Exceprts from Senoso: GD Talks About YoungBae

note: momo in japanese means PEACH.Therefore, I am like a peach (tree) looking only at the sun, growing everyday thanks to the sunlight..OMG..lol


[from pgeorgie]: This is my translated version of some excerpts from Big Bang’s book Senoso. The translated parts are where GD a.k.a. JiYong talks about his old friend and bandmate YB TaeYang:


“Taeyang-ee never ceases to amaze me. Off stage, he’s an innocent and quiet fella but once on stage, he is such a powerful presence and shows such impeccable performance that even I watch in awe. Sometimes I feel so proud of him I can hardly believe that he is the YoungBae I know, my practice partner for 6 years.

“When I talk about “friends,” the first person that comes to my mind of course is Taeyang. In “Real Documentary Big Bang,” we were depicted as if we were rivals and wary of each other but the truth is, Taeyang, to me, is the one person I can depend on in the whole world no matter what.

“When I push and yell at the other members, Taeyang-ee comforts them with his warm and tender smile, just like his name. But when I am down or too busy to pay attention, he takes the leader’s role for me. When I think about how I learn from him and get inspired, stimulated and comforted by him every day, I am like a sunflower looking only at the sun, growing everyday thanks to the sunlight.

“His big, generous heart and unwavering will to pursue perfection to make himself better makes me push myself to stick to the goals I set for myself in the beginning. That is why I want to stay close to him, depend on him, get inspired and stimulated by him and get better every day for the rest of my life.

“I never had the chance to say this to him before but, if I had to choose one friend I want at my deathbed, I would not hesitate to choose Taeyang. I simply cannot thank him enough.” [Translated by pgeorgie][Original text (c) YG Entertainment]

Post taken from: http://pgeorgie.blogspot.com/


~ by Momo on April 26, 2009.

64 Responses to “Exceprts from Senoso: GD Talks About YoungBae”

  1. awwwww…GDYB love..so sweet!!^^

  2. That was so beautiful
    The last quote was so touching~
    GDYB Love Is So Deep.

  3. Hey momo, i don’t want to be a stickler but i made a slight change in my translations. could you please replace this with the new one. really appreicate it. tks!

  4. awwwwwww:)

  5. AWW! omg :’) gdyb<3

  6. GDYB love !

  7. awww man i love these two so much!! <333

  8. awwww!
    the quote. <33333

  9. amazing. so amazing. awww, i really cannot wait for the summer. When Sookyeong translates the entire book. ^_^
    GDYB -gotta be the best !

  10. aw they’re so cute together ❤ ._. i almost cried at the end ._. beautiful. GDYB ❤

  11. God the last quote really make me teared!!

    Love them both!!

  12. awww.jiyong oppa is so sweet. those two are so amazing together. GDYB forever

  13. I am like a sunflower looking only at the sun, growing everyday thanks to the sunlight. <= he is so sweet.

  14. aww, i just love GDYB:)
    what can i say more
    the quote is to die for
    i just hope that they will always care and love each other

    i hope ill meet someone who can be my bestfriend and have a friend relationship like GD and YB’s

  15. GDYB = LOVE
    i’m glad that they’re both learning from each other
    bong needs to learn from bae on how to be a sweetheart ❤ haha
    but what he said about bae is sweet enough
    it shows how he treasures the friendship between them
    it’s so sweet when bong yelled at the members,
    bae will be the one to comfort them
    i can so imagine that .<
    i hope GDYB loves and cares for each other forever
    but also other members as well 🙂

  16. waaaahhh!
    so touching..
    GDYB..no doubt..<333

  17. Waahh~
    so touching..
    I loves GDYB..
    no doubt..<333

  18. OMG,that is so sweet…GDYB<3
    the last quote is sooo sweet that i almost teared up.
    i wish i could find friendship like that too.

  19. well i am the bee that lands on the sunflower, which looks up at the sun. HMPH

  20. someone to depend on
    someone that can inspired u
    someone that u need when u really really need them
    GDYB frendship 4eva

  21. ^
    Aww jiyong is sooo sweet! ^.^
    GDYB Forever!

  22. awwwww*cry*JiYong is soo nice and i cant believe he alrady talking about his deathbed!*CRY*
    i love youngbae!

  23. JiYong is so adorable *.*
    his words r so sweet n truly come from his heart. Their Friendship should be an idol for everyone else
    I love how he talks about YoungBae, his words r full of gratefullness
    Its a friendship for Life
    GDYB 4 ever ❤

  24. aww his words are so touching. if I was taeyang i’d cry. this reminds of the radio program where gd said somethin similar and started cring

  25. aww his words are so touching. if I was taeyang i’d cry. this reminds of the radio program where gd said somethin similar and started crying

  26. Deep.. very deep ^^
    Touching. Beautiful. Amazing words ^^

  27. That’s why I love YB!!!

  28. It’s always nice to have a friend like that. I’m glad that GDYB love is so sincere, it will help hold everyone together stronger.

