13 Responses to “From FAQ Section”

  1. Ohh lucky nurses and doctorsXD.
    At least he would be able to see proerly without squinting.

  2. *sigh* Maybe I should get Lasik too…..if my eyes weren’t so bad. >_< Youngbae oppa can be the next Lasik celeb endorser….and instead of just being paid to do something he never did/liked, he can honestly say, “IT WORKS!” 😀

  3. now young bae can see me clearly~
    what cud b better?

    i wish i cud do lasik too.
    wearing glasses makes me feel so unsexy. ehehe.
    but i kinda like it too. haha.

    knowing he did have an eyesight prob makes
    me love him even moreeeee

  4. Awww, so that’s why.
    i didn’t know he couldn’t see well. i just thought
    he squinted alot b/c of his smile =]
    well that’s great that he got Lasik Eye surgery then =]
    Aww i want to see him too.

  5. gud for the nurse able to see him live , i meen LIVE heheh shud i change my profession from nutritionist to nurse now, hurmmmm ((~~ thinking)

  6. how funny… im gonna get a lasik surgery soon myself. how coooool… damn taeyang is always jocking me i swear.. lol.. j/k yall dont try to get on my case and all..

  7. if u guys want to read about his surgery here is the translated article about it here http://alwaystaeyang.wordpress.com/2009/03/18/taeyang-at-sb-eyecenter/

  8. taeyang is so cute xD and lol, he wore his hat even to the doctors…

    how the hell does that thing stay on his head???

  9. Oohhh cool. I saw the photo at that site! ^^

    I didn’t know his vision wasn’t good…

    Lucky people fo sho to be meeting him!

  10. lucky docors? LMAO xD
    yesssssssss lucky doctors ;D but if anything happened to him i probably would wish i was never a doctor ever again LOL.
    there are some very ..intense fans sometimes o__o might set a mob on the doctor >O<;
    but good for bae ;D he’s all good now with his eye sight lol xD<3

  11. Bae should try his hand at a pair of glasses…it would be refreshing…..but i still love him *grins*

  12. how cute ^.^

  13. ohhhhh i see i didn’t understand about that topic i just hear people say something about it ^^ now i understand thanks momo ^^

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