-ss it’s make me feel very aweful

  20. ahhhh~~Bong love his rap part on the PV ^^ but he needs to take care of his health T.T

  21. ooohhh sexy!!!!
    seriously letting his hair grow was definitely a good idea look at how many crazy hairstyles he’s come up with
    from the popcorn to the cute geeky gelled back hair
    Bong looks o sexy in the shiny jacket
    I shouldn’t but nowadays I’ve been lookin at everyone except my man ;P

    I’m sorry babe but i haven’t seen you

  22. i freaking โค the popcorn hair. looks mad sexy with it. Top it just didnt fit on. Bongie, i envy you and your can eat anythingness, but please please please eat more! take care of yourself!

    ps. you want a foreign girl gimme a call. I’ll be there in a couple hours! XD jk

  23. he sure needs to eat!

  24. ohh large pics! yay, thanks! I really love this song, I just like how it all starts off with GD.

  25. damn GD looks tiny in some pics!
    i hope he isnt stressing too much either, which could affect the whole weight thing ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    and.. i never thought id say this but… the einstein hair aint half bad! ๐Ÿ˜›

  26. POPCORN HAIR FTW! lol.
    that’s mah boy, GD!
    But please, eat boy!
    Health comes FIRST ๐Ÿ˜‰

  27. omg vicky i so agree with you about the whole vocoder thing. shoot you like rescued me. i love finding new music but i got tired of mainstream american music and couldn’t find anymore interesting indie artists so i turned to you and bam! big bang, real voices and real talent!

  28. perm hair or not he’s the man

    take care of urslef ji yong ah

  29. ji yong is the best!!
    miss him so bad!
    thanks vicky for the post
    really need this!

  30. Its great to see Kwon Leader working hard on his solo album, 2NE1s album and the collaboration with W-inds, but once he’s working so hard that he’s losing weight it eats me up on the inside.

    Someone please take him to an all you can eat restaurnt. I cant stand seeing him like this! He needs a break. I would rather not see him doing nothing but eat and sleep for the next month than seeing him going skinnier everyday ;-( .

  31. Its great to see Kwon Leader working hard on his solo album, 2NE1s album and the collaboration with W-inds, but once he’s working so hard that he’s losing weight it eats me up on the inside.

    Someone please take him to an all you can eat restaurnt. I cant stand seeing him like this! He needs a break!

  32. GD has always been thin .. but still, jiyongg! take care of yourself and stay healthy ๐Ÿ˜€

  33. When I saw the sparkling concert 2009, his hairstyle went back to normal. I love Jiyong!!

  34. omg i was like about to cry when i saw the pictures, he really should care about himself more ๐Ÿ˜ฆ but he still looks GREAT.!!

  35. maybe GD found out about his “bong” nickname! and pursued it! :))

  36. This makes me sad /; so skinny.. he really need some rest!
    I kinda hope that he’s album will come out later, cause if it comes out now he will have all these solo activities, and that can’t be good for his healt right now? All the boys needs a break in my opinion!

    – i freaking love bongs einstein hair, it’s so great! : D โค

  37. you know what comes 1st my mind?
    i was like AIGOOOO I HATE MYSELF
    cause i hated his hair
    but why the hell i think he looks HOT in that popcorn hair now???
    he just makes everything hot
    my bongie is so hot to an extent that i can’t take
    his rap in that song is sickk as well โค

  38. lolzies… i prefer popcorn and Einstein hair than ajumma hair :/

    and and.. zomg. i just noticed.. i have a pair of shades that looks just like the ones he’s wearing in the pictures. haha

    Bong Bong ah… please don’t over tire yourself. we will cry if anything happens to you so take care of your health for the sake of us at least.

    my hair turned Einstein when i released them from my plaits after Easter. lol.. i even made a comparison between Bong’s hair in LOLLIPOP and mine :/ it’s in my blog. check it out! just ignore my really scary looking expression…

  39. I’m totally diggin his shirt O_o

  40. Still addicited to this song after listening to it like over 100 times…. too addicitve

  41. Ah I like GD with that style. He looks naughty and also hot. And I don’t see the feminine look of him anymore. Do you guys agree with me? But he does looked better. I think. Glad to see it. ^_^

  42. Dang Ji looks really edge rockin it oppa I don’t think he looks that skiny though I’m like 93 pounds so weight isn’t something I pay much attention to anyways!! LOL I’m only 4ft 11 in so I don’t think I compare to him!! But still he looks okay he probably a bit over work it’ll get better hopefully!!

  43. I’m the forgein girl for you JiYong! lol! JiYong please take care of yourself! Work hard but don’t over due it! And eat food! We know your naturally thin but still… Anyway his english is amazing!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. Take care JiYong, you’re a bit thin x[
    G D r a g o n Until Whenever

  45. Goddddd, so smexyy.
    I just love him to death, but he looks so weak!
    I hope his health really gets better. I’m too
    concerned for him ;[

  46. hey wassup everyone well m new dont nknow pretty much bout this site aha n the pic wow awesome

  47. yeah m also forgein girl over here dont now pretty much bout this site i loged in today

  48. wow nice pics rock up

  49. I dont think “einstein hair” is fair because he looks much sexier in it! especially in that one pic, I thought of like a rock star.
    bob dylan/lenny kravitz, lol.
    and sorry but I can never love that popcorn hair…on anyone.

  50. […] GDragon during shooting of W-inds’ MV This is a point where I’m worried for Bong about his health, I know his body is the type that doesn’t […] […]

  51. REST AND EAT. Do nothing but eat and stay in bed…I think he needs a day like this. Ji is working too hard. I hope he gets rest soon, I know that his body is lean but still…T_T; Don’t make us worry, Ji Yong ah~

  52. Hey, congrats on the success of your blog. I just started mine recently so hopefully you’ll take a look when you have the chance.

  53. ooommmmg, thats soo ugh D: i never knew that gd had a problem like that going on >___< i just hope he gets betttterrr โค

  54. dangg! jiyong..ya need to eat! i feel sad lookin at you like this

  55. Wahhh GD looks really skinny. ; o ; Yeah, I hope he’s taking care of himself. *Don’t skip any meals! :3 And rest plz.*

    Haha… Vicky. HOT POPCORN hair? XD Ehh. Not sure I’m there yet. =P

    Thanks for the piccys. :DD

  56. yaa bong like go eun chan in coffee prince in term of body shape, but bong is indeed namjha, he shud gain some weight, as a nutritionist heeeheheh i dare to say that his BMI is lower than 25, have he skip meal?!!

  57. well i think before starting the show they burned up their hair thats y it semms like they got popcorn hair

  58. i want bong on my dick!

  59. yum!!!!!!!!!!
    aah he is PERFECT!

  60. GD doesn’t have the curly perm hair anymore! i like this one โค
    Aigoo~~ Bong! u must eat more! too skinny! i wish i was that skinny!

  61. his hair..
    im sorry, i love jiyongie all the way.
    but it irks me a bit i must say.

  62. his hair grows into me now hehe

  63. lol im so getting use to his random hair now its crazy.

    GD omg he’s unhealthily skinny. i was jealous that he could was skinny but this is just scary. >< [though i admit he’s gettin some muscle]

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