Big Bang’s 7th #1 on Thai MTV chart


With their 2nd full-length album promotions ended, and the members enjoying their long-awaited vacation, group Big Bang is still popular without change in Thailand.

Big Bang
’s ‘Number 1′ is #1 on Thailand MTV chart for the week of 11th-17th April. This makes it their 7th #1 on the chart with earlier hits like ‘Dirty Cash’, ‘Lies’, ‘Last Goodbye’, ‘Always’, ‘Haru Haru’ and ‘Sunset Glow’.

The song ‘Number 1′ is the title song off their Japanese album released in October. And the album was also released in Thailand.

Currently, Big Bang’s CM song collaboration with upcoming group 2NE1 is also taking various music charts by storms. Big Bang will be in Japan in June and July for a new album release.

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~ by Momo on April 17, 2009.

15 Responses to “Big Bang’s 7th #1 on Thai MTV chart”

  1. Congrats to the boys xD
    They’ve worked hard for it! haha

  2. wow they top charts even in foreign countries, thats amazingg

  3. dude on they have something up for a big bang album to preorder that doesnt come out till june. i thought it was just a mistake and didnt touch it. But they are releasing something then? hmm

  4. Whoo, yeahhh. Congratulations Big Bang =]

  5. yes big bang FIGHTING!
    now they have be in the top of the US charts!

  6. 7 times! Impressed 😉
    GO BB!
    Hwaiting ^__^

  7. yay for new album~~

  8. GO BB! ♥ and Thai VIPZ! hehehe

  9. thumbs up for BIG BANG , yayyyyy

  10. Woot woot Thailand!! My home country loving the boys!! I’m so proud ❤

  11. THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE POST BUT… I went out clubbing last night and the DJ played Big Bang’s Last Farewell!!! I got so happy!! Think i was the only one that excited!!

  12. RAHHR, PROUDD<3 ;D

  13. GOO BIG BANG THAI FANS !!! hahaha im so happy,and i am thai.
    i really would like thme to come and do a concert here again !
    big bang seems to get bigger and bigger in thailand everyday !


    with love from thailand xx

  14. yay! :] but I’m kind of sad that their going to japan in june and July because i’m going to Korea in june. T.T hopefully they won’t be gone for the WHOLE month..


    holy crap.,, Go !!!big bang 5555 I wish that you’ll be coming back for another concert!!

    I Think rite now their my NUMBER 1


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