Another Female Pop Star Confesses to a Crush on TaeYang

Trivia: (thanks to

  • a collaboration between W (Where The Story Ends) and female vocalist Whale (웨일).
  • They released their full-length project album on September 24, 2008, entitled “Hardoiled”, making some head way with the title track “R.P.G Shine”.
  • They’re a new alternative/indie movement, and their styles include indie, alternative-pop, rock, jazz and even disco.
  • M/V:



Miss Whale of W & Whale obviously said (repeatedly) that she was a fan and would like to go on a radio program with TaeYang (as guests) – “just the two of us.” They won the Electronic Album & Song of the Year awards at KMA, BTW.

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~ by Momo on April 25, 2009.

16 Responses to “Another Female Pop Star Confesses to a Crush on TaeYang”

  1. Wow… Tae Yan sunbae, so lucky lucky…
    Ehe, just the two of us, awww and wow, congrats. ^^

  2. everybody love taeyang who doesn’t!!!!????

  3. who wouldn’t hav a crush on him? 😀

  4. but still i dont want her to get him xD! -_-

  5. i heard about her a whiles ago
    i like her..i hope her wish happens shes so different if the collab some sweet music.:)

  6. her song is nice and i like her husky voice! and the MV is wacky haha, I like I like!

  7. whatttttttttttttttttt
    bae ah it’s dangerous for u to go out without me now!
    too many noonas running for u!

    omo i’m jealous . hahaha

    glad to knw bae’s fanbase is expanding though ^^

    i love him all the same no matter what hahah

  8. he’s one guy that anyone can easily have a crush on:D

  9. gosh tae yang is hot and sexy who would not . . . .

  10. Haha.
    Who wouldn’t like him?

  11. Everybody just love Taeyang… who don’t?^^

    Hey… I know Mellys living in California but for her and everybodys living there… with that damn swine flu ( or whatever the name for that… ) be careful! 68 peoples dead that enough…

  12. Awww, everyone loves TaeYang.

  13. i really like her song before..but now that i know that she likes taeyang.i might change my mind…kkkk! just kidding..
    everybody loves taeyang of cours who wouldn’t but now i’m a little worried.

  14. nice song i like the style and music ^^ lol~~another crush on TY

  15. OMG TaeYangie so popular!!! YB

  16. OMG TaeYangie so popular!!! YB

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