TVXQ and Big Bang are starring Mnet JAPAN series, Broadcast in May


Popular group Dong Bang Shin Ki and Big Bang currently are doing activities for a program which will be broadcast in Japan.

Mnet Japan will broadcast series of ‘I Love TVXQ (I LOVE东方神起)’ and ‘I Love Big Bang (I LOVE BIG BANG)’.

Mnet JAPAN made statement through their official website; ” ‘I Love TVXQ’ will be aired for 6 months while ‘I Love Big Bang’ be broadcast for four months,” it said. “The series will capture variety talk show, great live shows, and ended with music videos.”

‘I Love TVXQ’ will kick off on May 12th and aired every Tuesday while ‘I Love Big Bang’ will begin broadcasting on May 18th every Monday.

Source: Star News
Trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress
Post taken from: stardaisy212@soompi


~ by Momo on April 24, 2009.

20 Responses to “TVXQ and Big Bang are starring Mnet JAPAN series, Broadcast in May”

  1. “I love Big Bang” ^^

  2. weee~
    i gotta watch this!
    can you please update us with more info
    whenever its available?
    ^^ this is so nice

    uhmm… why does DBSK have
    longer air time?

  3. how intense. bombarding the japanese entertainment world with “kpop” . i guess that means starting may. we will have new bigbang stuff every monday… dannnnggggggggg

  4. go BIG BANG go~
    I can’t wait ’bout it..
    I miss Bigbang so much..huwaaaa…
    yes, why does bigbang have short air time?XD

  5. i know right
    why shorter time? >.<”
    No fairrr!
    Hehe, can’t wait for May 18!
    Loving Mondays now!

  6. ohhhhh that’s great!!!

  7. what time it will be broadcast?? shoot! mondays?? huhuT_T..i hope it will be aired on evenings…i really want to watch itT_T…if 4 months…may-august…i have huhu!T_T…i have summer classes during MWTh…then on june…’back-to-school’…so..

    hm! but at least someone will upload and update it in youtube right?? so no worries..^^…hekhek^_^…

    thanks for the info again momo eonni^_^

  8. I’m excited to watch both Big Bang and TVXQ! ^_^
    I think the reason TVXQ has 2 months extra is because A) They’re more popular and well known in Japan than Big Bang B) TVXQ may be in Japan longer than Big Bang. I’m not sure how long Big Bang will be doing their activities in Japan

    at least, thats what I think 🙂

  9. DAMNNN.
    I can’t wait for this.
    Big Bang Shinki is always loved. ❤
    Although why do we get 2 less months?
    No fair, LOL.
    I guess it’s because DBSK has been in Japan longer.

  10. Worth to wait

  11. yay!!! Big Bang!!! DBSK!!! cant wait!!!

    BB<333 HWAITING!!! 😀

  12. aww in japaan. :[


  13. A way to stop people hating Mondays… 😀 I hope someone’s gonna sub this!!!! >_< I hope some jrocker will do a collab with them soon….

  14. I must watch this! Support both groups!! 🙂 I’m really excited for this, hopefully people will sub it.

  15. Happy birth daesung…

  16. Não existiu o big bang. O universo não se expande. Veja no Google:NOVA TEORIA DA CRIAÇÃO DO UNIVERSO.

  17. the first episode on may 18th is TAEYANG’S BIRTHDAYYY!! that’s such a cool birthday 😀 😀

  18. Ooh I wanna watch this! o: <33 …Why’s BB’s show shorter? D:

    But I still want to see this. Hopefully with subs if needed….

  19. can anyone upload it and subb it when its out? unless its out already xD
    G D r a g o n Until Whenever ❤

  20. @xarmaine – DBSK probably has longer air time since they have a larger fanbase in Japan than Big Bang.

    Anyways, I wonder if there are Eng subs of the 1st eps. I was really excited since I love both DBSK and Big Bang ^_^

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