TaeYang UFO Radio Message #8: A Wake Up Call, Please!


“Are you still in bed? It’s time to wake up! How come it’s so hard for you to get up every morning? Mm…If you ask me to give you a wakeup call in the morning, you’ll end up oversleeping because I’m really not good at yelling at people to get up and keeping at it until they finally get out of bed. And if they say they are really tired, really sleepy, then I just can’t bear to wake them up. If they say, “Just five more minutes” or “10 more minutes,” I’ll probably end up letting them terribly oversleep. Well, that’s what actually happens. That’s right. When I wake up the other members, especially G-Dragon, he always says “5 more minutes” or “10 more minutes”… And I time it to the second. I wake him exactly in five minutes. Then he gets mad at me because I do it in exactly five minutes. Then I feel bad for him and give up. Anyway…The wakeup call, or the morning alarm clock for the Big Bang apartment is…DaeSung I think. DaeSung has such a booming yet pleasant voice! Plus, DaeSung is indeed an early bird. Sometimes he gets up even before our manager and wakes up the other members. I often get woken up by the sound of DaeSung getting up and taking a shower – Atta boy, DaeSung! Come to think of it, I am one of the early birds because I get up right after he does most mornings. Still, that doesn’t make me good at waking people up. My low voice doesn’t help either. On the contrary, it would probably make people even sleepier. That’s why I think I shouldn’t make wakeup calls because I’ll end up making you oversleep as I said. Instead, I may be better at calling you at night before bedtime to say good night and wish you sweet dreams. What do you think? Alright then. Here it goes – Good night!”

Translated by pgeorgie
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~ by Momo on April 16, 2009.

70 Responses to “TaeYang UFO Radio Message #8: A Wake Up Call, Please!”

  1. I think would die if he called me to say goodnight.

  2. wow this was so random of him x]
    It’s so freakin cute though~

    @ kay-chan
    lol totally agree with ya

  3. x_X Goodnight~
    :3 Awh,Jiyongie has the same habit as me.

  4. Aww!
    Haha, DaeSung seems like my little brother, ‘cept for the fact that my brother’s voice isn’t exactly pleasant.
    Taeyang is so sweet!

  5. LOL the ending is so cute.
    i can understand how daesung can wake people up..
    but i never thought dae would wake up early; maybe its all because of family outing XD

  6. aww yb dear. you can call me anytime in the morning to wake me up… i dont mind ^^, that smooth voice day or night is pleasant to hear. 😉

  7. OMG how cute. Taeyang, boy, no sane girl could possibly go to sleep after you call them to say good night. ;]

  8. awww bae dear is such a sweetheart
    he is kind and sweet in anyway goshhh
    hahaha i can imagine my bongie saying 5 more mins/10 more mins xD
    i seriously don’t mind him waking me up thou
    and it is better if he gives up on waking me up and sleeps together with me =.=
    OMG being pervy again xD~

  9. ya i agree that taeyang voice realli coudlnt wake ppl up esp GD and TOP XD
    Daesung voice reali pleasant ^^

    bb hwaiting!

  10. such a cute message!!! maybe he’s not a good wake-up call for the boys, but he’d make any girl rise and shine, and never go back to sleep hahahaha

  11. damn, that was so random, of Tae Yang! lol but so truee Tae Tae is too nice! I would die of joyness&&happyness! if he called and said “Good Night&& Sweet Dreams!” but i woulndt mind tae tae waking me up or Dae Dae! lol kekekekekek (:

  12. taeyang is SO cute<3
    he goes off on a ramble… and its adorable.
    aigoo. ❤

  13. So Cute! I do agree with everyone. This is mad random! When I read this I was like what the heck? lol but I enjoyed reading it! I can so imagine Young Bae trying to wake up JiYong and giving up because he feels bad! Aw I give you permission to be more forceful with Jiyong! If he needs to get up wake him! Then again I can’t get up early in the morning I’d probally sleep right next to him! 🙂

  14. awwwwwwwwww that is so freaking cute <3333 that is so Bae waking people up but then feel bad about it lol…how i would give anything for him to give me a wake up call or just to say goodnight…

  15. OMG! THAT MADE MY NIGHT!! but more like MY LIFE! Taeyang!! YOUR SO ADORABLY CUTEE! xD gosh i love him <333

    and i would wake up in a second if it were you waking me up *sigh*


    Taeyang ❤

  16. Cool msg lol xD
    TaeYang is so so cute+sweet!
    I would wake up if he call me to wake up LOL- prolly faints
    Good Night TaeYang ❤
    I love him wahhaa <3.

