Cyon “Man in Suit” and Big Hit Chicken CFs


BigBang Cyon Suit CF (20s)

DaeSung BHC CF (20s)

Credit: 쏘쏭 @ bbvipz

DaeSung BHC CF (30s)

Credit: 모모. @ bbvipz

Re-upload to Youtube: elaisvip
Post taken from: elavip@soompi


~ by Momo on April 16, 2009.

29 Responses to “Cyon “Man in Suit” and Big Hit Chicken CFs”

  1. goshh! i love the videos!!

  2. I Love too lol~
    daesung ah~~~ I’m so hungry right now..>,<

    OMG! Big Bang cyon suit..
    DAMN!! TOP looks so COOL!!!

    thanks for videos^^

  3. Im so craving for chicken rite now!! lol

    Gosh!! can Baby look more hotter!! All of them look super-FINE in suits!! lol

  4. top oppa looks soo HOT in suit!! ><

  5. LOL! I was so expecting a look at me chicken song. Dae is so funny, still looks yummier than the drumstick!

  6. Am i the only one laughing so so hard at the chicken CF?!!!
    hahahahaha dae is so damn cute singing look at me chicken!!
    ahahaha i started laughing when i heard the word ‘chicken’ LOLOL

  7. I like how daesung says ‘chicken’.
    and Top in suit is smokin’ hot and all relating synonyms!
    *fan girl mode* KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!

  8. omg lol i love the part when he feeds the chicken to the girl in the end XD that looks like a srsly delicious chicken in his hands XD and the song! lol my cheeks are tired from laughing its so cute lol

  9. Aww the Cyon suit CF is so short. T___T But our boys look hot in suits fo sho. :]

    Hahahaha… omg Dae. It was so funny hearing the word ‘chicken’.

    LOL. Oh love the videos!

  10. I’m a vegetarian but OMG the boys make chicken look good!!! That’s saying something I’ve never had chicken LOL YB yummmy!!!

  11. they cyon CF is one of the lamest CF i’ve seen that they made. hahaha. they didn’t even get to do anything.

    oh well. BHC made up for it. hahaha.

  12. Very cute!!!

  13. xD Daesungie is SO cute!!! 😀 but the suit one……….they should’ve used more Big Bang…what’s the whole point of the commercial if there’s only a picture of them for 1 second? Maybe they ran out of money from Lollipop…..

  14. big bang +suits = hotness(:
    But GD is still the hottest in my eye 😀
    too bad they didnt even do anything in the CF T^T
    Awww Deasung looks so cute xD
    G D r a g o n Until Whenever ❤

  15. They look good in those suits, but how could YG let Daedae do that chicken commercial? idk it may sound weird since dae is silly and they’ve done commercials before but this just felt ‘too silly’ and embarrassing to me. though it was funny, I also felt a little embarrassed for him. Still love my daedae though!

  16. LMFAO! dae said CHICKEN! so cute! ahhhh I LOVE IT!
    & yeah (: that’s a nice cyon cf, very plain, but bigbang
    brightens up the vid (:

  17. LoL! Dae was so cute in the cf! I loved his face at the end when the girl was eating the chicken from his hands and he really wanted some too! 🙂

  18. O.O so many CFs!!!! wow! it’s like CF season/month or something…

    love them xD

  19. hahaha. dae’s cf is super funny!!!!! =D
    but i’m sure he sold a lot of chicken. that company is a really big hit now.

  20. LOLLL BIG HIT CHICKEN was what it stood for?!?! HAHAHA
    it fits perfectly.
    oh my. daesung is awesome XDD

  21. damn Tabi rocks the suit!
    hehe no wonder why he got #1 on that competition ^^
    LOL i just love dae – but I kinda wish that he sung Big Hit instead of Gwisoon… even though I wasn’t a big fan of BH at first, but I miss it! XD

  22. CYON suit CF is soo HOT.
    OMFG – That chicken commercial is so Effing hilarious. Look at me Chicken!!!
    I don’t understand tho.
    BIG HIT Chicken, but with the song for Look at Me Gwisoon. Pretty Odd. XD

  23. ommmgadd, the chicken cf is so adorableeeeee xD<3
    lollll dae, and his CHICKEN LOL<!
    rahhrr, Baby is so cutee i love him in white XDDD but i’d say i love him in black too so it doesnt matter lmaooo. agh, TABIII WOAHH. i totally agree with his number one position for the best in a suit xD. i loveeeeee bae in suits/vest suit. AGHHH SOOO HOT<3 hehehe..dae and bongie look alkdj alksd fj hottt too :]
    who am i kidding..all of them are fantastically stunning all the time in suits ;D<333 and not just suits hehe ;D

  24. awwww Dae Sung i want chicken rite now T.T

  25. Look at me, Chicken! LOOOOOL!
    That was sooo awesome + hilarious! XD
    Though, Cyon was short =/
    Oh wells.

  26. lol
    lol it woulda been funny if a diff member did this
    it fits daesung

  27. Ooh nice. Damnn i like Cyon’s. they look awesome!
    Hehehehe. i see Dae’s song is put to Lmao a CF.
    Nicee. Aw but it’s just “Look at me, GWisoon” not “Big Hit”
    LMFAO, Mmmmm, that looks good.

  28. aww daesung’s cf put a smile on my face!

  29. the last scene in cf video ??

    just look at dae face hehehe ifound this so sexy hahah
    amazing my lovely d-lite

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