04.18.09 Lotte Family Concert Stalker Pics

UPDATED with more DaeSung and SeungRi’s Pictures.

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It’s been a long time since we’ve seen the boys perform together onstage, and on April 18th, they perform together during Lotte Family Concert. And of course Bong have to surprise us once again with another hairstyle, it’s not the Einstein nor the popcorn, it’s…. a HyunJoong? haha cuz HyunJoong is like the only person that look good in this hair to me, idk how it look on Bong really, but his skinnies is what REALLY CAUGHT my eyes, probably stole them from 2NE1’s photoshoot, cuz I saw EmJay wearing something similar to that HMM…. BUT… Tabi on the other hand was looking FIIINE! pink scarf never look so sexy.

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Updated: Dae and Baby’s Stalker Pics.

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04.18.09 Lotte Family Concert Stalker Pics

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~ by Vicky on April 18, 2009.

155 Responses to “04.18.09 Lotte Family Concert Stalker Pics”

  1. AHH!!! Tabi!!!!

  2. ~shocked~ GD’s hair…. NO COMMENT but Tabi on the other hand is looking fine, just EAT YOU DOWN

  3. OMG.so fine 😛

  4. i think gd looks hot

  5. idk…gd…odd hair but somehow he just makes it look alright! lol maybe im just used to his frequent changes and have become immune…lol

  6. i might have to make another album to save tops pictures 😀

  7. . Ooooooohhh . Soo Lush . Soo Colly Cool .

    . They All Look Stuning ! .

  8. *sigh* bongie what am i going to do with you? I need sexy Jiyong back in my life! not cute, not outlandish, not extravegant. I want sexy dammit >.< and i know your capable of it mister!! *but i do like the little bun. reminiscent of always days* Ah Youngbae thank you for saving me lol. Your looking as cute/sexy/hot as always. I’m loving his pics.

  9. jek967

    I was gonna use ‘infected’
    but ‘immune’ works way better

  10. awh i luv them!


    and GD reminds me a bit of Hongki from FTI with hai like that XD

    and his pants own me XD

  11. Jy looks like Seo Taiji >”<

  12. BONG’s outfits looks like something out of seungho’s closet.

  13. GD needs to get back his old hair.
    but TOP and YB are looking mightyy fine~

  14. YB/TY looks too finnee!
    but umm…bong’s hair…mmmm

  15. i liked GD’s hairband style so much… 😦
    still <33 him though~ ^^

    Cute SR & sexy TOP~ ❤

  16. So glad they performed together again!!! ^^ But I wanna see the vid…if there will be one.
    Baebae looks hot there with the finger…hehe…and those lips…gaaaaaaa I missed him so much.
    Lately I’ve been noticing Tabi A LOT. huhu. and I think he looks good here…waaaaa I need to be LOYAL! lol. hehe. But I love all 5 of them. 😛
    And I think I like this hairstyle…he looks so laid back… and I love that. ^^

  17. crack is wack G.D!

  18. its an…um very feminine look..which is not a bad thing but still Yongie…be a hottie!!!

    Tabi….I LOVE HIM SOOO~~…sexy sexyy

  19. Oh GOD
    Tabi BB!! ❤ is love
    and omg HOT YB!!!
    lmao i think its only fair to say ji has only copied HyungJoon’s hair 2 times only lol keke

  20. when i first saw that picture, i was like “who is that?”
    but then i was like “No WAY! NOT KWON JI YONG!”
    wow……SURPRISE again.
    TOP looks cute. wow…. GodDamnG-Dragon. you look like
    a girl in some angles. =[ SKinnys. eh? i can believe that
    he stole them from a girl. G-Dragon…..what are you doing?
    i’m still shocked about his hair…!

  21. vi
    hubby all over~~~ his cuteness hahaha
    I’m lovin’ it keke
    in the last 3rd pic, I can’t help but to look at his butt.
    So sexy~
    He can work that pink scarf alrite ^^

    Baby in the 2nd pic and bong in the 3rd pic doing shake shake dance

    Lol at baby in his last pic, he really looks like the elementary school student
    I like his hairstyle now, shorter but cute

    Bong, is it only me?
    I think he looks skinnier with long hair.
    Don’t really think he look good this time.
    I prefer his hairstyle in baby MV
    Feel like I want to make him eat the whole KFC chicken supply

  22. *drools*

  23. choi top =)

  24. @nya2

    YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I completely 100% a billion kajillion agree with you. Bongie needs to go back to his hairstyle in strong baby. *fans self just thinking about it* that boys and girls was a sexy beast.