  17. awww
    he’s so sweet..

  18. Aww…. lol. After the first few sentences, I thought of “Mama Bae”. XD

    I’d be like GD fo sho. “Bae… plz five more minutes.” -goes back to sleep- xP I’m so not a morning person. ><

    I can imagine Dae being an early bird, getting up all early but still cheerful. ^^

    Aww, the ending is so cute. <33 Bae’s such a sweetie.

  19. jiyanz // Hahaha. I like your comment. ;D

  20. AWWWW! Wished he’d called me and say Good Night & have Wake Up call =)

  21. AHHH~~~~
    That’s too sweet&cute xD
    Taeyang, I’ll move over when you wake me up so there’s room for you ‘Cause you make my day E> haha[idk]

  22. Aish. Tae.
    Thanks for the Good Night. <3333
    LOVE that he is so quiet and sweet. =)
    I’m so different, I would keep poking at ppl till they woke up.

  23. my bae~~ no need to call me goodnight or give me a wake up call. just whisper it to me while you hug me to sleep! and kiss me good morning ;p

    how i wish…oh if only

  24. ahha hes so cute XD alright im going to sleep listening to your voice :3 Night see YOU in the morning ;)! (lol i made a joke XD ahha im so lame)

  25. oh dear, i would purposely ask for another few minutes
    just so he’d come and wake me again.

  26. ahahhaaa~ that was so cute~~
    taeyang is such a sweet.heart<3

  27. lol at daesung… its exactly the same as in the BANGS comic…
    taeyang such a sweet, warm-hearted, gentlemen, (insert any word that u want) guy… ^_^

    omgomg xD fan girl squeals after reading this of course aha. GOSHH HE’S JUST SO SWEEEEEET :} like a cute, innocent little boy ;D<33333 AODJF SPDJF SOOOO CUUTEEE<3 and daeee awwwwwwwww. whatta sweety :] his nice pleasant voice. and LOLL at bong in the morning they’re all JUST TOO CUTEE<3 i think i’m so much like bae lmaoo. i’ve come to realize i’d do almost everything he decides to do we’re so alike ;D<3333

  29. GAH, bae is just too adorable and sweet<3
    I’d do anything to have him call me and say goodnight/sweet dreams<3333

  30. aww he soo purrfect..if only he wasnst SO far away…

  31. YAY! YB~ So cute ^^
    good night~ lol..

  32. Oppa,I wouldn’t be able to sleep if you called me, my heart would fall out of my body…he’s so sincere and adorable…Tae Yangie!!!! I hope you’re healthy and happy, good night oppa…

  33. ji yong same with me ^^
    i can’t wake up early

  34. disagree!!!
    if TY call me at nite.. TRUST ME!! i wont be sleeping cuz ill be thinking of him all nite
    but if he call and wake me up.. i mite roll of my bed and wake myself up cuz TY is calling me!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Omg lmfao you can call mee anytiiiime xD

  36. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww….now i can go to sleep knowing tae says gewd nite to meh…lols…soo kute…im dying here lols!!!!

  37. oooaah sooo cute !! XDDD

    taeyang that was so random but..woaaah cute cute cute ❤

    daesung is like me :O

  38. wow

    sweetie Baebae … it’s much be heaven if i’ve got a good night call from him ❤

  39. awwwwww Tae Yang he really does have a soft voice♪

  40. … too sweet… I can feel cavity forming on my teeth, hahaha.

  41. omg!
    how cute, bae!
    im like daesung XD

  42. Ah I’m like Jiyong,I think I was called about 5 times before I got up, haha. I’m sure I’d leap out of bed if Dae or Bae were asking me to wake up though ^_^

  43. oh my god!!!
    young bae ah u r killing me here!
    u r such a perfect guy of mine lol!!!!!
    he’s exactly like how i always potrayed him to be like~
    so sweet and gentle with dreamy voice no wonder i sleep so well
    hearing ur voice at nite oppa!!^^

    he’s perfect. the most perfect namja ever.
    i doubt i’ll ever forget him.
    i love young bae^^

    he said he’s bad at wake up call,
    aigoooo somehow that’s making me droollll gahahah
    u’re gud nite wish makes want to sleeepppppp forever hahaha

    i’m smitten!!!
    omo young bae ah u make my world goes around^^

  44. I’ve been out for a very long while….and glad to see this on top of the updates…

    …Oh yeah Baebae you can say good night to me every night…and only two things would probably happen.
    a. I’m gonna fall asleep while holding you
    b. I’m gonna reply and we would be saying good night and sweet dreams til the sun rises.

