Guerilla Concert in Shin Chon


Big Bang will have a guerilla concert in Shin Chon

Big Bang, who have finished their official activities, will have a guerilla concert.

They will be performing a hot stage at the ‘Hite Cool Concert’ on the 26th at the Shin Chon Migliore plaza in Seoul.

Big Bang, who are currently the models for Hite Beer, are planning to start off with ‘So fresh, So Cool,’ which was used as the background music for the CF, and perform a variety of their hit songs like ‘Sunset Glow.’

Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon said, “It feels like this will be Big Bang’s last performance for 2009. We will be practicing more and more so that we can show the best performance where we can send out as much cool heat of youth as we want. ”

There will be other famous Korean performance teams other than Big Bang taking the stage this day. Hanwool Sori, Joeun Chingoodeul (Good Friends), Animation Crew, Hot Night Crew, and more will perform.

On the other hand, Big Bang will be releasing a live album and behind the scenes story photobook of their concert, Big Show, called ‘Show, another Big Show.’ After G-Dragon and Taeyang’s solo releases, Top and Seungri’s drama contributions, and other solo activities, Big Bang will officially enter the Japanese music market the second half of the year. 

Translated by bigbangnyuh
Credits to Ideal_K@bbvipz for posting
Post taken from: bbn♥ @VIPz Overseas


~ by Momo on April 19, 2009.

28 Responses to “Guerilla Concert in Shin Chon”

  1. awwww no more big bang in korea?!?!?
    i love them when they are D:
    oh wells good luck to them then(:

  2. so they’re taking a break in japan? ):
    hope they enjoy their time there. (;

  3. so they’re taking a break in japan? ):

  4. wait, what does guerilla mean?

  5. ^ i second that.

    WHAT? last performance of 2009?! o__o

  6. wait.. last concert in korea or last concert period for the year?

  7. eh? last performance for 2009? Wow, they’re really gonna be working on improving and be part of Japanese music industry

  8. i sOOO wish I can gO T_T

    ever since I found out about BB, I have MORE wishes than I used to and they’re even MORE about BB than for^^


  9. its all good! they need a break anyways =)
    we iVIPz will still be standing by their sides!
    but what Bong said is pretty sad, “It feels like this will be Big Bang’s last performance for 2009.” =[

  10. Eh? I thought Guerrilla Concerts were impromptu and unannounced because the point is to promote the concert on the day it happens without prior notification, to see how many fans show up? Is this a different type of guerrilla concert?

    That line about this being Big Bang’s last performance of 2009 is so sad… T__T

  11. Ooh it’s great news to hear them performing soon [ esp performing So Fresh, So Cool! ] , but I don’t want it to be like their last performance for this year. D:

  12. Yay! Another Concert! =D
    Last performance for 2009? Aww 😦
    So they’re gonna put their best in, YAY! ^__^
    Yeah, they do need a break.
    Hwaiting BB ! ^_^
    They’re performing on 26th of April?
    Hahahahaha! >.<

  13. huh??? BB’s last performance of the year?? nooo!! it’s only april.. TT.TT
    i’m gonna miss them all being together.. but at least we get to see their awesome solo activities.
    BB hwaiting!!

  14. wait….big bang’s last performance of 09??!!! noooo! omggg….
    that is extremely saddening!!!!!!!

  15. i think its their last performance in korea for 2009. later this year they are in japan so we’ll most likely see them there. also with two of them going solo this year (as far as we know) we’ll see our men. If it is the last one overall then its for the better. They need to rest something aweful. Bongie i know your a workaholic but a vacation doesnt mean you are producing others peoples songs and stuff. REST FOR GOD’S SAKE!!!! I think they deserve time off to go out and do things they want to do and see thier families.

  16. hwaaa this is big bang last performance in korea.
    i’m so sad >.<
    i’ll miss u guys.
    But i think this is good for their health.
    please take a nice rest ^^

  17. awwww last performance? =( i’m gonna miss them in Korea

  18. means they’re not gonna make a comeback this year??
    i would miss them so much >.<
    performing so fresh, so cool
    meaning baby wouldn’t have any part to sing? o__O
    anyway..all the best my boys!!
    sending them the luck..from the faraway sydney 🙂
    i hope there’s a day when i can watch them live 🙂

  19. i wanna know that this concert require ticket or not?
    if it is how can i get it?

    ps.i’m in korea to b exchange student this concert is my last change pls. help meT^T. thanks in advance ^^

  20. aawww so sad but i hope it’ll make their stuffed schedule a little bit better… i wonder the big show album is the DVD or not? someone plz write me the details of the big show album.

  21. aawww so sad but i hope it’ll make their stuffed schedule a little bit better… i wonder the big show album is the DVD or not? someone plz write me the details of the big show album. thank you

  22. oh no, last performance? mannn ):

  23. Last performance?
    WHY ?? 😥

  24. awww! their last performance of the year in korea?!
    ima miss them sooooooooo much!
    but im excited for their japan debut! BIG BANG FIGHTING!

  25. What?! Nu Uh, that’s what YG and them said starting of 2009.
    but it’s okay b/c i miss Big Bang performing. Can’t be the
    last performence though. b/c of G-Dragon’s solo & their up
    coming next album.

  26. isn’t guerilla concert where the artists promote their own concert in one day and try to achieve a certain amount of people to come?

    damm its 2009 has only just started and this is their last appearance =/ I wish i coould go to that concert!!!

    anyone know if taeyang and seung ri still goin to US for break and dance training?

  27. OMG I’m sad so Sad oppa Young Bae oppa I can’t go on with out you. YB and GD have to make an album I can’t live with out their music I’ll have to listen to their old album I guess… LOL I’m kidding partly I really really want them to rest they deserve to rest… I can so wait for them to come back I guess it’s me, Taeyang pillow,itouch, BB blanket, and the Kibum clock. LOL I need a life besides my oppas really.

  28. I did some checking with Beau from bbvipz.

    Guerilla Concert is “not really an impromptu performance” but more of a free performance. Since its a free concert, there will be no ticket selling. Unless you’re part of the Official BigBang Fanclubs, you wont be able to attend the concert.

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