Shooting Big Bang Caffe Latte + Behind the Scene

DOWNLOAD: 04.24.09 MBC Section TV: Shooting Caffe Latte CF

Thanks to 디지뱅★님

ahh~ I love seeing them practicing just in their normal clothing, they look like just high school boys having fun by doing what they love, but in reality, they’re men who are working hard to earn (lots of) dough. I think Dae said that when they were practicing, Baby caught Dae did something wrong so Baby picked on him, Dae didn’t know what to do but accept his mistake and put his hands in the air hahah I’m really glad to see them getting closer and closer.

Look at Bong on the floor breathing and sweating………….uh…. no comment to that (think WHATEVER you wanna think) Bong said that without the hair and all the makeup, THIS is what you get from Bong haha

Bae said that Baby has been taking over the leader role of introducing Big Bang lately, haha the leader was being cool. The MC ask him if he like drinking coffee even though he’s so young, he said that he like having cinnamon in his cappuchino, hahah then Bong gotta go and put him on the spot “Do you even know what cinnamon is?” hahha

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Big Bang is Caffe Latte’s new endorser, fortunately, you don’t have to be over 21 to drink coffee, so yes the maknae is allowed to be in it this time, WHOO! Lots of people say coffee is unhealthy, BLAH BLAH BLAH, but I know I’m addicted to it and I really can’t live without coffee, haha and having the boys endorse it really hits the spot. Seriously, in that ad. they make coffee look so sexay~~ don’t they??? hahaha They already shot the CF, and it looks like they were putting on performance, then one of the member was down (Bae) then they try to cheer him up using coffee, that’s what I can tell from all the behind the scene pictures, the official CF will be release on April 30th.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

There’s also lots of “Behind the Scene” pictures for this CF, I love the one with Tabi sweating 😛 and the one with Bong feeding Baby :D. I also found these pics of Tabi looking so sexy in his reversable jacket haha I bet Tabi lovers will have some pleasure looking at these.

Caffe Latte Photoshoot

My 3 fave amigos.
I love how they all have their hands in their pocket (for some reason, I love that in a guy)

then the way Bong look at his coffee, the way Baby posed with his cup and Tabi just look intense.


Thanks to DCGD 끌림.님 & 징요가좋아요님

Behind the Scene: Caffe Latte CF


Thanks to sissy님 | 라멜님 | daum | Bigbangpop


Tabi being sexay without trying.


Thanks to odette님 +디귿님 | bigbangpop


~ by Vicky on April 24, 2009.

144 Responses to “Shooting Big Bang Caffe Latte + Behind the Scene”

  1. I wasn’t happy that our boys endorsed beer since I’m underage..but since I can drink coffee and I’m utterly addicted to it, I’m WAY happy! 😀 Because of them, I think I’m going back to bringing a bulky coffee mug to school again and drinking it alllll the time. …but I can’t see the pictures here at school…so once I see them….I’m going to die because Tabi’s looking MIGHTY FINE here in the preview. xD

  2. Tabi + wet hair = :DDDDD

  3. Holy geez, TOP looks so fine.
    I’m not too hot on coffee, but if it brings the boys, then I’m all for it.
    Yay for Ji with normal hair! I love the picture where they’re all drinking.

  4. tabi’s probably got the sexiest man legs EVAR!!! ffffffff~~~ i just…. i-i JUST!!!! rawr… sexy tabi… DAMN!! i’m sorry jiyongie baby… tabi’s just being too much of a hottie these days. but don’t worry, you’ll always be number 1 in my heart <333


  5. awe…how i lover tabii!!
    he is so cute!!


  7. That suit, that hair, his everything. WOW I think he’s beautiful.
    && OMG at naninoona, I’m glad I’m not the only who loves his legs.
    Well actually I love everything about him.

    they just make me love coffee even more 🙂
    LOL the coffee cups looks so small.
    so cute.

  9. i love gd’s hair..the color and its normalness! hes to hot for words! they make coffee actually look like it tastes good!

