‘Lollipop’ up #1 on charts for the 3rd consecutive week


Big Bang and 2NE1’s CM song ‘Lollipop’ up #1 on charts for the 3rd consecutive week

Without official broadcast and performance on music programmes, Big Bang and 2NE1’s collaboration CM song ‘Lollipop’ is up #1 on music charts for the 3rd consecutive week.

For the 4th week of April, ‘Lollipop’ is #1 on Mnet chart for the 3rd consecutive week. The song is up against other singers like Super Junior, Son DamBi and other junior singers. Super Junior’s ‘Sorry Sorry’ is up at #3 for the first week, but for the next 5 weeks, it stayed at #2 position. Son DamBi’s #3 for the last week. And KWill’s ‘Tears are falling’ stays at #4 position.

For After School’s comeback song ‘Diva’, it rose up 43 positions to #6 in just 2 weeks. But for the download section, ‘Lollipop’ still stayed at #1 position.

Also, Boys Over Flowers cast Lee Min Ho’s CM song ‘Extreme’ went up 40 positions to #13 in just 2 weeks.

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~ by Momo on April 25, 2009.

13 Responses to “‘Lollipop’ up #1 on charts for the 3rd consecutive week”

  1. yayy! LOLLIPOP<33333333

  2. WOW! Thats awesome!!!Great job BB and 2NE1!!

    Good job to After School and Lee Min Ho too..

    After School is gonna get some competition when 2NE1 debut in a few more weeks!!!

    2NE1 HWAITING!!!!

  3. impressive!!! CONGRATS BB & 2NE1!!!

    congrats to other artists too ^^

    yay! few more days!!! cant wait^^

  4. can’t wait till 2NE1 debut !

  5. yay! a few more days and it will be may!!! 2ne1 DEBUT!!!! finally!

  6. Big Bang’s effect for sure
    next month is their debut..hope not delay

    ps : sookyeong is not going to allkpop, Hurray!!!

  7. yayyy~~it’s so great

    i can’t wait May and 2NE1 debut 😀

  8. i can’t wait for 2ne1 to debut…
    2ne1 ftw!

  9. yaaay yaaay ~~
    that is very awesome ! : DDDD im very happy for theem , they workeed HAARD ^^ ❤

    oooh , yiieaaah , LETSGO:P<3 AND AND 2ne1 debuuut SOOOOOOOOON ! YIIIIIIESSSSSSSH <33 : D

    – Sojana.

  10. Lolli lolli (:
    Yayyyy (: Congrats for making #1 !
    YESSS almost May! Can’t wait for their debut!
    OMG I’m gonna be so happy (:

  11. WOW!! Even without performing and promotion, they’re still at number 1. I bet they’ll instantly hit number 1 upon debut 😀


  12. yeahhhhh
    go 2ne1!

  13. Congrats 2NE1. Theyre already really popular eventhough they havent debuted yet.
    2NE1 Fighting!

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