  25. what’s the hell???????
    why gd?? why??
    anyways ur new outfit is SO WEIRD!
    hut i STILL like & love u!!
    goooosh! he’s so weird but SEXYYY!!

  26. hahaha..GD did a shout out to se7en! that’s so cool.
    i don’t know how i feel about the new hair doo. maybe if he tied the bangs back too it’ll look hot!

  27. TOP! He just gets hotter and hotter, GD’s hair is cute, I dig the style a lot, but doesn’t it look familiar?!….hmmm…three words: Waffel Sun Ki….(coffee prince drama)

  28. Waaaaweeee ! Theeey are SO HOT !! . btw GS haiir waahaa : ) Hot thought ! : D . raawr , SEUUUNGRi !!! 🙂 ilovehimm SOMUCCHiiES ! . waahaaawaaa , dreamingboutyah 🙂 ❤ geezgeez, STUNNNIIIING ! , TOP HOOTY WEEEEE , TEAYAANG ! . HOOTMAYN!:)

  29. OH NO. I had to do a double-take on the first photo of GD.

    ..I don’t like it. T___T;;; Still giving me the ‘grandma’ vibe like the other hairdo. ; o ;

    But Tabi on the other hand, is looking real good. :] I want that scarf. It’s really cute. XD

    Aww no pics of Dae…. well 1 blurry one. D:

    I miss seeing them perform. ]: <333

  30. top is always so good looking! GD reminds me of kim jae wook. they are both hot!

  31. HAHAHAHA! i love GD’s hair.

    but WHEW BABY, TOP is absolutely the hottest thing in this universe, as always. damn. pink leopard print? absolutely in fire.

  32. lmao “a HyunJoong”?
    i love boys over flowers.

  33. that scarf is disgusting. even top is not allowed to pull that kinda shit. uuugh but he looks so damn good.

    i LOVE GD’s top.. his hair is.. lol i like the perm.. i want to see it down live actually.

  34. oooooohhh god!!!!!
    seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeexiiii Tabi!!!!
    his hair and clothes are looking HOT!
    my man is workin it!

    Bong looks pretty sexy too
    that hairstyle looks surprisingly good
    like the snake like pants ;D

  35. TOP’s so cutteee!
    && I like GD’s hair.
    But what i LOVED THE MOST was his headband style.
    Now that was adorable! ^___^

  36. kay-chan
    HAHAHA… then give me five gurl
    the first thing i notice here is Bonggie lack too much meat.
    he looks like skull wrapped by skin.
    i really want to go and steal all KFC chicken suppy and make him eat

  37. OMFG!!!!!!!they’re all looking good! i miss having to see them perform together 😦 GD’s hair seems awkward, because Hyunjoong really owned that hair ❤ But he still looked sizzling hot <333 Those skinnies were really bothersome O_O Why did he even wear that? He looked soooooo OMG. L O V E! ahahaha. I love you ChoiSeunghyun <33

  38. Oh God…….Jiyongie..you’re already WAY too skinny and that hairstyle just makes you look skinnier!!!! You should’ve went to Daesungie’s BHC commercial shooting and gorged on it all day. 😀 And half the time Tabi’s still looking adorkably awkward dancing..and DAMN Youngbae’s looking FINE.

  39. TOP looks unbelievably good but…..
    nooooooooooooo GD has a target on my heart. I feel myself wavering. But I have to stay strong. Must be strong. Off to watch the lollipop CF again.

  40. @ Vanessa.. MY EXACT THOUGHTS!!! as soon as I saw Jiyongie in these pictures I immediately thought of waffle guy from coffee prince! haha

    jiyongie is makin’ that hair work for him though…
    baaae… dong young bae!!! you never fail to make me drool over you! handsome FAILS to describe him!
    baby ri is back to lookin like the cute maknae that he is. <3s it.
    and TABI…. he’s on some “make me hotter” pill or something he’s lookin more and more handsome every update!

