2009 BigBang Live Concert Album & Making Story Book

Both items are sold separately and will be made available upon the official release at any music/book/online stores respectively (in Korea). International orders, please check YesAsia/DVDHeaven for more info.

The price for both items:

  • Live Concert Album: 9,800 won (usd$7.4++)
  • Making Story Book: 18,000 won (usd$13.6++)


Bigbang, Releasing a live album and making story book for ‘2009 Bigshow’ + Track List/Details on Story Book

Bigbang will be releasing a live album for their concert, the 2009 Bigshow, and a making story book, ‘Show, another Big Show’ consisting stories from the concert and the backstage of the concert.

From Jan. 30 to Feb. 1, Bigbang’s ‘2009 Bigshow’ which was held five times in the Seoul Olympic Stadium and mobilized about fifty-thousand audiences, a record for a single concert in Korea. This concert was more grand and fabulous than any other one. It’s because Bigbang has no plans to do any more concerts due to their promotions in Japan.

In the live album there is, the opening song ‘Haru Haru’ and ‘Heaven’ which it made people feel like Bigbang was coming down from heaven, was performed in an orchestral version; Taeyang’s ‘Only Look at Me’ caught the eyes of the audience by the airborne piano performance; ‘As if Nothing’s Wrong’, a strong performance by TOP and the songs ‘Lies’ and ‘Last Farewell’, which made Bigbang the Bigbang they are right now. And also the songs that people could not see on tv that often such as ‘Lady’, ‘Wonderful’, ‘Nice Person’, ‘OAO’ etc. is in the live album.

The making story book ‘Show, another Bigshow’ consists of eight chapters, and also has behind the scene pictures of ‘Bigbang Virus’ (parody of ‘Beethoven Virus’), concert practice and rehearsal, presentation of the stage clothing etc. This book consists of everything from A to Z about the Bigshow.

From the 15th reservations are available; on the 22 official sales will start.

Track List For the Live Album

1. Haru Haru (Orchestra ver.)
2. Heaven (Orchestra ver.)
5. Stylish (The FILA)
6. Only Look at Me (REMIX)
7. 아무렇지 않은 척 (As if Nothing’s Wrong) (REMIX)
10. 착한사람 (Good Person)
11. Make Love
12. 오.아.오 (O.A.O)
13. Last Farewell (REMIX)
14. Sunset Glow
16. Lies (REMIX)

Bigshow Making Story Book

★Details : 130 * 160 / A little more than 600 pages.

STORY 01_거짓말 같은 하루 (A Dream Day)
STORY 02_연기자로 변신한 열여덟 시간 (The 18hours we transformed into an actor)
STORY 03_반짝반짝 몸부림 (The Shining struggles)

Translation Credits: Beau @ VIPZ
Post taken from: Beau@ VIPz Overseas


~ by Momo on April 14, 2009.

28 Responses to “2009 BigBang Live Concert Album & Making Story Book”

  1. finally something from big show is being released !! this means we’re one step closer to the Big Show DVD release yay!!

  2. is YG onli releasin an album & story book?? or da concert DVD will come out lata? do yoo knoe?

  3. WOW. this is going to be.. outrageously… expensive huh.


    bigbang <3333

  4. @trang: will release it later. but no official date has been disclosed yet.

  5. RWARR must get this now . Going to preorder it as soon as i can.

  6. oh okay! THANK YOU!

  7. no concert dvd? what a bummer! ill still buy the stuff though

  8. *woot woot*
    I’m so getttting this!
    Can’t wait for the DVD release! =D

  9. i take back what i said about expensive. o__o

  10. guyss ! it’s up for preorder on dvdheaven .
    and yesasia !

  11. – just preordered mine on yesasia .

  12. hey, i was wondering if the story book is in english or not. can u check for me?

  13. huaaa, i want that book sooo much. lol

  14. I can’t find the book on yesasia? just the cd.
    Have anyone else seen the book on yesasia? if yes, could you PLEASE send me a link? :3 and is it on english, do anyone know that?

  15. Are both items available forever? Well, you know what I mean. Like, is there a time period in which the items are gonna be sold? Because I really want it but I’m gonna have to wait for a while. TT^TT

  16. Whoo, I’m going to get these!!

    Hmm, I almost couldn’t find either, but I just found the CD: Big Bang – 2009 Live Concert : Big Show. http://www.yesasia.com/us/big-bang-2009-live-concert-big-show/1019712928-0-0-0-en/info.html

    Now to wait for the book… I hope it’s in English tho. :3

  17. Awesome! Is the book in english though? :s

  18. Making the story book will in Korean as usual!

  19. OMGOMG ! =______________=”
    ughhh, i want ittt :{

  20. I’m tempted to order it now… but since I’m gonna be in korea in about a month, I think I’ll wait and get it there. I can probably get it for cheaper since I won’t have to pay for shipping and stuff ^^

  21. wait so…no DVD??

    awwe 😦 i was so hoping for a dvd

  22. oh my~ cant wait to get my hands on them^^ 😀

  23. LOL another hing to tell my godmother I had I start college and I’m going to miss my god mom’s trip to Korea man I just want to go may steal I mean borrow that paper cut out of TaeYang oppa… I saw at that musc store…

  24. LOL another thing to tell my godmother I had I start college and I’m going to miss my god mom’s trip to Korea man I just want to go may steal I mean borrow that paper cut out of TaeYang oppa… I saw at that musc store…

  25. The book is available on yesasia now:

  26. WOW O.O another “must have” for any V.I.P i wish my parents let me buy things on Internet *dies*

  27. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! must get it!!!! i need it! tehehe. i looked at some fancams of the big show. and daaaaaaaaang it was so gooood!!! amazin! <333

  28. Thank for your post,keep doing

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