DaeSung endorse BHC Chicken | SeungRi is buffed! (More LOTTE DUTY Free Pictures)

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Due to his high popularity with ‘Family Outing’ BHC (Big Hit Chicken) asked DaeSung to endorse their chicken brand. I think it’s cute how he have a song call “Big Hit!” I remember when I first saw the photoshoot, I thought it was for a love theme event, never would I thought of ‘FRIED CHICKEN’. I have to admit, Dae do have a face that screams “EAT MA CHICKEN!” LOL. Good to see Dae being well known from all over with everyone from difference generations. (You know those grannies are totally rocking out to ‘Look at me, GwiSoon LOL)

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I just saw something that kinda shocked me a bit… a group picture of the boys for ‘LOTTE DUTY’ and Baby’s arms…. it’s actually somewhat near Dae’s size…. oooh.. he’s getting buff. O__O



credit 모모. & bigbangpop

Maybe the next person to endorse food will be Bae? haha


This is the picture I’m talking about,
look at Baby’s arm… dang!
I’m telling you, he’s getting some GUNS.
not gonna loose to his hyungs this time

LOL at the ‘g’ on Baby’s crotch XD!!
WHOA THERE. showing too much love for Bong?

Tabi being shy FTW!


credit ㅍㅇㅅㅌ (Fiesta) & bigbangpop


~ by Vicky on April 14, 2009.

61 Responses to “DaeSung endorse BHC Chicken | SeungRi is buffed! (More LOTTE DUTY Free Pictures)”

  1. heh.
    the photoshoot is cute.
    seung ri is getting buff. o_o

  2. love the pictures

  3. OMG!! these are GORGEOUS<3
    ohhh, hope those flowers are for me SeungHyunnieeee<3

  4. o.o
    SeungRi is getting buff.
    Aii.. Working out lately? o.o;;

  5. HAHAHAH omg daesung!! X)

    I would want some of those chicken!

    and woah..seungri.. now don’t get too buff.. we still want to see your baby side!

  6. Damn!!
    My man’s arm is growing!!
    So hot!!
    I love you baby!!!

  7. ahhhh that last pic of tabi is so cutee!!
    i wonder who that random guy in the pic with Bae is.. xD
    these lotte duty free pics are love. :]

  8. Tehehee…. BIG HIT CHICKEN. Awesome. XDD GO DAE!

    LMAO. You’re right, Vicky. SRi’s arms do look more muscular. 8D

    HAHAHA. OH DANG. I did not notice the ‘G’ until you pointed it out. LOL.

    oOo GD’s lookin’ too cute in the Lotte Duty photos.

  9. Omggg I died when I saw TOP’s last picture. So cute! :]]

  10. did u all see gd’s ring….
    its gonna be a big hit… keke…

  11. Ngaw, he’s getting buff.
    Love the pictures. <3!

  12. LOL. “g on the crotch” damn!!!

    but for sure those jeans are expensive!!!

    and the last pic of TOP looks like one of their BR promo photos. hahahaha.

    TOP looks too awkward in all the pictures.

  13. Tae with his sexy veinyness XD

  14. esanjvs
    Love the new pictures. And, WHOA, Seung Ri’s arms. I have a thing for nice arms…heh. Yeah, the “g” on the crotch is weird.

    ROFL, I find these chicken ads hilarious. That last picture of Dae Sung was hot, though.

  15. Oh, I just have to mention this but I’ve always considered Seung Ri the boyfriend and GD the girlfriend but I think the roles are switched now.

  16. the tallest person in BB is TOP so who is that in the pic below the text that says: “Maybe the next person to endorse food will be Bae? haha”

  17. the tallest person in BB is TOP so who is that in the pic below the text that says: “Maybe the next person to endorse food will be Bae? haha”

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  19. wah o.o nice!!!

  20. …O.O when the hell did this happen?!?!?! It’s like aww then hes somewhat buff for strong baby solo. Then we see him in some other pictures. then BAM! baby got guns! lmao my bongie is marking his territory dammit! whats in Seungri’s pants belongs to the kwon leadah and kwon leadah only. no one else is allowed.

  21. baby is seriously getting buff omg???
    he has gotten some guns
    oh nay..is this a good news?
    i think yeah cos he’s way too skinny for me as well
    BONG stop showing off your stupid tattoos
    or else i’m gonna go make an exact one anytime soon
    don’t force me to do it ARGHHHH
    ohh dae is the next one for the chicken after hyun joong?
    pretty cool i must say hahaha

  22. dae is so cute!!! the lotte pictures are cute too!

  23. first of all…


    anyway…. it seems like…
    i dont wanna say it but..
    my yongyong’s falling behind in the ‘arms’ race xD lol ! its okay though…. i dont really like buff guys anyway :3 ❤

  24. woooah!
    does Daesung look hot inthat stripped shirt or what?
    I would’ve thought anyone would look beyong girly with that shirt
    I like the idea of endorsing chicken somehow it reeeally fits him

    now for the lotte duty pic
    Baby’s arms are BIG!
    dang that’s just sexyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!
    but oh em gee
    only Vi would remember to point out the one thing that would put her Baby in danger
    gurl if it was my Tabi I’d be keepin the comment though back when he was doing the cock blocker move I did it too
    hehehe by the way why does my man look so shy in the pick it’s just so not him >.<

    that last pic literally kills!!!!
    he looks sooooo incredibly cute,hot,sexy,and HOT!
    extremely pervy thoguhts coming to mind…kyyyyah!
    and those flowers…..I just died AGAIN!