  41. wow TOP so cute so handsome oh ma love
    but…… gd’s hair nonono

  42. why I think GD’s hair looke so daammnn HOT!!
    so fineee esp with those glasses

    top’s gaining a lil bit weight! which is GOOD!!
    coz make him looked younger!

  43. i be liking yongieee’s hair !! ;D

    but his pants…… gots to go -_- xD

  44. Oh My God my TEMPO soooo sooo cute…!

  45. OMG, look yong’s hair! He is so beautiful :)).

  46. Looks like a Bae Yongjoon to me.

  47. Bwahaha, that does look like “a HyunJoong”
    *sighhh* I really miss Big Bang, so happy to see them all! Woo! alla them are looking good 😀

  48. why i see that GD is getting more thinner that be4…
    i think GD need to do something on his weight..
    gud dietry food, gym….

  49. It’s official: I have a thing for Seunghyuns.Yummy… *Homer Simpson drooling moment*
    GD HAS to stop looking prettier day by day.Really.
    TY…looking smooth as always.
    But why aren’t there pix of Daesung??

  50. gahhh why do you have to do this jiyong.. xD not feeling the hair.. i love his expressions tho :] same old gd
    hehe seungri’s so cute!
    TOP looks so hot!! im loving him more these days :]
    bae is cute ^^ no daesungie??

  51. VICKYYY ! wats your new youtube acc ?? plz tell me !

  52. Oh, dang, they all looks so sexy. I don’t even use that word, LOL. I don’t know, I miss their performance pics, I guess. But no Dae Sung solo?

    I actually like GD’s hair but Hyunjoong does pull it off better.

  53. T_____T
    bong’s hair..isn’t the worst that he could ever come up with hahaa
    this hairstyle is considered normal for him hahaha
    it isn’t too bad..after seeing it for awhile i think he looks good =]
    and what’s with the snake skinnies??
    ARGHHH T____T
    well..it’s FASHION and people like me will never know or even dare to wear something like that
    tabi seriously be looking so fineeeee
    he just look freaking sexy in that hairstyle awww

  54. I think it looks good on Bong
    It only looks good when he takes out those specs of coz

  55. xD Top is looking good. :]
    Not to be extremely dirty or anything but, Top isn’t wearing boxers..? xDD [I think I see pantylines. xDD]
    I’m such a pervert. x]]
    Hehe. SeungRi just can’t stop moving? x]

  56. And Top got a haircut?!

  57. TOP you’re so beautiful too meeeeeeeeeeeeee
    GD is hot

  58. everytime GD changes his hair style, it takes me a while to adjust. but damn, everytime i will like his styles. whether it is long, short or curly.

  59. freaking stranger GD!
    But i like it ^^
    BB hwating
    Waiting for new solo album of Yong

  60. Omona !!!
    I can’t belive in my eyes.
    Bong’s hair style :O
    I don’t know what to said !!!!
    T.O.P looking very good.
    Bae and Ri looking good too.
    But Bong, he’s always changes his hair style. 😦

  61. YOngie 😉 what did you do to your hair? T____________T
    but I like it! you look so HOt!!!! ^_^

  62. everyone’s looking good!! (: especially tabi. hahah, as usual, jiyongie’s hair kind of grows on you after a while. i must say that it’s actually pretty HOT in the fancams compared to these closeup shots (:

  63. haha~~~well…i gonna use to it!!!~~~XD…that’s jiyong!!!…
    but i agree jiyong look too skinny…jiyong oppa…plz eat more and more or go to gym…t.t
    haha~~~seungri is cute…XD
    top hot as always…anyway…it’s great to see them perfom together again~~~^-^

  64. hahas that our kwon leada XD
    i was jus getting use to his perm hair yet now…

  65. Lol, i thought i saw one of the Sobournes, but no, its just Jiyong with a new hairstyle.

  66. **Osbournes.

  67. heey, jiyong looks good 🙂
    he resembles a video game character, forgot who..

    haha. oh well, we just all have to get used to him. 😛

  68. saw a few fancam of these performaces, this hairstyle looks OK on him. he might want to project an image of an artist at work, cause he did look like one with the buns and the big glasses. no other boyband can get away with this, performing looking like you’re just finished working overnight.

