[YG Bounce] G-Dragon, The Crooked Idol You Just Cannot Hate


Translations: Beau & 코코마탑횽
Editing: o0hockeys_angel0o
Graphics: SeulStarlah


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Post taken from: Beau@VIPz Overseas


~ by Momo on April 13, 2009.

27 Responses to “[YG Bounce] G-Dragon, The Crooked Idol You Just Cannot Hate”

  1. g-dragon is premium<3

  2. definitely a good read. Thanks!

  3. thanks!
    so lovin him!

  4. thanks for sharing~! XD
    GD Love, always & forever!

  5. After reading that I LOVE G-Dragon even more.
    There arent any words can use to describe him.
    He’s hardworking and doesnt care about what others think of him. He’s a great leader who knows how things are meant to be done.
    He’s a fashionsta who can find more valuable items in half an hour than I can in a whole day. lol

  6. Ahh, I’ve been wanting to read a translation of this for the longest time.
    Also, I must agree with him that Daft Punk is quite awesome.

  7. And this is why I love Jiyong and all of Big Bang. They aren’t like the other boybands and girlgroups who conform and conform to the public’s ever so selfish needs and desires but instead they walk, run, dance, and sing to their own special beat with their own individual style. ❤

  8. omg.
    can jiyong be any more perfect?
    his style, talen, and attitude is legendary!

  9. Jiyong. to me you’re more than an idol.
    your my inspiration.:D
    this thing only makes me admire you more
    darn! you’re so perfect!

  10. thats why i love him so much! i see so much of me in him, i am also a lion and my bday its the same like his, he is one year older! 😀
    i love his thinking, i love his words, i love his style, his talent, his voice, his smile, his EVERYTHING. my lifegoal is like meet him one day! i would die for that! JIYONG <33

    He can take you shopping.
    He can write a song for you.
    He really is extraordinary.

  12. ji yong you’re so extraordinaray
    you are so talented and always amazed me.
    you’re the best ji yong oppa

  13. ahh~ I’m jealous of him already. I can say i don’t exactly have the best sense of fashion among my peers.. and i have a problem of being afraid to change my looks and fashion. i’ll be like him one day… 🙂 the best inspiration a gal could get.

  14. waaaa~~~jiyong oppa!!!~~~XD
    lovin u more n more~~~^-^

  15. ZOMG;
    i agreeeeeeeee…
    you just CANT HATE gd…
    you can get jealous and stuff and the only reason why people hate him because they only say “oh he’s wanna be ghetto”[*cough* i was one of them before -__-*cough*] but really… gd’s a TOO perfect person… 😀 ❤

  16. wow. shows how confident of a person he is. but thats good!
    but cant believe he also gets critised for it

  17. I agree w/ GD,,not only as a fan but I really admire Big Bang!!! what he said are one of the reasons I became a “fan”[which I thought before was ridiculous]..and this is really how I see Big Bang,,they really are not your typical “idol boyband”..no matter how criticized and find flaws and faults in them[before] to escaped the “fandom”, I just CANT help it. their individual charm really are like a powerful magnet. GD is EXTRAORDINARY!!! some people may not believe it but he is, for a an average normal person, what he does and can do is beyond reach BUT like GD said he started as that “average normal person” and through hardwork, dedication, dreams, patience, and whatnot, every “average normal person” CAN DO WHAT THEY DESIRE!!!

    I envy[yes im jealous too] and admire you GD and Big Bang sO much!!! I hope many more people be inspired by you all^^

    BB<333 always~~ 😀

  18. Jiyong! your amazing!
    I admire him and big bang ❤
    Big Bang Fighting!!!

  19. “First of all, we’re not that handsome”… WTF?! are you on crack GD??? seriously???? because i think you guys are 5 of the most “handsome” guys on the freakin planet. and i’m pretty sure im not the only one who thinks that.

    but on a less serious note: Ji Yong ah~ why do you have to be so damn perfect!!! you are seriously my idol ❤

    thanks for the post!^^

  20. wow
    VERY arrogant!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Yongie you’re already premium to us fans =]

  22. Wowww, that was a really nice read. ^^ ❤ [ The graphics for it was cool too. ]

    GD = Premium. :]]]

  23. ohh extroardinary jiyongie ;]
    no words really..and usually i say a lot xD

  24. Lmao oh course we can’t hate Kwon Ji Yong. I mean he’s the KWONSTAHH and is amazing!
    AWWW CUTE! hehehe. Aww, but they will NEVER break up! i hope not. Big Bang FOREVER!
    But yeah, if they did i would remember that. Kwon Leedah.
    Wahhh, this makes me love G-Dragon even more. And i didn’t even know that was possible.
    Ahaha, i love their smiling faces & their nice-ness. no wonder we love them.
    Lmao, they are handsome though =] what is he talking about? but i know that’s what
    he doesn’t want to be known for. Yeah i like they’re strong & Unique-ness.
    Ha, they have to act “Nice”. gasp* whattt? Lmfao, it’s okay still loving big Bang.
    Dude, i dream about going into YG as a trainee.
    That’s the thing about him. He doesn’t change for no one else `cept for himself. =]
    He likes what he likes. aka the man likes what he likes so let him be.
    oh yeahh, i definitly see some ‘wannabes’ & copycatters of him.
    Lols that was so fricken hilarious but i love that about him. How he took his WHOLE closet
    and brought it in for Bounce to see his styles and stuff. Which i’m amazed b/c he has alotta stuff.
    And i wish i was there to see or there was a video caming him as he got ready and stuff.
    Ahaha, god i fricken love G-Dragon. They way he and his fashion goes makes me crack up. But it’s good.
    Damnn, i wanna go shopping with him. Oh MY GOSH, you cannot compare G-Dragon to any one else in the world!
    he is that unique & amazing. Hehehehe girly necklace into a headband. yeahh.
    “And also you always have to be cool” Ahahaha alrights then. And make them copy you.
    omfg, TRUEEE THAT! like if i see ppls start to copy him….BAMMM! he changed he look alreday.
    And i called dem` copycatters of G-Dragon. whether they know it or not.
    It’s so true. I love reading about him. Makes me smile and love him even more. Ahahas
    Wow, what a Kwon Ji Yong freakk.

  25. lol so i’m so into him… love the “extraordinary person is a extraordinary person”

  26. awww GD…
    thanks for the translation!

  27. thanks 4 the trans ^^ GD is awesome *.*

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