04.11.09 Fancam Sparkling Concert: TaeYang (Very Short) Interview

my last four digits..2717 *wishful thinking*


[From pgeorgie] A bit of background: The members of the audience were obviously asked to write down a short note each to the BB members they like and include the last four digits of their cell numbers. Then the BB members randomly picked a note each and were asked to pretend that they were friends with the fans. YB unintentionally picked one from a GD fan – gee, what are the odds?:

MC: Hey, hey, stay there.
YB: Hi! Have you eaten? You haven’t? I see… Then we’ll have something nice after this. Oh, I read your note. You are GD’s fan, right?
GD (from behind): Hi!
YB: Yeah, uh… I’ll…uh…play Cupid for you and Jiyong…
MC: TaeYang said he would play Cupid for her and Jiyong… Jiyong, what number did you pick?
GD: Yes, I picked the number “8412”…

Video credit: 라멜@ybeffect
Youtube Channel: YBsasa
Translated by: pgeorgie
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~ by Momo on April 20, 2009.

18 Responses to “04.11.09 Fancam Sparkling Concert: TaeYang (Very Short) Interview”

  1. i love tae yang’s smile !

  2. His smiling eyes are a fine sight

  3. AHHH!!! he’s so hot ^^ jiyong so funny

  4. i found a longer vid. for the talk, if you guyz want to use it here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nnDpvDQrEnA
    tnx fur da translation btw =D

  5. LOOOL! lovely smile 🙂

  6. aww he is so smooth! haha “i’ll play cupid” what a sweetheart but we all know that cupid isn’t necessary to make us fall in love w/ any of these boys, right ladies?

  7. so handsome~~ hi, i’m newbie here~

  8. Lols funny TaeYang. but mean that he picked out of G-Dragon.
    Ahhh IT’S G-DRAGON! cutee. “anyo” wow, that fangirl that he choose
    must have been hella excited. aha i mean if there & he picked
    mines, i would of screamed and stuff.

  9. i think i’m mad over this dong young bae guy right now
    momo please don’t keep bombarding us with bae’s being sweetheart vid!!
    “i’ll play cupid for u and Jiyong..”
    yes please bae..immediately. i need to marry kwon jiyong ❤

  10. OMG !!
    my dad has the same last 4 digits xD LMFAOO
    if i were that girl who Jiyong picked, omg i would grad him and hide ;D
    AND share him with the other fans? 😀
    G D r a g o n Until Whenever ❤

  11. Bae looks so hot. <333 Love his smile. ^____^

    LOL@GD. “Hi!”

    Hahaa… Cupid. Aww Bae’s so cute. n_n

  12. LOL a gd fan xD<33 AWW DAMN THAT WAS TOO ADORABLE:OOO LOL. they’re sooo sweet and SOOOOOO soooo soooooo cute when they talk LOL. ahhh, i can’t describe their cuteness and way with words xD bae looks so cutee as usual lol. and shinyy ROFL..and that hi from bongieee KYAAAAAAA! ;DD<33
    i want to spaz more but i’m so tired LOLL it’s burning here XD

    i’m pretty sure at least one person here is envious EVERY SINGLE TIME SOMETHING LIKE THAT HAPPENS!! >< lollll. no fair xD

  14. hehehe
    GD sounded do cute when he scremed hi to his fan. Wish i was there and gd picked my note. lol

    wonder if tae yang told gd what was written on the note??

  15. Lol GD =D

  16. LOL GD’s Annyoung!
    so cute ><
    YB ah !! Play cupid for me and seungri!! 😀

  17. Oh, dang, my sister’s number is 8413. that’s freaky.

  18. Hi! 😀

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