  69. omg bong!! u look like a girl!~!! next time i see u , u beta b looking sexy!

  70. eh..not diggin gd’s hair,makes him look sick?
    for me,only the guy in ‘Antique’ can pull it off haha

    great to see thm perform..
    oh oh they also did one recently at the Sparkling Concert if im not mistaken

  71. maybe bong is not yet sure on what style he is gonna cut his hair,. i still love him whatever style he does.. i just hope he won’t reach hee chul’s level.. ahahaha..

    wait, why does seung ri had less pics?? hmp…
    and dae sung too…
    itz unfair!! ;p

    anyways,. i missed the boys so much i wanna watch the videos of this concert,..

    big bang fighting!!

    ( i’m looking forward for 2ne1’s debut too..YG must promote them na!!! hehe.. )

  72. hooooooottttttt!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. at first i tot he was a girl!! OMFG!! hahhhaha it was gd!! so hot! i cant wait for his solo and how hes going to bring his hairstyle again…!

  74. I thought GD’s hair looked like Kim Jae Wook too…and the skinnies? hahahaha XD The other guys look great, but I agree-not enough pics of dae and seungri 😦

    TOP’s amazing eyes once again made me fall in love with him!
    Seungri?? So blur leh the pics! BUT STILL LOVE HIM! ❤

  76. OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    HEY SEXY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GD LOOK SO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. Different hair…
    …I like x) It’s strangely hot on him.
    But ohhh TOP(:
    I’ve never seen anybody pull off pink leopard print better than him, haha.

  78. ahh….
    GDs hair now long enough to be tied up. WTF??
    he looks so old with his hair tied like that. All his recent hair styles have been crap- the popcorn hair, einstein and so on. His old hair styles were cuter- the mullet when they debuted, bangs, side fringe and yeah 😀

  79. and btw- look at GDs arms. Theyre now more than just skin and bones like we saw during his collab with W-inds. Maybe he put on weight which in this case is a good thing cause he’s so skinny. its feels great to see his health improving xD

  80. OMG TOP LOOKS AWESOME!!! i don’t really like this hairstyle on GD… makes him look really tired. but he looks like he put on a little bit of weight. so that’s good!

  81. oh ehm gee gd looks like a girl !!! T_T

    T.O.P. looks ok but shorter or mediuum hair looks better on him

  82. gd looks good hahaha i like his hairstyle or maybe im just used to him changing it all the time AND working it 😛

  83. I think after working with W-winds, GD was influenced by the Japanese style (ie. his VERY Japanese style hair-do)

  84. OMG! I didn’t know that was him for a while but then Gd loooks hawtt but then i dont think he should keep it long like that. I like it short But whatever my baby fits everything :]

  85. WARGH. TOP is so hotttttttt ! <33333

    My saint. |D

    Yeah, that scarf might look girly on other guys, but on him.. WOW. It’s burning. @____@;

    But I find Ji Yongie’s hairstyle not bad. Foreheaddd. XD

  86. Daesung should go solo… He’s always getting so little attention eventhough he’s one of the most talented BB members. An underrated guy. I pity him. -.-

    Welcome to the real world though. MOST women are superficial anyway. It’s a truth that a lot of girls told me. I’m talking about first impression here. You don’t just drool over daesung when u first see him right?

  87. D-lite guyfans

    can’t agree more
    it really sucks how whenever i want to look for stalker pics, I can never find any Dae ones.

    that’s why I’m really thankful for Family Outing
    that’s where Dae really shine and he’s probably the most popular member of Big Bang right now.

  88. LOVE gd’s glasses. needs a haircut though. i think.

  89. I think gd is gay …
    But He is cool

  90. Seungri, DaeSung, and Taeyang are lookin good as usual.
    I’m loving Tabi’s scarf 😀 i don’t know why but lately i’ve been falling for Tabi more *Forgive me Seungri*
    Welll…Bong’s new hair is…new, not really sure how i feel about it yet.

  91. man, Bae is looking so fine….sigh…
    GD definately jumped on the BOF bandwagon – first he went all Goo Joon Pyo with the ajhumma curls and now he’s going all Ji Hoon style with the wispy locks and glasses….should we expect a bob like Jandi next??? *shudder*….

