04.20.09 BigBang Message to VIPs Japan



BB: Word up, we’re Big BANG!
TY: Everybody at VIP Japan, I’m SOL
GD: Hello, I’m G-Dragon
TOP: Hello, I’m TOP
DS: Hello, I’m D-Lite
SR: Long time no see, I’m VI
TY: Big Bang as a group has been resting a little bit and each member has been working individually. So what have we been doing? Let’s talk starting from TOP 
TOP: I’ve been working on the drama IRIS
GD: I’ve been composing
SR: My movie “Why did you come to my house” came out, so please support it.
TY: I’ve been resting and doing my own things
DS: I’ve been resting and studying Japanese
SR: This year we’re gonna be promoting in Japan. We’ve been preparing a lot, so please wait for it.
DS: Please, give us all your support.
BB: Bye Bye!!! 

Source:  http://vip.ygbigbang.jp/
Translated by: susifg
Youtube Channel: susifg
Post taken from: iMonTop@VIPz Overseas


~ by Momo on April 20, 2009.

23 Responses to “04.20.09 BigBang Message to VIPs Japan”

  1. LOL taeyang moving the mic left & right.
    hahaaa. i feel the awkwardness in this XD

  2. hahahaha it looks like bae knows who is going to talk next
    and he was like moving it left and right haha
    it looks weird..and pre-rehearsed..
    LOL. work hard boys!! love you ❤

  3. noo seungri why why are you growing your hair again T-T

  4. tae yang and top looks so damn hot.
    heheh their japanese is so cute with the korean accent xD

  5. haha it does look pre-rehearsed, but i can see they’ve been working hard on their japanese! :] i wanna see seungri’s movie!!

  6. awwwwww, cuties ;D they’re soo cute. and good at japanese xD<3
    but whyyy ?!?!?! japan again T______T” LOL.
    no offense..but it’s just that idk. LOLL so much japan activities xD just saying..LOLL

  7. wahaaaaa , so cuteee are theey ! LMAO seunng ri waas likeee ehh .. what do i have to say after him ? XD so hooooot ! wahaa , gd and TOP RAWR . SEUNGRi CUTE & HOT BABE ! AND CANT WAIT FOR HIS MOVIIIIIIIE ! : DDDDDDD <33333

  8. r they speaking japanese?! i never knew they knew japanese! someone fill me in, when did this happen?
    btw i think taeyang said “what up”

  9. “word up, we’re big bang!”
    taeyang sounded so hott
    when he says thatt ! XD
    ahahhaha.. 🙂

  10. awwwww they look great ^^ lucky jvipz ^^ this year BB will be promoting in Japan U.U *sigh*

  11. r they speaking japanese?! i never knew they knew japanese! someone fill me in, when did this happen?
    btw i think taeyang said “what up.” i may be wrong tho. thats just what i hear.

  12. @PBnJenny:

    Its for Japanese Fans. i posted the translation for ur info!

  13. their japanese is so cute!!!

  14. aww that’s so cute them talking in japanese..ooh i love gd’s hair this time around..

  15. Awww cute! I’m so glad that TaeYang wasn’t the only
    one that talked Japanese.

  16. P.S: Of course we’ll support. We are VIP &
    Big Bang Forever!

  17. It seems that they are really practicing their japanese, haha.

    aahh, Jiyongie looks so good ❤

    And cute Tae passing the mic! XD

  18. awwww Jiyong didnt say much ):
    and i wanted to hear his voice more 😀
    G D r a g o n Until Whenever ❤

  19. i like seungris hair 😀

  20. WORD UP~ Hahaha. ❤

    Seeing them speak Japanese was different. o:

    Can’t wait to see their activities in Japan. ^^

  21. haha so cute and awkward! YB and Dae seem to speak Japanese the best.

  22. ahah it looked kind of awkward xD when it was Baby’s turn to talk he just stood there looking like: ehhh what do i say!!
    Hm, is it just me or does Dae’s jap sound the most…smooth o_o and Bae’s 😀

  23. I think Seungri speaks the best Japanese. I mean, I dunno if he has a wide Jap vocab or not, but his fluency sounds the best. 2nd, Dae. Eventho Bae is suppose to be the most fluent one, but his Korean accent is very thick. Huhu

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