DBSK and Big Bang to attend VMAJ 2009


Korea’s biggest idol groups Dong Bang Shin Ki and Big Bang will be attending one of Japan’s biggest music awards ceremony.

They will be attending ‘Video Music Awards Japan (VMAJ) 2009′ on 30th May in Japan Saitama Super Arena.

‘VMAJ’ is one of Japan’s biggest music awards that not only awards Japanese local singers but also international singers. Even world-known pop stars like Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey and Ne-Yo had received invitations to the award ceremony.

Group Dong Bang Shin Ki, who is currently active in Japan, is nominated for ‘Best Group Video’ with their hit song ‘MIROTIC’, up against 4 other Japanese teams including EXILE .

Group Big Bang has also be invited to attend the award ceremony. YG Entertainment announced on the 15th that chances that Big Bang will attend the awards ceremony are high. And they will also probably be having a performance slot during the award ceremony.

Already on the 15th, Big Bang’s photo have been posted up together with other stars like WWE star Big Show on VMAJ 2009 official site.

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~ by Momo on April 14, 2009.

13 Responses to “DBSK and Big Bang to attend VMAJ 2009”

  1. Congrats to Big Bang! That’s a good place to start for their plans inJapan!

    Btw;; for all VIPs Me and a friend are in trouble. This lady commented our lollipop lip sync video; and she’s driving us crazy. Seriously, like it’s not even funny Please help ;/ T.T


  2. Congrats to BB! Good luck to DBSK as well! aWw I wish I could attend at this ceremony..:D

    –That lady who’s hating on you guys probably is a loner and has no life. Ugh I hate people like that who acts so tough on the keyboard..lol it’s just s0o childish.

  3. So let me get the facts right.
    Big Bang is only ATTENDING the music award. They’re not receiving one. And there is a chance that they might be performing…

    ok… *sniff sniff* don’t mind me..
    Anyways Good Luck to DBSK.
    DBSK fighting


    Dont worry Jenlosis! Just ignore. Like cLaiReaCe said: they have no life.

  5. I HOPE THEY PERFORM! this is BIG!
    Were they not nominated for any category? ):

  6. Yay congrats to BigBang<3! & DBSK as well (:
    Ooh I cannot wait for this then ;]
    There seems to be alot of people attending.
    Cool :]

  7. Yay, that’s great. I want to see.
    i wonder if we could watch it like the MFMK =]

  8. Wahhh. Im so desprete to watch the Award Showw.. D:
    I wonder if there is anyway @_@.. hope they attend + perform !

  9. I’m so happy for Big Bang but… they go there at the end of may… in may they suppose to be in vacation right ? But if they go in Japan for the award show and perform there… its mean they have to pratice i guess… so no vacation for Big Bang ? T_T

    But anyway i’m glad for them.^^

  10. woot im so happy!!! 😀 big bang i love them!!! so proud of them!

    HAY Jenliosis

    your video is cute! i like it ! ignore the person who has no life!
    i saw another one too these group of girls did it like woah man wardrobe and all lOL pretty good too!

  11. Yeah!!
    2 of my idol groups is up 4 an award!!

  12. yayyyyyyy of coursee big bang will sureee win something ;D<3
    congrattttttttttttts<3 lol its always japan =__=” not fair LOL.
    pleasepleaaseeplease soon come to america xD;D

  13. omggg i hope they perform 😀 i have japanese channels so this i’ll be able to watch yayyy~~

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