  92. O.M.G!!
    GD new hair style again????
    My Big Boy looks so COOL ❤ *dies*

  93. OMGGG, jiyong, what happened?
    Ahh I’m shocked. but it’s okay.
    BTW, theyy all still look fine (:


  95. hahah like the hair of JiYong in the first pic!!
    it is exactly what I wear this last copel of days ^^
    hehe it is not the first time this happend ^^
    but I have to say that it looks better on HyunJoong… sorry dear n.n
    btw that pic where JiYong screams in the microfone is so cool ö
    and Deasung and TOP are looking good too ^^ [and Seungri and TaeYang]


  96. GD looked like hmm cant describe
    but they all look awesome
    and as always im late on this

  97. Thanks Vicky!
    I wish Daesung will get a REAL solo like SeungRi.
    A ballad would be great. The song by Nemo ft Daesung- Now we
    was very nice.

  98. is it just me or is TOP looking…….rounder than usual? there was one pic, with a bright blue background….hrm. LUF YOO MAN! Big Bang for the winnnn.

  99. >___<
    Isn’t anyone else just kidnap G-Dragon and tell him to dress how he used to? I don’t like this high fashion/European/fashionista/whatever sort of look he seems to do.
    The hip-hop Ji Yong, the Ji Yong he’s been since a little kid was so much MORE STYLISH than we G-Dragon tries to be stylish…=___=
    Just my opinion, but it seems that now when he tries to be fashionista he looks silly and…
    I dunno. trainee GD to With U GD had the best style. So much more real.
    /now I’m going to be beat up.
    i still love you ji yong, it’s just harder to find clothes I actually like you wearing lately…*sigh*


  100. Tabi look so howt in pink shawl.

  101. GOSH!!!!!!!! SEUNGRI IS BECOMING HOTTER AND HOTTER JUST EACH MILLI-SECOND!!! I AM NOT KIDDING!!!!!! and yeah, I want my normal-smockin-sexy-haired-jiyong! 😀

  102. ^ aish, i completely agree! i wish GD would go back to his old style. his style now seems silly and overdone – like he’s trying to hard to be this “fashionista” people have labeled him as.
    i still love him tho!<3
    the other boys were looking good!!
    YB and Tabi were hot as always!!<3

  103. @aish:

    i totally agree… he needs to stop trying so hard. my poor baby feeling pressured to find a suitable look for his solo, i think. or perhaps he’s been hanging around his “stylist” friends too much… LOL^^ anyway, i hope he gets over this “trying-too-hard” phase and starts becoming comfortable with himself again.

    p/s: tabi-sshi looking sexy ass FINE right there. speaking of asses… he’s got some right there. those pants definitely do him justice. hehe^^ i’m not a perv usually… but damn tabi is… i dunno, something’s goin on with him lately. he’s getting so sexy. maybe it’s IRIS. damn i can’t wait for that one to get out…


  104. waaa…be calm aish…i understand how you feeling now…really upset feeling..t.t
    i agree that i also more love jiyong style before…even it’s simple but i love it…^-^…
    however…we have to understand that because all ppl now call him as a fashionista…that’s y i think jiyong always want try something new to proof that he deserve for it…maybe sometimes he try too harder…but we have to admit that how his hard work in his fashion world…
    sometimes i think…jiyong must tired for it…but he is the guy never give up…he dint care what ppl said around him…but he will continue his interest in fashion…
    the spirit jiyong have make me proud of him…^-^
    so aish…don’t too upset k…i believe one day jiyong can find his own fashion…now he still in trying progress…XD…
    i believe our support is very important to jiyong…^-^
    ajaaaa aish!!!~~~^-^…i hope my massage can calm you a lots…^-^
    by the way…sorry my massage too long…hahaXD

  105. awww~ i love the updates of sr and dae
    G RI is so cute
    i love it cause it makes me feel like sr is happier by getting his hyung”s attention

  106. awww jiyong looks funny ^^” BUT STILL SO HOT xD
    his best hair (my opinion) would be his hair during The REAL concert (:
    love love LOVE LOVE LOVEEEE GD (:
    G D r a g o n Until Whenever ❤

  107. Young Bae oppa looks so hot in black and white. That boy there’s no words to say how smexy he really is. Wow Kwon Leadsershi oppa my oh my what a hair do. Seung-Ri is just a hottie. And a pink scarf never look so good on Seunghyun. Dae oppa just always cutiie.