  10. T.O.P.<333

  11. BB makes everything sexy!!
    i love that pic of Tabi staring at the mirror! xD

  12. I am so happy to see these pics.
    The boys are so cute.
    Tae is soo amazingly sexy.
    Tabi doesn’t even have to try. ❤


  13. T.O.P. sooo good looking. Can someone just pack him up and ship him to me please?

  14. hahaha yeah send him to my house

  15. Freaking sexyyyy (:
    AHH TOP’s so fine.
    LOVE it. period.

  16. yes, definitely. 😀

  17. Oh mah gawd!!! SeungRi’s got 3 buttons off=D is he turning smexy latino or somethingXDD He looks so mature and serious:P

    thanks for these pics^^

  18. hte pic when jingyo was feeding seungri is just love 🙂

  19. u know its actually tabi feeding baby ^^… thars even cuter!! love the pix!!!!

  20. u know its actually tabi feeding baby ^^… thats even cuter!! love the pix!!!!

  21. omggg D: Vote vote vote guys. . .DBSK is winning!

  22. tiffche.
    it is gd. not tabi/top.

  23. -dies-
    daesung .. SEXY.
    just plain sexy x] ❤

  24. actually, i take that back cuz u know the pic b4 the one that has bong feeding baby (the one of tabi & baby), that pic looked like it was tabi feeding baby. srry

  25. OMG T.O.P IS SO SEXY! I swear i thought he was sucking his thumb. LOL!

  26. sweaty TOP = SEXY

  27. Wait, I thought it was confirmed that BB was going to attend and perform? Maybe I’m wrong…but if they don’t win this poll, does that mean they won’t perform? What else are they gonna do? Attend & just sit there & watch? LOL…well, I voted. =)

    Top is hot. ❤

  28. Coffee reminds me of Coffee Prince Parody….

    Big Bang endorsing coffee. what a turn on!!!
    from now on, Big Bang will always be on my mind when im having a cup of coffee 😀

  29. okay is tabi wearing bong’s blue beanie here??
    hahaha~damn our boys look good
    and bong look especially good when he’s normal
    gosh i wished he goes back to how he was
    recently, there are times that i feel like i hate bong >.<
    idk why i think so, maybe because of his hairstyles??
    also bcuz of too much bae’s stuff lately
    now i feel like i don’t like him anymore 😦
    am i wrong to think so??
    but i will always luv matter how he’d changed

    love the bong feeding baby pic too 😀
    looks like they get back together?
    hahaha cuz bong has been too sticky with dae lately
    it is so wrong xD!
    the last few pics of tabi are so LOVE.
    so fine..sexay…good looking..and i find them cuteee! LOL

  30. OMG tabi so hot ❤
    their losing to dbsk ):

  31. is it me or did JiYong grow chubbier? xD
    hes growing healthy again (:
    G D r a g o n Until Whenever ❤

  32. woah! glad to see the boys looking fresh excpet(bae)…
    GD hair turns back to “normal” ^^
    tabi looking good in the mirror XD
    i tink gt one pic whr is tabi feeding baby drink, his back don look lik was GD…hmm…

  33. GD doesn’t look skinny here.
    Oh ma gah.
    Either way he’s sexy.
    OMFG! I thought Tabi was Bong…Because of the beanie. x3

  34. theyre soo finee ! XD
    i love taeyang’s red and
    black outfit ! 🙂

  35. I love Tae Yang’s outfit it’s so effin hot
    and I love it that their doing this CF
    But isn’t Dae Sung too young to do this also

  36. omg TOP ilove him so much he is soo sexy c[X thank you so much vicky

  37. Wow, they looks so hot in the caffe latte ad! Their hairstyles and hair color really shine. Even GD’s. XD; Tehehee. I think I want him to get a haircut/hairtrim tho. ;P But the color is great.

    LMAO. Sweaty Tabi’s hair is a mess. The way he’s lying on the couch cracks me up for some reason… XD

    Aw, that’s so freakin’ cute how GD is feeding SeungRi! ❤

    Those coffee cups are so tiny.. D; I would love me some coffee right now. x]

    Oh my.. The pic of Tabi looking at the mirror… So nice. 8] Wow, the hoodie’s so colorful. ^___^ Love how it’s reversible! O:

    Thanks so much, Vicky! n___n

  38. not sure about the hat in the last picture…

  39. Gosh these pictures are making me love Tabi even more then i already did!!! Bong feeding Seungri how cute!!! I see alittle skin in one of Seungri’s picture ^ ^

  40. omgg. tabi is soo cuett! D;

  41. i meant cute ahas. (;

  42. Hey you guys should vote
    Big Bang is HELLA Losing to DBSK

  43. the last 2 pics looks so weird…

    but the sweating tabi is so hot!

    i love him in regular comfortable clothes.

