2NE1 will debut in a special way, ‘office in secrecy progress’


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Post taken from: elavip@soompi

~ by Momo on April 20, 2009.

19 Responses to “2NE1 will debut in a special way, ‘office in secrecy progress’”

  1. Cant wait til their debut
    Wonder what’s it gonna be like
    hum…. xD

  2. Makes me wonder…
    Ahh,It’s killing me just like waiting for JiYongie’s debut ><

  3. Lol, being unique now 😉
    I like it XD
    2NE1 Hwaiting!

  4. ohh .. :0
    btw how do they(singers) debut anyway in a normal way?
    😀 jus a bit confused!

  5. debut in secrecy?
    I am confused lol
    but on 10th may, the day of the debut
    maybe they’ll not perform on stage
    maybe they’ll sing in the air, suspended
    and so…they won’t be on stage?!?!?
    don’t mind me
    I’m dreaming with eyes open

  6. BB has a pretty unique and might i say HUGE debut (ie. the stage was massive, they had the works for their debut)…so i dont see YG doing this any differently, plus the girls are already popular with their song…this is going to be interesting, definately something to look forward too

  7. im so curious! but just like maknae asked, how do they(singers) debut in a normal way?

    man,,cant wait!!! 😀

  8. I CANT WAIT NO MORE!!!! HELP!! lol


  10. from what I hvae seen, most idols debut with a dedicated showcase (wondergirls) that debuts them as artist. then they have an official debut by appearing on one of the four music shows Mnet countdown, music core, music bank, or inkigayo within a few days after the release of their album and video.

  11. So then there is no live performances? Hummm…, what does YG have up in his selves? What is a normal promotion? Is it like in the US, just using MV to top the chart without live performance? Wouldn’t they be cheating? ok. dont mind me… i’m guessing something that would blow the crowd away.

  12. Ooh, i wonder how they are going to debut then.
    Wow i’m excited. But i can’t wait for G-Dragon’s SOLO
    either. Hrmmm alright YG Family! YG is an interesting guy.
    i cannot wait! Whooo

  13. ooooou laaa laa ~
    wonder how it will be like ..
    so effing anxious ! 10 more days til may ( :

  14. I can’t wait for it ! (: Ahhh, GD’s solo ❤

  15. supportsupportsupport!
    i will not doubt YG<3

  16. ohhh cant wait! yeahh hoping they’ll be the best rookie of 2009!

  17. very interesting, hope it’ll suprise me. waiting for it!

  18. ohhhhh of course 2NE1 it’s gonna be HOT ISSUE this year 😀 i’m sure

  19. go 2ne1!!!!

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