2NE1, Will They Be Able to be Successful?

Despite everything being said in the article i prefer to wait for their official debut.
But i know the girls are gonna succeed and having Gdragon participating in their album, to me its just a bonus.


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~ by Momo on April 15, 2009.

23 Responses to “2NE1, Will They Be Able to be Successful?”

  1. FIRST!
    Thanks for this =D
    Will get reading now! XD

  2. I still have faith in that they will succeed. Unlike many other female idol groups, 2NE1 will bring something new to the table. + i think the public want to hear something different from the cute/bubbly songs that seem to be the only type of songs released these days. Furthermore, 4 years of trianing. hella yes, atleast (i hope) vocally they’ll be amazing. in particular Park Bom!
    cant wait till May, then we can really see what they’re about. ^_^

  3. this is what I worry about the girls 😦 ..there’s SO MUCH pressure and expectations for them!!! Big Bang is love by many because they proved they can stand in their own and they’re not to be underestimated by words or criticisms. Big Bang with the “HELP” of YG family created their own generation.
    If the girls can’t surpass that or build their own foundation and get away in Big Bang’s shadow, then I don’t know if people will recognize their true worth. i.e they might be “liked” but not respected..*hope NOT* ..(if that makes sense^^)…anyways I personally love the girls,,even though I haven’t seen enough of them, my instinct and heart tells me, I love them (yes i know Im weird^^ even I questioned myself lol)..anyways for now, I’ll just wait for their official debut and learn about them MORE and maybe I can make my final decision..hehe^^

    HWAITING 2NE1!!! I’ll be patient 😀

  4. Despite the fact that Girls generation and wondergirls are like the hottest girl group right now, i still believe that 2NE1 will be successful! each and everyone of them have their own styles! they can rap, sing dance well! Although im a big fan of Big bang, i love se7en YG and all that, but to be objective, i still think 2NE1 is awesome 😀 they will rock the stageee :DD aza aza fighting!

  5. same here
    i shall wait until the release of their official debut single before making any judgement
    but 2NE1 from my point of view, is not the same from other girl groups at all
    i see so much potential and talent in them
    i hope their debut will succeed
    and get out of the shadows of BB
    can’t wait to see them performing on stage
    then we will be able to tell ^^

  6. I just have to wait till they debut.. before loving or hating them…

    But something tells me that they are gonna make it to the top!!!(hopefully)

    2NE1 Hwaiting!!

  7. to be honest i dont think lollipop was that great a song, and im pretty sure teddy and GD have created even better songs then that for 2ne1’s title song. Furthermore 2NE1 have CL and Park Bom who have been with YG for ages as well as having amazing vocal and rapping talent. Fosho 2NE1 will be a success, the way YG runs and just takes his time to create a perfect group or solo, is evident in se7en and big bang. Even if 2ne1 arn’t a big hit at first, with so much creative talent, i don’t see how they will not do well.

  8. Lollipop DID NOT showcase 2NE1’s talent…definately did not and therefore I can’t make judgement about the group or their abilities…the determining factor will be their debut. the sad thing is that with the popular CF song, they’ve got a load of pressure on them to succeed with their debut (i know they’ll succeed, but most of the groups we see now only made it BIG once their comeback rolled around…BB with Lies, WG with Tell me..etc.). I hope it won’t be too much of a let down if they’re debut is good (but not amazing) because usually groups make it big with their second comeback…….either way, i’ve been looking forward to their debut for a very long time…i just wish they hadn’t taken the CF route and done the song first…first impressions are everything, and i’ve already got a first impression i’m not liking..but as i said, i won’t pass judgement, i’ll just have to remember they won’t dress as crazy in their real debut lol

  9. Hmm.. they personally said that they didn’t expect Lollipop to be such a big hit..so why are people creating more pressure and tension for them? it’s not like its a must for their debut song to be as great as that..look at After School and Kara, they did better with their Diva & Honey than their first song..and if 2NE1’s debut song is really a disappointment(*touchwood*), there are still chances for them right?
    and we already can see from their trainee videos that they really have that talent..so we can’t condemn them as if we know them and the exposure to them …maybe the suspense of the personalities of the members is a strategy of YG because he wanted the girls to showcase their true self on screen just like big bang and wanted the fans to help decide their each unique image..
    anyways an opinion is always an opinion.. mind me if im speaking crap.

