Big Bang Hite Beer Photoshoot (also lots of updated photoshoots)

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I never thought beer can be this innocent and cute, with adorable boys, wearing happy blue jumping for joy………… again, never thought beer can be portray this way, but hey! anything is possible with Big Bang. It’s another jumping photoshoot for them, it always turned out awesome, Bong’s pic of course always amaze me, though Baby is #1, Bong’s pics are always my fave and their expression shots…………….. HAHAHA the beer seems sour. and see if you can catch Tabi grabbing his crotch while jumping LOL.

Also lots of updated photoshoots.

There is seriously, A LOT of photoshoots that was release, old ones, new ones, but they are all high quality, so I just zipped it up and upload it for you, so it’ll save you time. ENJOY! The ones that showed here are just some to show you, there are MUCH MUCH MORE.

Hite Beer Photoshoot



Photoshoot HQ Updates


Thanks to 탐스런탑님


~ by Vicky on April 17, 2009.

83 Responses to “Big Bang Hite Beer Photoshoot (also lots of updated photoshoots)”

  1. thanks much for sharing Vi. :’D

  2. haha Tabi’s picture made me laugh 😀
    Is it me or does Bong and Dae look alike in their beef pictures O.O

  3. i meant beer lol

  4. Ahh, Cute ! Thanks for sharing ❤

  5. i still feel bad that babyy cant be in the whole hite promotion :3
    but its alright seung riiii…… you need a break anyway (: ❤

  6. wouww amazing!!
    Indeed the pic looks so cute while it is beer xD
    the beer pic solo are so adorable!! they look all so cute ^^
    and yeah JiYongy is a photogenic person and that is what we all already know ^^


  7. lol NO ONE MAKES THOSE FACES BEFORE DRINKING THE BEER.. i like to point out advertisement flaws =P
    but they actually make me want to drink xD tae yang’s glass is full of foam

  8. haha looks like someone was drinking tabi’s beer! winkwink XD
    thanks for sharingg ! 🙂

  9. thanks so much for zippin the pics!

  10. thanks for the pictures!
    GD has some cute poses… =3

  11. these are super cute.
    but i dont know how to look at the pictures.

  12. thank you sooo much for sharing Vi…!!! i do believe you’re gonna spoil me to death!!^^ but that’s why i love you~~ >w<

    awww~~ poor baby didn’t get to join his hyungs for the Hite shoot. BIG BANG hwaiting!!



    it got suspended
    but i got a new one

  15. definitely cute!

  16. Hahaha. I didn’t think there’d be a Hite Beer photoshooot…

    Love you Vicky for the zip file!! C:

    OMG Tabi is so freaking cute in the first picture! Everyone else is grinning wildy and his simple smile is adorable. :]] D

    GD’s hair didn’t even phase me this time. XD ❤


  18. omg top is so cutee
    he looks uncomfrotable in some of the shots LOL

  19. woo thx for the pic taking them all!!!so cool

  20. Thanks for uploading the pictures. I was wondering if it’ll be possible for you send me the pictures in a regular zip file, because I’m having trouble opening the .rar file. Thanks! =)

  21. lol it is cute 😀
    why are the cans blurred out;;

  22. haha TOP’s facial expressions are so cute!
    they’re all cute!

  23. T.O.P looks awesome on the “beer photoshoot” (8

    And Jiyongie with the popcorn hair, hahaha!

    Thank you againg for sharing!

  24. Jaci

    right click the .rar then choose ‘EXTRACT HERE’

  25. graceDARLiN

    probably due to copy right logo on the can

  26. top wasn’t grabbing his crotch.
    his hands weren’t near his crotch at all; his crotch is higher up ;D

  27. Oh DAMN. Bae has a huge sexy vein. (yes. I have a fetish-like attraction to thick veins on strong arms.) 😀

  28. dae’s butterfly shirt is too cute. i want one! hehe thanks for posting the pics! =)

  29. OMO!!
    the hite pic were soooooo cutee!!
    i just had to awww at all of Top’s ones >.<!!! i lOVED it :DDDD
    they all looked sooo happy but i think tabi would be happier with some candy and icecream xDDD keke

  30. OMG freaking sexyy photoshoot!

  31. tks so much. Such lovely pictures

  32. WAAAA! I’m really loving the jumping shots! haha the crotch grabbing shot TOP looks sooooo hott!! 😀 GD looks short in the last group pic -_-

