2009’s Composer Teddy Park:”From Composing, Engineering and Even Styling”


[note from Beau]: There’s a some parts mentioning TaeYang and parts about Lollipop so I’m posting it here too:)

2009’s Composer – Teddy Interview
“From Composing, Engineering and Even Styling”

(Interview from 10 asia)

Translations & Graphics: Beau
Editing: o0hockeys_angel0o

Post taken from: Beau@VIPz Overseas
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~ by Momo on April 25, 2009.

11 Responses to “2009’s Composer Teddy Park:”From Composing, Engineering and Even Styling””

  1. FIRST!
    Lol, momo you really love Tae Yang now! XD
    Thanks for this!

  2. teddy…talked about a lot of things that i couldn’t comprehend wtf
    but what i know is..he’s an amazing producer
    i didn’t know that ‘lolli-lolli lollipop boy u’re my lollipop’ has more than 12 notes??
    well..its not as if i know anything bout music production
    but to produce a good song is definitely not an easy task ^^

  3. thanks for the translation Momo ^^
    there is something that Teddy can’t do? he’s amazing *.*~~ i didn’t know about Mr. YG doing musical engineering~~wowww

  4. Teddy Park definitely is a genius in music production. The songs he has produced are really unique and the flow of it is definitely no doubt one of a kind. To have a man like him in YG, nothing could go wrong lol

  5. I love these thing that you post, but its hard to read. when ever you’re doing this, and though its pretty unqiue, please take a second look and check if the process of writing this article is well done.

  6. @thinking.likeYG:

    i’ll inform the person in charge. thanks for the comment!

  7. wow I have so much respect for Teddy! He’s responsible for so many songs I love and works so hard. I hope 1TYM comes back soon! <33

  8. my favourite YGer
    it’s awesome to know he write songs same way i do.
    teddy’s freakin awesome

  9. Teddy is awesome. To create such amazing music takes the work of a genius and I don’t think he gets the credit he deserves for the work he does. I’m really hoping 1TYM comes back with an album, they were legends and still are…..ahhh ~i love 1TYM!

  10. I also luv 1TYM. Their music is the hip hop that made it in Korean Entertainment, and made Rap and R’n’B appealing to the public. Teddy is a genius in my opinion, a really smart person and a trendsetter, as well as an eternal symbol. Good luck in the future, my dear Teddy Park!

  11. Teddy is amazing too =]
    i know he was back. Yep when i think of Lollipop
    i think of the candy & Lil Wayne’s song. Now i think
    of the candy and Big Bang & 2EN1 and colorfulness.
    WOW Teddy! some smart words of twelve notes that i
    kinda don’t comprehand. Lols. Wow i can see why Teddy
    is G-Dragon’s ‘role-model’ he’s talking smart again….
    he knows his music well. LOLS Ahahahaha oh wow. YG Family =]
    Wow they joke around like that. alrighty.
    i can’t wait for 1TYM’s comeback. it’s gonna be amazing!

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