  10. 2NE1 fighting!
    i really hope that although there’ve been a lot of set backs and hold ups, that they will be able to debut and it be good.<3
    YG hasn’t been a disappointment to me and i hope they won’t be this time around neither.
    (i’m rooting for them either way despite everything…)

  11. all this ppl expecting the 2ne1 to be top, super extra ordinary grup and hit because of they under the same ent. company, they related to big bang, i didnt expect anything for this grup, i will give my best wish for them. its normal for ppl to make small issues into big issues. may be they shud wait for their coming performance as 2ne1 , not as big bang plus 2ne1

  12. Yeah, I prefer waiting for their official debut, but I believe 2NE1 will be successful. Supporting them always! <33

    Argh all the pressure and high expectations…

  13. they really should succeed, because like you said, they have G-Dragon backing them up and also i feel like their going to be a “big bang” in the music industry; especially in the area of female idol groups…

    I think a non-cute female idol group would be really refreshing, but yea, this really is a downside for the populatiry of Lollipop… so much expectations

    i just hope that they become their own individual group, not the “female big bang” but “2NE1: the female idol group”

  14. i find it a real p*** of when they said Big Bang is not well known around the world. I find as an understatement. Big Bang has fans in
    1. Korean
    2. Japan
    3. Thailand
    Those are the fans they(Big Bang) know about. What about the fans in
    4. Europe
    5. the USA
    6. Australia
    7. Vietnam
    8. Mongolia
    9. Singapore
    13.Hong Kong
    Plus even more countries that have Big Bang fans and supporters

  15. 2NE1 Fighting!!! and yeah, Wonder_Jay is right, BIGBANG is huge, every korean girl in their teens and plus (sometimes even their moms) know who BIGBANG is, they’re super versatile and Dae Dae sings trot so you get all of the generations interested, well, let the haters say what they say, we’ll call it a “typo” on their part……

  16. woww so it’s a risk but that the music industry…i guess

  17. Yeahhh. i think so. I mean it’s YG Family.
    No, i think Lollipop was Big Bang FEATURING 2EN1.
    But that song was more like bringing out 2EN1.
    I support 2EN1, but Big Bang more. oh wow…
    i still think they’ll do great. I know, that’s what i was
    worried about too. What if 2EN1 or G-Dragon competes with
    each other.
    that’s because G-Dragon is amazing!

  18. of course nina, cause ji young oppa is super duper amazing dude

  19. first when i heard about female big bang, there’s one word crossed in my mind ‘buhhyaaa”, big bang just for big bang and of course the theory of big bang, not funny huh.. anyway , they got their own name, and i hate the fact dat they always being related to BIG BANG, come on girls, prove dat u can stand by ur own name, fightingg ^_^

  20. HERE !!!! bigbang hAS FANS in LAOS TOO!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. How come they say BB doesn’t have fans outside Korea? My male friends in Venezuela even dance to their songs at school festivals. xD
    I feel for 2NE1, there’s so much pressure on them and I know they’re very talented and can do it big, but people need to stop comparing them to BB.
    I really can’t wait for their debut and I agree with the article when it says G-D’s become a main player in YG. He’s so darn talented, there’s no doubt about it!

  22. no offense, but i do think this article or whatever is kind of true….big bang was in the song lollipop so i think that’s why it was a hit, if they werent then, i dont think it wouldve been…
    also, everyone has such great and high hopes for 2NE1 that it puts pressure on them….i dont know how these girls are gonna do, but best of luck to them~

  23. Well 2EN1 knows from the start that it’ll be a big thing for a lot of fans…plus YG and the girls knew before the cf came out that 2NE1 will facing a big big expectations for them in fact they knew at first that being known as a female bigbang is a big thing. We don’t know what will happen….hey guys patience ho many days to go and their album will be release also 6 more days to go (in my country) and its may….just chill…if they didn’t got their 1st hit there’s also a 2nd one. Yg is as big company as Sm so have faith that YG can do impossible things….we don’t even know what YG prepares for us fans…so Y not lay back and trust everything……..There’s always a lot of time and be patient why do you have to rushed things. The girls doesn’t have to prove anything and they know what they can do…they know themselves than we know them….we don’t even know how good they are right? so chilll out guys. Give the girls a chance and stop preassuring them its really hard to be on a pressure, if you guys on their place you’ll feel pressured right? think about it being you in their situation its a crazy thing right to be rushed and pressured and lots of expectations….so you have to give them a chance…you know nobodies perfect right even you are???/ if you’re perfect then think about that haven’t you been perfect all the time and you never make mistakes….everyone makes a mistake right, so Y not accept whatever their flaws will be in the future, stop hating or stop thinking of negative thoughts about this girls….we just have to support them….these way we can help them more and help them add more confidence that they can pull themselves up without pressured from everyone else. I know other people have rights to criticize and have freedom what they say but hey are you perfect? no ones perfect ok…so just give everyone’s a chance and give these girls a chance to make their own business and just support them …its good that we fans also can help these artists and all artists if we support them and artists also support their fans on a different ways right 😀

    Hey guys out there stop hating and start loving…….its not good to hate….and loving is a helping way to each other right :D…LOVE ALL OF UUUU!!!!! mmmwwwaaaahhh!!!!!!!!!

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