  108. i still think that bong looks great. (except the thing with his weight for sure). its cool how he tries out new things, but i can understand the ones, who miss the old gd.
    even im a huge GD fan, damn, YB looks always mad sexy. he is like the sexiest out of em all. so does tabi! 🙂

  109. omgoshh ! g-dragon
    is workin his hair..
    ahhaa.. 🙂 thanks
    for sharinggg !

  110. haha.i don’t know what will be my reaction to gd’s hairstyle.XD
    pwahaha!! i like fashion too. but dunno.bleh!
    TABI won my heart here. lol!!
    seungri ya~ my love.haha.you are too amzing for words!!haha
    sarang hae.!!

  111. Seung Ri is friggin’ fine as hell!!!

  112. Wow.. U r right.. TOP is looking hot!

  113. OMG TOP. <3333333333

  114. my first reaction:

    just gimme another 2 hours, ill get used to it. yes, yes i will ><


    for some reason, GD looks like sohee HAHA

    i still loveeee himmm [: !

  116. ^-^
    More SeungRi picutres. 😀
    I love it. xDD

  117. lol! I actually like JiYong’s hair! But with the glasses on he looks like he could be one of their noonas! 🙂 I love SeungHyun’s scarf so cute! Little SeungHyun and DaeSung look so cute and adorable. YoungBae looks so sexy! I really miss his hat days!

  118. ireally like gd’s hair he just look so sexy but his clothes/////no comment

    and my top as ugually hot and sexy and amazing>>33
    seungri looked like he grown up hehehe

  119. DENGGG! all of em lookin effen hot and smexy ! hahaa <33

  120. the longer i look at gd’s hair;
    the more i laugh.
    oh god. gd, why? LOL

  121. seungri. that jacket. i want. >_<
    gd. one word: (err. idk…what can i say?)

  122. taeyang’s such a gangster, you can’t see his whole face xD
    love him~
    they all look great 😀

  123. kyeahhh~ bong’s hair grows so darn fast. shoo i wished my hair grew fast like that!? top looks mighty FINE don’t you think? *spazz*

  124. I think GD’s hair looks awesome! I think I’m going to wear it to school tommorrow :p Wonder if I can pull it off like him though >w<

  125. come on guys GD’s hair is not that bad compared to a couple of his previous hair decisions this is actually hot lol

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  127. […] 04.18.09 Lotte Family Concert Stalker Pics UPDATED with more DaeSung and SeungRi’s Pictures. […]

  128. tabi’s got an hawt ass!

  129. omg! k.eyc.k i so agree with you!!
    Tabi is the hottest thing eveeeer! The cutest man who ever walked on this earth! man, he’s really killing me <3!

    about gd.. I love him (I love all them), but damn.. he needs to eat!!

  130. I kinda like GD’s hair like that.
    he’s still hawt. you know? In that older-guy-artsy kinda way.

  131. jiyong once again with interesting hair i see.
    that boy has got to stop experimentingg
    cuz he’d look so hott in his old hair.
    like the lies days xD
    OH TOP<3 gimme that scarf 😀

  132. gds arms are getting bigger, LOL
    no need to worry about his health anymore ^^

  133. GD’s hair looks good!

  134. I like Jiyong’s hair, but I don’t really like the outfit, the shirt and the pants don’t really go together… D:

    Anyways, still looking hot ❤


  135. i love this GD hair style !!

    he looks so SEXY !! goddd

    but i think his glasses make him look like auntie

    haha doesnt matter love GD

    TOP makes me surprised so much

    i’vent seen his charming look for so long

    OMG i’m meltin haha

    SO HANDSOME !!!!!!

  136. gd needs to get rid of that hair style.
    it’s UGLY.
    only hyunjoong can do that!
    gd looked mighty fine with the einstein hair!<3

  137. wahh i like his einstein ‘do so much more.
    aaaag whyd he change it agn?
    i wonder wht his next ‘do will be.

    ah saranghae gd!!!!!!!

    TOP’s scarf is nice.

