Happy Black Day!

April 14th 2009
Love comes and goes!
The PV is dedicated to all Single VIPs^^


Artist: M-Flo
Song: Love Comes and Goes (2008)
Album: Award SuperNova – Loves Best
Featuring Artists: Emi Hinouchi, Ryohei Yamamoto, Emyli, Yoshika & Lisa

Youtube Channe: HikaruHoshi1


~ by Momo on April 13, 2009.

18 Responses to “Happy Black Day!”

  1. omg I love you so much for posting m-flo

  2. love comes and goes, except for the love for our boys!

  3. haha i always cry about my singleness…m-flo,big bang and Double help me get over it Nujabes also.:)

  4. Totally agree with dubseeXvip.
    This kind of love NEVER goes away.

    Awesome song~

  5. wat is Black day”????

  6. Ahh, m-flo! I love this song.
    Actually, after school, I’m going out for some Korean food, maybe I’ll order jajangmyeon, haha.

  7. @Queenie
    That’s what Wikipedia says about Black Day. Valentines Day and White Day is for couples but Black Day is for singles.

  8. ah, I used to have this as my ringtone for about 5 months… cause I love me some verbal and ryohei. XD

    @ Lyem:
    wow. your soundtrack is the same as mine. hahaha
    except I celebrate my singleness, cause I suck at life. haha

    @ Queenie:
    it’s pretty much like a singles awareness day. people who didn’t give or receive gifts on Valentine’s Day or White Day, can get together and eat Jajangmyeon, and bond in their single status.

  9. wahh..thank you momo^^ 😀

  10. Happy Black Day everyone!
    Oh wait i mean, Single VIP’s 😉

  11. aww!
    thanks! hahaha
    i’m single in public.
    but really i got my bae ahahaha
    *fangirl alert

  12. oo i get it now thx

  13. Yes Happy Black Day To Me! Still Single! 😦

  14. @ estefinista you like double we are best friends lol im adding u on myspace..lol
    @ athirah you can have Bae over my dead body lol.just kiddin.

  15. Love the song.
    Hehe, thanks.

  16. Happy Black Day All!!

  17. i love M-flo
    i’m surprised to see this posted up hehe
    thank you

  18. THANK U I LUV M-FLO!!!!!!!!

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