  25. Vicky! Your name isn’t Lee Kwon or Kwon Lee anymore!!
    You’ve become more dedicted to Seungri-ah!

  26. drooooolinnnngg*
    like always.. MY baby TOP looks soooo efffiinn cute! ❤

  27. *sniff sniif*
    Bae, Dae and Baby all have guns except for Bong. At least he still has a six pack, right?? u know. The one he was showing off during the “want you” concert…. or is it just me??

  28. huhu.seungri is getting buff.T.T
    even if i don’t want that its already happening!

  29. KWON JIYONG!!!!! You need to get some meat on your bones!!!!!!!!!

  30. AWWWWWWW tabi is sooooooo cute!!! i hope those flowers goes to me From TABI!!!!! AND G-DRAGON!! EAT SOME FATTY FOODS, BURGERS, FRIES JUST EAT WHAT YOU CAN TO GET LESS ANAREXIC LIKE!!!!!!

  31. Ahhh SO CUTE!!!!!

  32. OMG GD is so cute

  33. Anyone know who is standing next to Bae in the pic where hes promoting food?

  34. LMFAO! the ‘g’ hahaha
    Dae! feed me some chicken!

  35. aww
    top so handsome

  36. i would just like to say thanks to Daesung…because now i want some chicken! XD
    Wow Seungri’s arms are getting buff, and the g is perfectly placed lmao.

  37. anyone notice that gd’s ring totally matches his necklace? LOVE IT.

  38. they are so cute

  39. Mmmhm, that looks like some yummy chicken.
    Look @ the “G” on Baby’s crotch! Lol!
    Vicky, you’re so funny! That got me laughin REALLY HARD!
    Haha, the pictures are so gorgeous (: { Baby’s guns ❤ } LOL!

  40. haha…lolzzz…the “g’….XD
    waaaa…dae look so cute!!!!~~~~~melt for him….XD
    haha…yeahzz…baby’s gunz…XD
    tabi look so cute in last pic!!!~~~
    jiyong oppa!!!~~~i love his hair here!!!~~~HOT!!!~~~^-^

  41. MKLJSIOY&(*%&^!.
    I died at the last pic ❤

  42. oehhh is it kwonny how winks ^^ hehe looks like it [in the 2e pic]
    *totally happy*
    love it when they had an photoshoot they look so good as ALWAYS
    BIGBANG <33

  43. oehhh is it kwon oppa how winks ^^ hehe looks like it [in the 2e pic]
    *totally happy*
    love it when they had an photoshoot they look so good as ALWAYS
    BIGBANG <33

  44. aha damn
    bigga than GD nao :O

    i love his pixelated shoesssssssss <333

  45. Cute pics!!
    I love GD’s pink sparkly shoes.
    Those are hot!

  46. dang…my TOP is so cute…
    i love his outfit…so adorable!!
    LOVer him!!

  47. GD should eat more, AND TURN ULTRA BUFF xD
    jks jks, hes super hot and cute just the way he is (:
    G D r a g o n Until Whenever ❤

  48. g-dragon doesn’t have permed hair anymore
    unless it was before the HopeTV ^^
    love bong’s kicks in the second pic *.*

  49. Those pics are amazing 😀

  50. his big muscular arms xD

  51. LOL dae and his chicken xDD<3
    how cutee lmaoo.

    goshhh, BABY ISSS GETTING BUFF ;D rahhhrr<3 LOL.
    mannnn omg when i saw the first picture it was like. WHAM! big smile on my face 😀 ♥ they look so cool so frreeshhhhhh ;]ahaha i love that song :D!
    bongie’s hairr. it’s NORMALL<333333 ahhhhhhhhhhh just love the head band hair. one of my favoritesss. suits him HELLAA wellll xD!
    btw, i totally love his solo pics xD<333333333 his style is stunnerr :P<33
    and goshh, bae. the king of shades? shexxxyyyy ;D<3
    TABI TOOOOOOOOOOO<3 mm yummy.. xDD dae is so cute ;] chinky smile xDD ❤ AHHHH AND BABYYY<3 he’s EXTRAAA YUMMYY IN THAT SECOND TO LAST PICTURE xD<3 well in my opinion ahaha. rahhhh<3 love it ;D

  52. jiyong is so cute!
    ahh yayayya!
    LOL at TOP!

  53. WHOA seungri looks totally built there O.O;;;;
    trust me i noe ppl that are buff&they always show their
    arms off in that pose. dayumm, baby’s working out xD

  54. AH! OMG! they looks soo awesomely cute in the pic! >////.////<

  55. […] DaeSung endorse BHC Chicken | SeungRi is buffed! (More LOTTE DUTY Free Pictures) Due to his high popularity with ‘Family Outing’ BHC (Big Hit Chicken) asked DaeSung to endorse their […] […]

  56. aww they are so cute. Omg seungri ah~ slow down! yur buff!

  57. nice

  58. awwww Dae Sung looks so cute with the chicken 🙂
    hehehe Tabi!!! <3333 omg

  59. omg!!!!!!!!!!
    i love ji yong shoes…
    flower for me??????
    love top..

  60. Ooh G-Dragon…drools.
    Wow, getting more buffer & hotter!
    i love these boys =]

  61. omg im so behind last time i saw seungri he was no where near that buff. id say its cause his single mv. he cant go back to being one of da skinny boys so he turns to being buff. xD
    in one of the other post though dae looked way buffer then he does here. mayb its the the angle?
    cute piccys

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