  44. can i just express my great love for tabi?!?! he is sooooooooooooo hawt! and great! and ahhh! idk what to say! love u! ❤

  45. wtf?!?! y is big bang losing to dbsk by so much?!?!?!
    big bang love ftw!!!!

  46. Oh Tabiiii!
    don’t make others want uuuu! >._________________<

  47. ^my essay got erased ;P

  48. vi
    u’re killing me with that sweat pic gurl!
    i don’t / can’t exactly look at the other pic again

    but the one with him in front of the mirror is good too ^^ fufufu

  49. Sexica

    da fuch?????
    that’s messed up
    im sorry girl
    i know u have lots to say in this one

  50. >_< Big Bang is losing to DBSK……I gots nothing against them, but I think they’re only winning because they promote more in Japan than Big Bang. *sigh*

  51. Sexica

    oh my god.
    i was writing u soemthing
    and it went WHOO~ too

  52. nya


  53. LMAO!
    this always happens to me >.<
    but yeah Tabi sweating is the best view
    and that messy har ….XD

  54. Vi
    it just happened again ^

  55. sexica

    write it on wordpad first gurl~

    oh! a new 3 amigo HOT! pic

  56. My little TA-BI he is sooooooooo cute…Maybe he is most beautiful of the WORLD!!!

  57. KYAHHHH i love that mirror pic of HUBBY<3
    are they gona even go on a break? or com to US?
    like.. they’re not doing anything but preparing..
    they should giv some time devoted to us iVIPs.

  58. tiffche

    actually, the first pic is top feeding vi and then the next pic is gd feeding him lol but both pics are too cute…they definitely love the youngest even though they tease hiim all the time on tv.

  59. dbsk is also winning cuz their fan club is HUGE! I was told that some of them rent out a pc room for events like this if its a no limit one if theres a limit, they spread the word like crazy and also use multiple ids.

  60. lmfaooo either those cups are mini sized or the boys’ hands are big ;D
    G D r a g o n Until Whenever ❤

  61. Vi
    lol you’ve told me that like a thousand times
    I always forget to do it
    seriously Inhave to start doing that

    grr.dbsk winning to big bang again -___________________-”
    WHY?!?!!?!? rofll xD no offense to dbsk lovers D: but..i’m not a fan of them exactly..i mean..i guess i like their music a bit..maybe…LOL ignore me xD

    gah anyway xD my first reaction when i saw baby and bong together OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG<33333333333333333 LOL, G-RI AHHHHHHH~~~ <333333 a smile like..EXPLODED onto my face ROFL and then i covered my mouth xDD asdjflksd fj G-RI MOMENTS<3 TOO ADORABLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEe.
    alksfjd. baeee is soooooooo hotttt these days LOL i mean well he’s like..alwayyyyyyyyys hot but..yeah LOL. ahhh DAE!!! SO CUTEEE rofl.sucha big smile xD holding out that latte ;]
    AIGOO BABY<3 i’ll say no more xD
    alksjd lkdf i LOVEEEEEEE THE GROUP PICTURES WHEN THEY’RE JUST SITTING TOGETHER SOO CUTEEE<33333333 its like a high school group of bffs together<3 awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. loll<3 AGH!! just too adorable xD
    and now..i’m definitely lovingggggg bong’s hair again xDDD HIS NORMAL HAIR IS SOOO HOTTTT<3 LOL<3 it suits him..a lottttttttttt better imo than the gramma hair or einstein hair xD
    rahhr~ i loved these pics ;D

  63. jiyong looks like he got chubbier 😀
    omgosh im so happy! lol
    and i think its TOP feeding seungri right? haha

  64. ^ oh wait nvm… haha

  65. can i just say ..
    Tabi, you left me breathless.
    And GD was nice in these pics.
    Haha, finally maknae is back endorsing Coffee! XD
    I agree, i thought it was tabi in the blue beanie =/
    Aww, Tae was upset in this 😦

    LOL, Go BB!
    Not that i hate DBSK.
    Love them too, but BB is betterrr! XD

  66. love love the top picture through the mirror! so hot!