  33. what happened to TOP’s hite can in the first jumpping pic? hehehe

    but no…HITE is so bland!!! it goes down smooth like water i guess. hahaha. tastes like nothing. (i tell you BIG BANG can sell everything! i had to cop some HITE after they shot a CF for HITE. hahahahha)

  34. vi
    kekeke, make me laugh so much. damn, i can’t stop laughing
    in the fisrt pic, hubby eyes make the beer look so innocent.
    we could see how much he likes beer here. haha

    ah~~~ so sad there’s no maknae pic,
    i feel our boys won’t be complete without baby

  35. nya

    maybe beer make you-know-what kinda……visible. hahaha
    in other words “hard”
    okay okay
    i’m done being stupid KAKA

    i was looking forward to see my husband jumping for joy too
    but boo hoo no
    he’s underage

    we need to talk more,
    i now have twitter and facebook
    add me on there and we’ll talk 24/7 HAHAH

  36. janie

    you actually tasted it??/ HAHAHHAA
    so is heineken any better?
    and yes, they can sell ANYTHING!

  37. vickyy, ur the best (;
    i lovee HQ PICSSS teehhee
    OH GAWD.
    TOP’s first jump shot is like WHOA hair sexiness
    the crotch grabbing? thats an added bonus :p

  38. Thank you againg for sharing!
    GD>>>so cute!

  39. do u have a zip file download ?

  40. do u have a zip file download

  41. Lol we know which member drinks the most… As for the rest, according to GD they don’t really drink..

  42. oh my godddddd!!!!
    my man’s first jump shot was sexy but the second one….hotter!
    I like him in that firefighter clothes ;P

  43. Lmfao, they ALL close their eyes `cept for TOP.
    Ahaha i still think that’s funny.
    TaeYang looks like he’s flying.
    Awww, G-Dragon looks cute with the hat. haha
    TOP looks cool! Dae does too.
    I like G-Dragon’s headphone shot.

  44. ROFL, those are adorable beer pictures. I love the first one of TOP jumping. He looks pretty~~.

  45. woaaa check out daesungs arms !
    HOT ! lol
    they all look soo happy
    🙂 ! ahaha

  46. ohhhhhhhhhhhh top i love u
    oh ma heart

  47. thanx vicky for the pictures =D
    i took some top pictures =D
    thank you again =D

  48. how.. cute.. the beer picture.. every member smile made their eye become a line… tat cute…

  49. omfggg so cuteee xDD<3
    AND YESSSS, those jumping pictures were alll so greattt ;D<333
    ahhhh i love these 😀 and is it me or is tabi especially cute in the hite beer photoshoot? xDD anyway, they all look amazing ;]

    ahhh, and i just LOVEEELLOVEEEE THE GROUP PICTUREEE<3 couldn’t help noticing baby ;D<3 love his expression and everything lol<333 but OF COURSE all of them are looking equally amazinnggg and hotttt ;D<333

  50. omgd, love these!
    The hite beer photoshoot was sooo cute!
    Haha, crotch shot!
    Couldn’t stop laughing! LOOOL!

  51. wonderful !!!!!!!!! TOP iz so handsome & so koooooool !!!!
    thz for these picz !!!

  52. ahh. i wish i can get posters of these photoshoot!

  53. Haha, TOP’s jumping picture made me laugh.
    Never seen him like that.

  54. Awwwww thanks 4 the file Vicky ^^ love the jumping photoshoot! Tabi 😀

  55. The link to download the pics, is broken.
    just to let you know 🙂
    can you please fix it

  56. TOP is so cute <3333333333333

  57. hi,can anyone tell me how to open the files? cause its rar files,right? i’ve tried to open it,but i failed..

  58. Vi
    Gyahahaha… Hehehe… hihihi… fufufu…
    If he’s ehem ‘hard’ just becoz of beer than I won’t let him touch beer if he’s not by my side. Fufufufu…
    It’ll be bad if he starts AFFAIR haha
    He just have this hobby of touching HIS, OMG ~,~A
    It’s not like his is way too big and need a cover
    KAKA… I think I become more stupid than u

    Yup, just too bad.
    I feel bad for baby, fell like he’s being left behind.
    Ah baby ah~
    Bet baby would jump with so much joy and of course will stand beside Bong
    And a lot of GRi will wait for us.

