A Short TaeYang Quote from the Big Show Photo Book

note: there isnt much news about BigBang now, only a few. hence, the posting frenzy of TaeYang on certain articles/interviews which hasnt been translated before. after reading TaeYang’s interviews, i must agree that he is exactly what he is in those interviews. i met him in Bangkok (stayed at the same hotel) for the Global Warning Tour last year, he is indeed a sweetheart. really!! he would try to acknowledge the fans as often as he could. if only the bodyguards would give him a break once in a while to do so. lol.

melly: yes i am falling hard for TaeYang. GD’s lost indefinitely!! lmao


“I sing with all my heart and when I see the audience feel it too, I feel so touched I get goosebumps…To my fans, I would like to say, ‘I will work harder’, rather than to say, ‘I love you’ because I believe that sincerity has its way of getting across to touch hearts.”

Picture credit: 반짝반짝태양
Translated by: pgeorgie
Post taken from:

~ by Momo on April 23, 2009.

36 Responses to “A Short TaeYang Quote from the Big Show Photo Book”

  1. That’s a very sweet quote from Taeyang E>

  2. I love you Tae!!!!
    We know you will work hard and we love you for it!!!

  3. Aww, ‘goosebumps’. I love Bae. ^____^

    Bae, you work so hard already. ^^

    Hearing “I love you” would be nice tho. ;D ❤


  5. Oh, Taeyang. ❤

  6. Tae Yang <333 😀

  7. TaeYang = ❤

  8. aww ! i get goose bumps
    when he sings too ! 😀

  9. Aww ;D
    Taeyang works so hard already.
    Sad message, made me teary. (:

  10. damn momo you really are falling for YB

  11. LOL you heard it here guys! momo’s heart belongs to YB!
    that means, MORE G-DRAGON FOR ME!

    it’s cool. vicky has SR, you like YB, & i am the loner who’s still head-over-heels for kwon jiyong. WIN.

  12. lmao YB FTW duhh!

  13. That’s sweet!
    It’s easy to fall for YBTY!!

  14. gosh momo..
    but DONG YOUNG BAE is now my sweetheart ❤
    i know it’s all true. you can so tell his sincerity through his words
    i like how he’s always working hard, yet so down-to-earth
    he’ll always be special in my heart
    getting more and more special actually ❤
    but nothing is gonna change the fact that my heart still belongs to kwon jiyong..so much ^^

  15. ahh momo u met himmmm..IMSOOOOJEALOUSSSSSSS

  16. awww tae yang is soo sweeet! and ur soo lucky to meet him!!!

  17. i was on popseoul and on like.. page 2 it said that jiyong and jessica are rumored to be on we got married. omgg.

  18. Taeyang is perfect. ❤
    I fell for him hard. Boom! Bam! Love! LOL. GD’s is slowly stealing my heart.

  19. Momo // You met him?! Gosh, lucky girl!

    Heheehee more Bae love is fine with me. :]

  20. dong young bae<3 LOL OR TAE YANG! ;D

    ahhhhhhhh he is soooo. aos dfoadoifj you just have to love every single one of big bang. MUST ;] ♥
    ahh SO LUCKY =____________________________=” YOU MET HIM!!! Dx
    alksdjflkasd fj, i would just…idk DIEEEE to meet any one of them lol :D<33333

  21. aww tae yang so sweet~

  22. Join YB’s Birthday Project!

    ~ps. u are so incredibly lucky to have met him….

  23. YOU MET TAEYANG??!?!?!?
    So lucky! >.<
    How cute!

  24. oooooh u met him? niceee xD
    the day i meet my hubby top, i will
    be in too much awe.
    but i wanna be original, not a typical fan.
    & be like “YO!! TOPPP whaddup (;”
    ok anyways, bae is so sweet ^^

  25. thats such a sweet message from tae yang 😀
    now im just waiting for kwon leader to tell his fans the same thing “I will work harder rather than I love you” xD.

  26. wow Tae Yang he’s really sweet…and his b-day it’s coming U.U

    lol~~Momo you’re falling for TY!!!

  27. http://www.mtv.co.kr/poll/matjjang_view.php?idx=606


  28. tae yang ..
    saranghae !!!
    hahahah ..

  29. melly
    i wish u didn’t fall for
    young bae cos i’m already having a hard time trying
    to keep him for myself lol

    yes he’s a sweetheart no doubt!!
    i wonder , ji yong has always been expressive saying he loves us
    but young bae rarely [almost never said so?].
    now i understand bae ah and yes u’re right ur sincerity
    got me badddddddddddddddddddd
    i don’t think i can be okay not talking bout him in one day

  30. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    he is such a sweetheart and he touches my heart 🙂

  31. OMG oppa you don’t have to work so hard you already have my heart and my wallet!! LOL YB

  32. aww how cute he is. yeah i agree actions speak louder than words.

  33. taeyang, you make my heart jolty..hahahha
    so sweet..^^

  34. Guys..
    lets see tae yang’s twins in my blog!
    click http://www.ilani88.wordpress.com

  35. O: you met him?! lucky ;u;
    ahh, he is way sweet ;u;

  36. I LOVE YOU TAE YANG!!! <333

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