YG New Office Block!

[from momo]: I asked Beau/BBVIPz about this and there isnt any news yet about the completion. About the date (April 30th 2009), it was said that they “planned” to finish it by then. if there’s any new update/ more details on this, be sure to inform you guys!


Brief Translation by Beau:

  • YG is officially building a new building to move to smile.gif
  • The pictures are of the construction scene… obviously still building the building.
  • Hope they build a nice building so all the YG artists can come out with moremoremore hot albums!!!
  • The owner of the building is Yang Hyunsuk
  • 8 floor building
  • Period of construction: June 5 08 – April 30 09

Credit Pics: Daum Cafe + Bestiz ⓧ또래별뱅 + BB-Flow 구름둥 + ‘YG One Love
Post taken from: Beau@


~ by Momo on April 22, 2009.

31 Responses to “YG New Office Block!”

  1. The building looks VERY well architecturely designed.

  2. hmm…nice! 😀

  3. the buildings designs so cool xD.
    but for some reason it reminds me of seung ri when big bang was on come to play – the part where they showed a building then it said something about seung ris goal is to overcome this building. lol

  4. oh wow!! its a very nice building!! very hi-tech!!

  5. OMG! Its so cool!
    I hope big bang will enjoy it there..

  6. I totally like the building’s design^^
    so,the new one is an 8 floor building.
    how many floors does the old building has??

  7. The last time i went to Yg Ent office, 4 floor building (more or less) and Mr Yg’s office is on the 4th floor.

  8. owh,so now its doubled,hehe..
    thanx a lot for replying^^,

  9. omg .
    the building looks so sophisticated 🙂
    the design is really unique .
    i like that !
    big bang will enjoy their new building !

  10. WOW~
    That’s cool building..hahaha

  11. wow, if you think about it, bigbang might have helped a lot to build this, or at least to enable them to do it earlier than planned, with the amount of money they gain for YG.

  12. Whoa! that is one cool building, they should just paint a mural of Big Bang on one side X)

  13. wow the building looks amazing! i wonder how much of the construction came from big bang’s success..i bet a lot..xD

  14. woah! that’s one awsome lookin building…is it supposed to stand fur YG??? i can see da G…hehehe but where’s da Y??
    YG’s artists can now make more fantastic music wid da new building…

  15. Of course, even the YG building has to be the most unique of them all. Totally love it.

  16. hmm.. the building looks like D-shaped…
    izit dedicated to g-Dragon?? lol..
    neways.. the building looks cool..!!
    i like it..

  17. So going to take a picture there this summer hopefully that’s legal and I don’t go to jail I just want a picture!! LOL

  18. That looks amazing! I am impressed with the design.

  19. wow the new building looks Wicked!

  20. WOW, the building is hella cool. Love it. ^^

  21. Wow the building looks awesome!!!

  22. I am homo for Tae Yang

  23. it looks nice!!! the design is nicee. it would be cool if it was shaped like YG. i hope they will make an office in NY

  24. omgash 😀 that is one BIG BANGIN BUILDING! >;D

  25. That’s AMAZING! So … unique 😛

  26. wowww nice design 😀 the new YG building 😀

  27. ahaha looks like a cool building 😀

  28. that’s one cool design there..

  29. Mang, design-wise and very artistic!

  30. omg i love architecture and that building looks friggin awesome. totally suited for YG Entertainment. now i noe wat to look out for if i evr go to korea.
    is it complete yet?

  31. That’s nice building^^
    very comfort and large..
    happy for big bang.. XD
    Does anyone know the address?
    Thank 🙂

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