04.08.09 TaeYang Writing Replies to UFO Messages


YB/TaeYang Writing Replies to UFO Messages: April 8, 2009
This is a video of YB answering messages from his fans on the UFO Town site. He sort of complains how there are not many messages to answer toward the end of the video but judging from the comments left under this post on YBEffect, there are PLENTY of fans dying to get a reply from him just once:

YB says: Yes, whenever I have time, I check UFO messages from you and send replies. Mm…The key word is… “TaeYang.” Mm…“TaeYang-oppa, you look adorable in the Hite beer commercial. You’re getting hotter everyday! Oppa, hwaiting!” “Thank you. I’ll do my best.” The message has been sent! “YoungBae-oppa, this time, hide behind a closet and scare the heck out of TOP-oppa.” “Well, then Top-hyung might pass out.” Well, to be honest, it’s been a while since I visited UFO Town last time. We’ve been busy and can’t check and reply to your messages as often as we want to. We’ll try to check your messages more often to talk to you more and send more replies. Please keep sending us messages. But then now that I have made time to write replies, there are not so many messages I can write replies to. Well, this is it for today!

Translated by: pgeorgie @http://pgeorgie.blogspot.com/
Video source: UFO Town
Youtube Channel: ratoka27
Post taken from: stardaisy212


~ by Momo on April 20, 2009.

23 Responses to “04.08.09 TaeYang Writing Replies to UFO Messages”

  1. WAHHH<3

  2. waho! so cute

  3. 😦 if only i knew korean!

  4. he is such a sweetheart ❤
    gosh when does kwon jiyong ever reply to messages and being sweet??
    i’m not complaining hahaa, but i hope there’s a vid of him replying to message or something
    i like how bae read out the messages..’taeyang oppa…’
    i wanna call him taeyang oppa too ❤

  5. awww Bae is always so freaking adorable <333 and that eye smile of his that never turn off haha

    LOL. no fair xDD

  7. omg my comment got cut out or something =_____=”
    anyway. yeahhhhhh i SO wish i knew koreann >:OOOO

  8. disvantage of learning korean =/ AHH wish i learn it =/
    so cutee babee

  9. ahh Ybeffect you cant register anymore i could never register cause i used my school computer please if anyone knows the admins ask them to open back up registrationn..:)

  10. awwwww TaeYang so cute ^^ i wish to live in Korea xD

  11. i think we should have a project where we all send yg letters. make it obvious how much we wanna do that. -______-

  12. whats UFO? Sorry I’m kinda new. xD and how can you join to leave messages for YB? ❤ he’s awesome. If its just typing messages then i have a translator that can do english to korean if anyone wants me to translate their typed messages for then. 😀

  13. shandi: its where u can leave messages for big bang. unfortunately, u gotta be in korea. i think thats how it works… but yea, sucks for us :[

  14. LOL this is so cute 😀

  15. Awwwwwww.

  16. […] from:  04.08.09 TaeYang Writing Replies to UFO Messages « BIG BANG Fansite Related to UFO’s reading: Interdimensional Universe: The New Science of UFOs, Paranormal Phenomena […]

  17. im not really TY fan but more to GD and top fan but i think his side look is sooooooo hot!!

  18. me too,
    if i can speak korean..
    but i can’t,
    i love your voice
    & u have realy nice caps too
    what kind of marks do u wear ?

    Greetz Suzan

  19. Yay, many clips of Bae ! > LOL. Bae, please do that again sometime soon. XDD

  20. *got cut.* o w o;

    Bae’s looking so good.

    “YoungBae-oppa, this time, hide behind a closet and scare the heck out of TOP-oppa.” — LOL. Bae, please do that again sometime soon. XDD

  21. his smile kills me everytime!!

  22. ARGG i wish i could do that
    but im not korean saddly =[[ so i cant
    SUCKS SOO MUCH,they should really make one for international ppl
    not only in krean big in korea or japan,its really big everywere
    and most ppl understand english..it would be great if they had one
    HAHAHHA anyone know were i can give this idea too ??!!
    BAE LOOKS GREAT =) as allways…[Drools over the comp in sight of him],and i love the top thingy soo CUTEE =)

    ANYWAY whos is with me this the idea of an UFO thingy in ENGLISH
    for poeple around the world ??!!

    i belive if we get many poeple to like the idea,that maybe YG or big bang,might see that this is what there international fans what !!!! hahah and the might give it too use !!

    hahha just my idea !! please dont diss,my friend also think its a great idea..soo if you agree please say =) and if we get many ppl to agree,we can work together as big bang fans and get what wee WANT !!!! FIGHTING !!!

    i know tihs is a long commentbut stil..BIG BANG FOREVER !!!

  23. bummiebong:
    if u read from some other post on this site (i dont remember which), its not that simple to make a UFO thing. yg will do it when they can. so i think for now, we should just wait a bit. if they dont do anything, i was thinking of everyone writing in caps and really big words “get UFO in english!” or something like that, and mail it to yg. make their mailbox go BOOM w/ those letters, u know. lol. but thats only if they dont get it done after a while. i hope they will, though.

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