DaeSung’s Birthday Video Tribute by Thai VIPs


Credit: Thai VIP Sub Team
Youtube Channel: ViPThaiSuB
Post taken from: calalat@soompi


~ by Momo on April 26, 2009.

13 Responses to “DaeSung’s Birthday Video Tribute by Thai VIPs”

  1. hella cute!!

  2. omg i love the last bit
    “Keep on smiling Kang Daesung.
    As long as you can smile,
    we’ll smile beside you.
    Your smile is our precious.

    대성오빠, 생일 축하해<3

  3. ok so who noticed the pelvic thrusts?
    haha. gosh darnit jiyong lol. but daesung beat u

  4. Awwww. Kang DaeSung is thee best smily boy ever!
    Hey may be an “ugly ducking” but just like the ugly ducking
    it turned out beautiful. he’s beautiful in every way.
    LOLS i love him making eveyone smile no matter what.
    Aha he sure cracks me up. wahhh i love Family Outgoing.
    Awww sniffs* i think ima cry. i mean i’m getting a teary.
    Happy Birthday Kang Dae Sung. you are the best!
    Aha aww i saw Dae Sung playing with Ji Yong too.
    Thank you Thai VIPs. And momo.

  5. ^ LMAO. Only you would notice that right? JKJK. Cx

    … Anyways. XDD

    Wow, this video tribute is freaking amazing. The graphics are really nice too.

    Omg… lol. GD poking Dae with some drum sticks. Wth. xDD

    Aww, so many great Dae moments. I LOVE YOU DAESUNG!! ^___^

  6. ^
    My first line is to Melly. XD; <333

  7. who wouldn’t notice the dynamic thrusts?!! that was insane. fosho i replayed that part like 20x. haha

  8. very touching video! love it!

  9. awwww sweet video ♥

  10. awww that’s so sweet!! i love daesungie :]] happy birthday!!

  11. waah~ thanks for shared this OPV
    you can download this HQ ver. at our VIP THAI SUB’s forum

    ^____^ please come to visit and support us.

    Dae~ so cute

    go go Doradea~

    go go VIP.

  12. wonderful video. it showed how different and unique dae sung is. love him

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