    Well, I’m not too into that. I don’t even make one. though all my friends always told me to make it. I find myself too lazy, keke
    Just do it this way, our traditional way. Haha

  59. Damn I can’t download the pix….the link is broken? Help lil sis.
    I want new pix of the boys since I was gone for a very long while. huhu.
    So happy to see them in blue, my fave color. ^^

  60. nya

    u evil little thing
    thought u care about his health
    but really, u want him to ‘get it on’ only around you HAHA

    Baby isn’t fond of alcohol at all so maybe he is a bit relieve that he doesn’t have to do it
    but still
    he do love the attention

    dude. u should get one
    i was denying it for a year
    but it is really fun and convenient
    i can access it from my phone and itouch so i can talk to everyone whenever and wherever
    i’ve been to busy lately (notice that i didn’t have time and energy to talk to anyone T_T)

  61. sis in law

    try again
    MF should be workig now
    if not, I’ll upload it on megaupload for u

  62. Hi! I’ve tried MF but it’s not working. I hope someone can help me. Thanks!

  63. I love GD with hairband! so cute! Thanks for sharing.

  64. Top looks a little odd in the first pic, But I really love GD and Tae’s photos, always so hot.

  65. lOL so cute! and haha tabi’s picture with the crotch grab xDD his expression looks like he’s saying “what chu lookin at?” lOL :]

  66. […] a South Korean beer company that teamed up with popular R&B/hip-pop supergroup Big Bang to do a promotional photoshoot. When I opened up my WordPress account to do some writing, there it was at the top of the popular […]

  67. awww, when i downloaded the pics, i cant open them ):
    can anyone be nice and send them to me by hotmail? my email is
    G D r a g o n Until Whenever ❤

  68. These guys are self-serving and don’t care about their fans. Considering that the VAST majority of their fan base are Korean girls that are too young to drink, they obviously have little respect for those young women. It’s a shameful and irresponsible venture without principles. They don’t have the guts to stand up to their management and say “Hey, we don’t agree with marketing alcohol to high, middle and elementary school girls”. They just say “Hey, give us money and we’ll help sell alcohol to little girls”.

  69. […] Big Bang Hite Beer Photoshoot (also lots of updated photoshoots) I never thought beer can be this innocent and cute, with adorable boys, wearing happy blue jumping for […] […]

  70. hi vicki,

    thanks for the help! & thanks again for the photos =)

  71. thannkz vicky.!

  72. Vi
    LOL, coz when he’s around me I COULD make it down again,
    So problem solved. Haha

    Keke… attention, baby will get plenty of it this whole year.
    Aii~~~ when Dae endorse BHC, I really hope baby will endorse something too.
    So the maknaes will get more attention
    What do u think of baby endorsing an apartment. Hahaha

    Well, maybe I’ll get it later, or when I think I should hehe
    Yup, u’re busier than me lately.
    Feel like u’re being kiddnaped by baby, vi suddenly disappear,
    miss to talk to u
    I’m quite busy too lately,
    My entrepreneur teacher want me to translate a whole book!
    Damn, it have 300 pages. I really feel like to throw the book to his head.

  73. i think my fav is the hite group pix although our maknae is missing. darn~ it would’ve been perfect if he was in to, but yeah, out of the solo hite shot, only top’s crotch grabbing one turned out good~ hahaha.
    not trying to be a perv but that was the only good looking one.

  74. omo,all those pictures makes me go crazy! all of them look so cute ^^

  75. hi vicky,
    thanks for posting the pictures up but i can’t seem to get to the download link. its broken still. i tried yesterday and today. can u load it again?

  76. Ah the GD wavering has passed.
    TOP I bet your a cute drunk right!

  77. thanks so much!! aww gd’s pic where his hand’s in his pocket is cute :]

    anyone notice they all closed
    their eyes
    except for
    Tabi? if im wrong
    i meant TOP

  79. gawd! vicky! you’re such are a pretty! i bet you are (:
    thanks for the zipped file!
    the pictures are awesome! tabi tabi tabi loveeee

  80. SQUEAL
    they look so friggin cute in all the pictures.
    my mind is going fangirl crazy. too much to say.
    im underage nd dnt even lyk beer but they make it look so tasty.
    haha tabi has the least beer in his cup while tae has foam


  82. i can’t download the pics pllllz do something i really want it sooo much ><


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