Idols studying hard for the 09 semester


Amidst their busy schedule, idol group members who have been enrolled into universities have also found the time to attend classes and their ’studying hard in progress’ features are also revealed.

So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA who is currently busy filming for MBC drama ‘Cinderella Man’ has been recently seen, wearing spectacles, listening and writing down notes attentively in class, and her photos have been captured on a fellow classmate’s mobile phone.

While Big Bang member GDragon, enrolled into KyungHee university’s post modern course were seen with member DaeSung listening to lessons in class. YG Entertainment provided that even though Big Bang is currently busy preparing for their Japanese album and activities as well as filming CF, when time allows, they will go for lessons in school.

And also WonderGirls member SunYe was seen attending lessons in school and studying hard when WonderGirls were still in Korea for their first concert. The group is currently in America preparing for their debut there. SunYe is studying in the same course as YoonA.

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~ by Momo on April 15, 2009.

11 Responses to “Idols studying hard for the 09 semester”

  1. =)
    Yay for learning. XD

  2. wow I’m The First =P
    I’ll study hard toooooo

  3. it’s good to know that even with the fame and money that they have right now they still consider education as one of their top priorities…at least we know they still want to live a normal life…KUDOS to them..

  4. omggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg.
    wondergirls xD
    yay for yoona she looks so intellectual xD

  5. Haha, look at Yoona’s face, LOL!
    I wish i was at their university =(
    SunYe looks preety there =D

  6. i’m really glad to see them pursuing for the better^^ (?)…i mean…being a celebrity is not forever…although in the hearts of their fans..we will ‘never’ forget their music…but haha! never mind~_~

  7. hehehe i’m glad they take time to study ^^ just like me

  8. who which is their classmate is the luckiest..
    I wish to be their classmate.. can see them from near..

  9. all of them sit at the last row
    GD looks very pay attention….but don’t what in his mind ^_^

  10. wow
    ill study harder when isaw them study too>>33
    my 2 oppa fighting

  11. deng it must be hard to concentrate when all your classmates are constantly taking pics of you…poor SunYe…>.>

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