  67. my goodnesssssssss hahhahahahah. finally, normal gd is back, eventhough i love him whatever hair he put on, hahahahahhahahha, and all the boys become hotter, hotter n hotter, and maknaee, u so cuteee, i love BING banG, ,hehehehhe, need to buy coffe now at the mall

  68. Am I the only one who sees that Tabi recently gained weight especially in the thighs and butt? I pointed it out to my mom at a recent fancam and she agreed with me. I don’t know why I have an attraction to guys with big butts.(Like Dae for instance. XD) I must have a problem. lol

  69. love all pic!!!! ahhhh so hot pic of top!!!

  70. i want more news about GDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  71. lol aww how cute the big bros are feeding the maknae. in one pic theres TOP feeding seungri and in the group pic there is g-dragon feeding seungri =)

  72. yyayy!!!!finally GD is back!!!!!!
    luv him so much!!!
    he’s look so hootiiee on da ‘3 amigos’ pic….!!!!

  73. OH MY, Dae’s forearmmm! waahh~
    I love the pics! they look so cute drinking together and GD making Seungri drink lol
    I am rrreeallly loving GD’s hair at this point. And TOP sweating! so cute!



    DBSK= 89.7%
    BB = 10.3%

    LET’S KEEP VOTING GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. make ma correction here>>GD is so hot!!!
    i’m too excited bout his hair actually..!!!!
    ~GDRAGON = hottie++cuttie~

    BUT guyz..,i can’t believe that BB is losing to DBSK..
    anyway, Big Bang~>>Hwaiting!!!

  76. I lurv coffee too !!!
    My friends keep telling me it’s addictive and not good for health
    But so wad ? It’s not as bad as drugs or smoke right ?
    So I’m addicted to coffee and I lurv it, so I just continue drinking it
    More bigger reason for me to continue
    Gosh, they’re motivating me to continue my coffee addict

  77. OMG!!i LOVE the new pictures that you just added!!
    jiyong ah i mean GD totally look sexy n cute at the same time >.<
    this is not good for my heart,haha
    thanx a lot for posting this^^

  78. Top looks so cute and HOT!!
    keke i like the pci also with Ji looking into his coffee how cute hehe

  79. i Love Ji Yong’s hair!!!!
    love it love it love it!!!
    TOP is looking freaking HOT!!!
    Dae sung is a sweetheart!!
    Baby rocks!!
    Tae yang HOT too!!

    GD ❤
    so glad that his hair is like that!!

  80. I love the picture TOP is lyin’ in the sofa. Love him in that mood!

  81. OMG TOP
    coffee should not look this good.

  82. O-M-G!!! Tabi!!!! ♥♥ thanks Vicky

    i can’t wait to see the CF

  83. Hey! how do i vote! i pressed that black buttom and i get a pop up button!

  84. top oppa!!! ><

  85. more instructions on how to vote plox?
    >_< i did the black button thing
    but why are we so loow! cmon pp1~!

  86. tabi.!!!
    i love you.!
    sooo sexy+cute in front the mirror and that sweating picture.!!

  87. omg, Tabis is so hot ^^

  88. omg, Tabi is so hot ^^

  89. vote for BIG BANG!here
    and click the button under BB picture~

  90. tabi …
    u’re so mad sexy !!

  91. always love these boys esp jiyong ^__^
    T.O.P looks co calm but charismatic

  92. OMG.. I died! T.O.P looks so nice~ with wet hair.. Ahh I love him ❤ My honey xPP

  93. OMG!!!! I DIE when i see TOP. He is hawttt!!!!

  94. Top really looka nice but GD is still the best good luck guys!!!

  95. hey everybody… come one! for the vote thing, today its the last day!

    DBSK= 89.5%
    BB = 10.5%

  96. that jacket that tabi was using looked familiar… isn’t it GD’s?


  98. omg.. tabi with his wet hair FRKN HOT MANGGG!
    ahh the pic with bong,baby, and tabi together is frckn LOVE .

  99. gee.. i love coffee! i’m addicted to coffee, i’m drinking coffee 3 tyms a day!! lol… seungri, i feel guilty when i saw your pix, this latest pix.. u know i’m busy with some other guy ryt now (jpanese guy.. mem. of NewS) hehe.. but stil i cant forget you.. aigoo. just beeing you, that cute.. gahd.. lol.

    ilove bigbang foirever!! althou i’m addicted to nishikido ryo ryt now.. haha.. seungeri saranghaeeee!