    =) Oh how I miss Baebae and Big Bang. huhu.

  45. I think YB is right. His voice would put me right back to sleep. I ask for five more minutes, but then after five minutes I actually get up. I’m not a morning person either, but I like to keep my promises, to myself atleast.

  46. yeahh im like ji-young!!!! so…. who sent the message to TY??

  47. haha.. tat’s cute.. come to think of deasung is the earlier one.. the entertainment show family he seem to have to wake up early as well.. might have used to it already..

  48. YB is so so cute! and yea, his voice is not a “wake-up-voice” I think :b it’s so much more a relaxing voice.
    But ooh I can imagine Daesung in the morning xD.
    I think jiyong is really hard to get up in the morning (he’s also gets mad when Seungri try to wake him up xD) love them!

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  50. awwwwww taeyang is sooo cutee and sweet!! yea i think if he wakes me up ill prob go back to sleep since his voice is so low, but it would be sooooo sweet if i get a good night call from him! haha daesung alwaiis the early bird. does their manager live with them as well?

  51. Aww, I wouldn’t mind falling asleep to YB’s voice. His voice sounds really sweet and soothing.

    Dae Sung has a booming yet pleasant voice, eh? That’s kind of interesting. I would imagine him to being the one to wake everyone up. I need him as my wake-up call. Maybe I should set ‘Look At Me Gwi Soon’ as my alarm ringtone.

  52. I would LOVE to wake up hearing YB’s voice. Haha. Better than an alarm clock. ;P

    “Instead, I may be better at calling you at night before bedtime to say good night and wish you sweet dreams. What do you think? Alright then. Here it goes – Good night!”

    What a sweetheart! ❤

  53. LAWL! I want Daesung as my alarm clock and Tae Yang as “good night” person. But man, that was so funny — and completely random. GD does seem like he’d be the hardest to wake up in the morning. HAHHA, he gets mad when Tae would time it to the second xD;; So funny. I remember when Seungri tried to wake him up and he was like, “I am going to sleep for five more minutes, okay?” *wrestle* XD;; LAWL<3

  54. Wahh, this is so cute!
    Taeyang’s so adorable (:
    makes me smile. i’d wake up early as ever just to see them (:

  55. mYBaby is such a cutiee piee ^__^
    i can’t give people wake up call either, its so weird.
    like i go are you up? the person would mumble something,
    then i go oh okay bye LOLOL. he and i are on the same boat<3
    my husband baby, i’d love if he gave me a goodnight call<3

  56. aww, he’s so sweet hahaha

  57. sooo cutte ❤
    i would love for him to say “wake up! or goodnight!” his voice his pleasent to here anytime..

  58. such a sweetheart hehehehh
    i can imagine his mellow voice saying goodnight.
    thats gona make all of us sleep right away<3
    ahhahha i can also imagine
    JIYONG getting pissed. right on. (;

  59. awww…that would be so SWEET if i could talk to TY until we fall asleep. ^^

  60. OMGG!!! I would love for my baby Taeyang to wake me…or say Goodnight to me <33333
    Or even Dae Dae ^^
    Taeyang is soo sweet, i love him <333

  61. […] TaeYang UFO Radio Message #8: A Wake Up Call, Please! momo “Are you still in bed? It’s time to wake up! How come it’s so hard for you to get up every […] […]

  62. Hehehe, Lmao Awww i do what Taeyang does when i wake up ppls.
    But i get annoyed if ppls do that to me.
    Ahahaha oh yeahh. i can imagine DaeSung waking everyone in the
    apartment up! Ahahaha
    Aww, TaeYang, you could call me and say good night to me.
    or give me a wake up call. either one.

  63. ackk! i agree that this is random, but we don’t get this everyday from the boys =) i can imagine him saying “yah, irona!” wahh cuteness!!! its okay Tae Yang, you can wake up ALL the VIPz okay?


  65. lol…Ji yong is so cute!
    5 more minute? Ok, dear, I will give you another 5 more minute, but pls don’t mad at me when I wake u up after 5 more minute. ha… ha…

  66. LOL @ DAESUNG.
    so sad. i sleep late all the time
    i doubt bae would ever wake me up XD

  67. awww taeyang’s such a sweet man.
    LOl G-dragon, i knew G-dragon and T.O.P wouldn’t willing to get up on time.

  68. hello
    yo guy are sick(it mean cool) i love yo music

  69. Hey taeyang (:! id die in happyness if u called to say good night >_<

  70. Hello …. taeyang are very pretty and I am charmed with you … many regards that estes well kisses bye

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