  138. ahh the GRi love :]] seungri is oh-so-cute

  139. it amazes me how much TOP actually reminds me of some ridiculously hot assassin…omg, i love his side-swept bangs~

    and i’m glad GD was considerate enough to choose a shirt that covered up…that area…cuz those jeans looks super super tight…

  140. arghhhhhh, bongie why u did that, but u know what, no matter how many tymes u changed ur hair style, its not going to change what i feel about you, u still the same GD ,hey guys, let him do anything dat he want about his hair k

  141. thanks! i love these :] i feel like gd never wants to be normal. hahaha. rain had this hair i think. it looked horrible on rain, too. i dont really like it, but oh well, its gd. seungri looks soooo cute here! so does everyone else :] taeyang was looking right into the cam. yay! hahaha.

  142. hehehe GD xD that hairstyle i use too ^^ lol ahhh~~Tabi ♥

    BABYY AHHH~ SO CUUTEEEEE<33333333333 and then the first pic POPPED up in front and i totally went AOSE_)@#*)_@#$!~!! AVAMM
    LOLLL. omggg i was STUNNED LOL. that first picture will be my FAV<333333333333333333333 BABY AND HIS BEAUTIFUL FACEE LOL. i love baby<333 ;D
    and you should get the picture of what it was like when i looked at the rest of baby’s pictures LMFAO.
    annddd DAMNNNNNNNN TABIIII ;D wooahh<3 lollllll, SO HOT HOT 😀
    BAE AND DAEE, idk for some reason i just think they were so CUTE<3 xD cute hotties xD<333
    alskdjflkdsf, BONGIES HAIR AGAIN TOO!!! OMGGG. i was a little ..SHOCKED by it at first LOL. but soon i see the sweat and everything and i’m like PFT HE’S WAY HOT ANYWAY :D<33
    loll, these pictures were amazinggg ;] i had a good fan girl spazz :D!

  144. Omg, when I saw the first pic, I thought it was Hyori :D… *didn’t read the topic name yet* I was like, Big Bang with Hyori on stage again? How cool, how come I didn’t know about that? Then I read what was visible, and read that Bong has a new hairstyle. Even by then didn’t recognize him. After some pics, I actually noticed that it was Bonggielein… ^^” He really tried on loads of hairstyles… TOP looks adorable as ever, I actually like Dae a lot here, dunno why. He just seems happier. 😀

  145. omg.. GD’s hair.. tak boleh tahan ><
    it gets weirder everytime. ngahh.. he looks like a girl D:
    oh well. we’ll still support you 🙂
    awesome pics of the boys! Tabi looks hawt. :3
    Dae looks adorable XD
    YB looks super cool with his cap
    Seungri looks extra cute X3


  146. the way milkydonut described thing was like JSHUSGUAGDUABDXHABXFD@$$!! damn cool, khangta milky

  147. G-DRAGON !! you look like a girl =.=
    i love you hair still,you keeps getting weirder !!
    i miss the old gd hair,the cute one in the old vids hahaha
    bet everyone looks damn HOT =] TOP TOP TOP can you get any hotter

  148. I love GD’s new hair style, damn Sexy!
    But, since when he keep such a long hair??
    His hair is ok, but not the pant…it looks weird!

  149. i was pretty shocked at first, but actually… gd’s hair looks pretty good.

  150. ohh my god GD looks so funny can’t stop laughing… lol… he looks better from the sides… but i hope i’ll used to his hair…

  151. lol GD made the lady gaga Poker Face move…tabi, i spy with my little his lovely tush lol

  152. ZOMG GRI!!!!!!!
    sorry, that was all I can see.
    biased. much?

  153. GD’s hair with the glasses reminds me of Bae Young Joon. Kekeke..
    And TOP’s leopard-print scarf reminds me of Wonder Girls’ SO HOT days. LOL.
    I’m having another WonderBang attack.

  154. Am I the only one that thinks Gd hair looks sexy? Im loving the hair and the glasses GD is so freakin cute!!!!!! <333

  155. O.O man GDs hair is so weird. in some of da pics he looks so girlier then girls. i love him wit da glasses but his hair is so strange. im still gettin use to da perm i just saw…
    TOP is lookin extra fine
    the others are lookin good as usual.
    dae’s tongue pictures cute

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