  100. i love GD’s hair in this cf so cool ^^
    i love your straight hair GD

  101. GD looks really good in here! he doesn’t look so skinny anymore so that’s good! OMG TOP LOOKS AWESOME. as usual duh! haha.

  102. vi
    u added one more terrific sexy pic again!

    hubby ah~~~~~

    i must say that GD look quite delicious there too.
    they look even more delicious than the coffee

  103. YB in that hat he’s always rockin his style sexy yet urban yet perfection!! Keep it up baby your so strong I think Victor his new nickname!! lol GD yay honey hair’s sexy. Seunghyun is fine no work needed. DaeDae is Dae notrhing to say but cute and hot!!!!

  104. huwaaaaa~
    TOP so HOT!! <333
    I can’t stop Love Love Love..^^

  105. was that pic of TOP lying on the couch meant to be a posed pic or is that just our tabi being tabi.
    TOP definitely rocks the suit look, he does it best
    I like it when they are wearing their own casual clothes they look better and you clearly see all their individual styles.
    Taeyang FTW xD

  106. oh and the second coffee pic, Bae’s hair looks like its been dyed. I think he should do that like get some brown highlights would look awasome!!!

    Bong changed his hair again ?

  107. aww! it’s super super duper nice to see GD’s hair straight again. i was totally not digging the curls!
    he’s so cute feeding SR coffee. hahaha. makes me want some too.
    i love love love the pic of SR, GD, and TOP. gosh! GD can sale me coffee for sure.
    i can’t wait to see the cf. these boys are so rich!
    and DS, whaaaaaaaaaaa~ he finally trimmed his hair, this is something to celebrate about. it’s about time, his hair was too long!
    and TOP! damn that boy is super sexy! no lie! i think he’s getting to me.
    YB, is super cute~ i would never want to see him feeling down, cause he’s such a deep thinker that if he’s down, it’s super sad.
    anyways, thanks for the updates on these boys. it’s been really boring with out them.

  108. I’m so glad the gd changed his hair back to normal. hahaha

  109. godamn TOP is looking hotter than ever! The second pic is the hottest!

  110. Awww i love them in their normal cloths.Lols aww Dae & Seungri.
    Ooh G-Dragon..gawwd. fangirl mode! Dude, still cute even without
    the hair & makeup done!
    Lmao G-Dragon. ahahahaha yes i know what cinnamon is. cutee!
    Puahahahaha i love when G-Dragon spcificly picks on
    seungri/does that to him. Awww he’s cute.
    Wow, i love the hair GD =] i’m starting to like the long hair more.
    AHHHHHH* TOP! his hair is tied!!!! Ooh, i want some coffee right now.
    Ooh, ahaha in the first picture. G-Dragon looks like
    he’s about to drink some.
    AWWWWWW the ones where they are just hanging out not
    dressed and drinking coffee
    reminds me of friends just hanging out and stuff.

  111. omg, i would love to be that person wiping of GD sweats or so. lol.

  112. aww that is nice that they are letting seung ri say the “and this was.. BIG BANG!” PART AT THE END.

  113. thanks for the pics of TOP ^________^
    i def wanna go buy some of that coffee!

  114. Aww, I like them in casual clothes too. ^^

    They’re all hot and sweaty… 8D;

    Oh my.. Tabi looks cute with his glasses and his hair in a bun. ^o^ <33

    There’s so much laughter, but I don’t understand. ; 3;

    Thanks Vicky for what you translated though. ^__^

  115. Ohmygod, freaking hot behind the scenes video 🙂

  116. wow, i really like TOP’s hair in the video.
    very cute<3

  117. this is what i wanna see in bong ❤
    he looks all normal! dang
    gurl forget about what i said about hating bong
    for no reason, last night i felt like i’m still in love with him ❤

    goshhhhh bong why are you seducing me by just lying and sweating and breathing over there?!!!!
    FCUK….i was hyperventilating and breathing heavily with him at the same time
    FCUKKK i really hate myself hahaa
    gosh i’m so not over kwon jiyong yet vicky
    i still love him so muchhhh
    hahaha sorry but i just gotta confess to him here kekekeke
    and tabi tied up his hair?!!!
    so effing fine..
    and i love when he laugh
    he’ll just go ‘HAHAHA’..hahaha that’s so cuteee ❤

