04.20.09 Arirang TV: SBS Hope Photoshoot Subbed


Youtube Channel: arirangworld
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~ by Momo on April 20, 2009.

13 Responses to “04.20.09 Arirang TV: SBS Hope Photoshoot Subbed”

  1. Taeyang jumps so high ;]
    “Stuck out like s sore thumb” hahaha

  2. gdragon towards the end seems shocked to see so much press there. lol very cute and i love how they take part in these activities…and i heard that yg is taking their philanthropic endeavors a step further today!!

  3. once again, i love their shirt.
    “Lolli Lolli Lollipop Oh you’re my Lollipop”
    Big Bang is colorful =] “I think help…”..? what? alright.
    Awww Sean designed them. YG Family is talented. i mean they do alotta stuff.
    Ahh G-DRAGON! hehehe he stuck out his tounge then smiled.
    Yeah… i want a T-Shirt.

  4. hi
    you’re ok?
    love the big bang and dbsk!

    you can join us!!
    Our blog is: bigbangshinki.wordpress.com
    write us as soon as possible: bigbangshinki@gmail.com

  5. Jiyong stuck out like a HOI HOT guy (:
    G D r a g o n Until Whenever ❤

  6. <33 the shirts. <33 BB and Sean.

    Thanks for posting~!

  7. LOL YEAH BAE JUMPS HIGH xDD<3 and he’s the shortest too lol. we’re so alike LMAO<33
    gahhhhhh, babyy. is. just. too. cute. <3333
    TABII. is. so. hot. xD
    DAE. you’re. is. such. a. sweetie. &a cutiee xD
    BONG. has. such. bold. style. LOL<3

  8. I love them!! they all look cute , especially TOP!.. I just can’t take my eyes off him… BB FTW!

  9. ohhh so sweet what Sean said ^^ just paint the world with colors ^^

  10. how cute! love the shirts ;]

  11. Wow im in love *Blush*

  12. OMG why do ppl keep talkin bout his hair i love his hair when it long and curly hes so freaking cute!!!! <3333

  13. lol how can bae not jump so high. he does all those backflips and stuff. [we can tell he’s got awesome leg muscles.]
    ahhh they look so cute. always love their style.
    GDs hair sorta scares me but i can deal wit it. xD

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