  29. shit I’m tearing up man. Dang, that’s some sweet love between friends. ^^

  30. Awe, not THAT’S what you call a Best Friends.
    It’s so sweet.. and being able to live your dream with your closest friend, that’s so cool.

  31. Their friendship is so sweet. I have goosebump everytime I read the things GD says about Tae Yang lol

  32. Their friendship is so sweet. I have goosebump everytime I read the things GD says about Tae Yang lol

  33. they are the sweetest! Jiyong’s words about YB are always sooo…honest? WHOOTS love GDYB

  34. omg this is so touching !!!..GDYB L O V E !!!

  35. I love so much when these two are talking about each other, and this is just the cutest!!!! awwwww.. I love GD’s “if I had to choose one friend I want at my deathbed, I would not hesitate to choose Taeyang”
    they’re perfect.

  36. aww i wanna cry!
    my GD is so sweet!
    this is the best friendship forever!


  37. GD’s the best leader luv him even more… awwww soooo adorable i got a teary eyez… wish the best things to them and hope their friendship will be everlasting… Love love love…

  38. oh my god GD, you ‘re so sweet, after reading this i feel so touching T-T. Love you GD&YB.

  39. this is sooooo sweet….
    gosh how i love GDYB….they need have a show or something on best friends and GDYB need to be on it……their friendship is so pure and so innocent. The last line just killed me, GD really really values Bae’s friendship and I know GD doesn’t really care what other people think but I’m sure what matters to him the most is Bae’s opinion. Man, this is making me teary…I LOVE GDYB!

  40. The last quote. awe I tired up
    Thats how much I love you boy
    GDYB is LOVE

  41. OH MY GOD.
    GDYB <333333

  42. awww GDYB <33333 how cute..the last [art really made me love GD and YB more…

  43. That is like the sweetest thing ever! ❤

  44. Senoso? What is senoso?


  46. Awwww, Lmao i like his metaphor/simile.
    Awwww i love GDYB! I love their friendship so much.
    Yes i am jealous but not even that much b/c it’s so
    cute and stuff. i wonder if they say this to each
    other like face-to-face in real life.

  47. That’s sweet.
    But all I have to say is… WHAT HAPPENED TO MAKNAE!?

  48. Aww~ Momo how can you not fall in love with GD anymore?
    The quote was amazing <33

  49. OMG!! i wish i had such friends…They must be really close to each other and they understand each other!
    OMG, i feel so jealous…but to see my hubby Taeyang taking care of of everyone, i feel soo proud of him ^^

  50. so proud of them both that they surpass hardship together and and now experience the fruit of their labor together.
    GDYB for the win!

  51. awww ! how sweet !!!! :*)

  52. awww that was so touching and heart-warming and I could feel their love and understanding for each other! I wish I had friends and a friendship like G-Dragon’s and Tae Yang’s! I love both of them more and I love Tae Yang now even more than before because of his leadership and how he takes care of everyone <3333

  53. awww~ perfect example of true frds =] <3333

  54. awww! that was one of the sweetest things ive ever heard from jiyong! (:
    they truly are meant for each other (as friends lol)

  55. momo. do you have a crush on sol? who was ur crush before him? just curious. i find top(gorgeous eyes btw) and tae yang very attractive but i just like tae yang more cuz of his dancing skills, his voice and how caring he seems towards others.oh and cuz of his smiling eyes hehe

  56. @vannie:

    before TaeYang, i was “unconditionally and irrevocably in love with” GD.

  57. WOWWWW GDYB For life!!!!

  58. wow! what a touching story it is*sniff*sniff*
    i can imagine GD scolding and TY comforting them(mother of Bigbang)
    hahas :]
    ~4eva GDYB~<3

  59. Aah the 2 buddies, GDYB love all over again ~

  60. Hahaha that metaphor… Momo, you’re so cute. xD And GD too. ;]

    GD’s really wonderful in these excerpts and Bae is simply amazing. Love these dudes. ^^

    And wow, the last line…. Very touching. ^o^

  61. Oh, dang, can’t believe I haven’t read this yet. I absolutely loved the very last part. GDYB ❤

  62. so sweet!!!!!!!!

    love both of them !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. I’m refraining from bawling my eyes out. this was just too precious. my gawd.

  64. n____n Oh, I hope they can be together forever! It’s really lovely that they are such good friends!<33

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