  118. OMGGGGGG.
    Everyone’s lookin’ good!!!
    Omg schwetty top.

  119. awwww… what happened to taeyang? ):

  120. ^____^
    SeungRi with his hair all sweaty like that and his shirt opened kinda.. Aigooo *-*
    Ahhhhh~ xDD

    And Top. My goshhh. =.=

  121. i saw on some article that there will be a broadcast on ‘I love Big Bang’ and ‘I love DBSK’ series on Mnet Japan since both are doing activities there.. is there anyway to watch the series?

  122. Awwwwhhh G-Dragon..haha
    how adorable, even with his hair all tousled and messy, he still looks hot ❤ XDD

    everybody is superbly sexy x]

  123. looks really hot with all those lights while doing sunset glow D:
    AHH tabi with that blue beanie :[

  124. I want coffee now. Mmmm..!

    Cinammon xD!!

    I love how bae looks.
    so hawt XD

    I wonder what they were saying about 21..

  125. i just love that picture how they’re all just sitting together drinking/holding the coffee. its just so cute to see them doing that. :]
    they all look hot as always XD

  126. aah yes! ~
    jiyong is so cute.
    his hair looks nice.
    gah i miss the einstein do

  127. aahh thank you so much for it! ❤

    hahaha, I don’t really like coffe, but that made me want to drink cofffe, LOL.

    They all look so awesome! No words…

    Thanks again!

  128. BAD NEWS!!!!!! WE LOST *cries*

    DBSK = 89.3%
    BIG BANG = 10.7%

    They can’t perform on VMAJ. Do you guys think they’ll attend? I mean yeah they’re invited but…they’re on their break, right?

    For me, I think it’s better if they rest. But I still want to see them alongside other foreign artist ^.^

  129. Behind the scenes!!! ♥ they look awesome On and Off Stage ♥ Tabi ♥

  130. wow..instead of drooling over Big Bang, i’ve drooled over that variety types of caffe latte held by our boys..^^’

    gosh, i only found tinned coffee in my residence…yeah, i’m a coffee addict…i’m not into Starbucks despite it being famous among Malaysians..i’m more into San Francisco Coffee..yet, a medium size of SF coffee would send me into migraine for a whole day..hahaha…talk about OD in caffeine..=D

    and Ji Yong feeding Seung Ri? kekeke..indirect kiss among i wish i was Maknae at that time!

  131. Congrats on the success of your blog! I started my WordPress blog recently so when you get the chance, I hope you take a look. Good luck in the future also!

  132. love the 10th pic of GD he is soooooooooo adorable… don’t even have a word… thanks for the pics…. you made my day

  133. hai apa kabar. salam kenal

  134. […] Shooting Big Bang Caffe Latte + Behind the Scene DOWNLOAD: 04.24.09 MBC Section TV: Shooting Caffe Latte CF […]

  135. T.O.P you look hecka fine!!! Tae Yang, sexy as ever!!!1

  136. […] : Big Bang Fansite + […]

  137. omg they all look sooo good! XD
    GD’s hair looks amazing like that. XD
    and TOP… you’re so hot. *melts*

  138. ooh tabi sporting the little half ponytail thing (i dunno what to call it) love love love it @__@

  139. Top”s new ponytail in one word: Yummy
    Looks like Bong is gaining weight in those pics, i’m happy he’s healthy.

  140. isnt that jacket (last three pics) jiyong’s?
    i saw him wear that like.. a long time ago xD

  141. Dang, my internet is gone for a few days and this is what I miss? T___T
    I spent two hours fixing our WiFi. It was totally worth it. These pictures are so hot. And I like my cappuccinos with cinnamon, too. I’m sure Seung Ri knows what it is. xD

  142. wow,Seungri and top look like model,freaking hot…
    love them alot xD
    love GD’s hair,looking hot huh..LOVE BB

  143. OMG!!!!!!!!!!


  144. do any fans lik to try it out?
    i living in singapore and at tampines one(new) B1 gt sell XD
    my fren tried it..GD flavour(white colour) its quite nice and the latte flavour will stay in ur mouth XD

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