[Public Awareness] Swine Flu Outbreak!!


To VIPs staying in the USA/Mexico especially, i saw it on CNN and it’s getting serious as it has killed a large number of people in Mexico and continues to affect other states/countries.

If there’s a sign of ” having a slight flu”, please go to your nearest doctor for check up. Prevention is better than cure.

Q What are the symptoms of swine flu?

A: Similar to ordinary human flu – cough, sudden fever, headache, muscle pains. In severe cases, it may lead to pneumonia, multi-organ failure, and death. The incubation period for ordinary human flu is two to five days.
*credit. theindepent.co.uk

For more info, go to:

#melly and vicky: you two take care!!!


~ by Momo on April 26, 2009.

21 Responses to “[Public Awareness] Swine Flu Outbreak!!”

  1. what is a SWINE flu exactly???

  2. @love&peace :

    you can read more about this at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swine_flu

  3. VIPs in the USA and Mexico
    you guys take care 🙂 over there
    you must stay fit and healthy so that
    one day when Big Bang does decide to tour there
    you guys will be fit enough to attend the concert XD
    *that was my message of hope*

  4. ughh great
    more stuff for me to worry about haha

  5. “Confirmed 7 people in Cali”

    T___T Lucky me.

  6. OMG! thanks for the heads up momo! I dont really watch news so I havo no idea about this. actually I do have a slight flu right now and it started last friday! the thing is I have not had flu for 3 years now so im really surprise that i have it now especially when its not even chilly in cali that much now because summer is coming up. I better get a check up. is there any other symptoms?..thank you very much. im scared now 😦

  7. >.< yeah i heard bout it, and i think i might have it too, i got a cold and a sore throat…i think imma get taht check up

  8. MY IVIPS FAMILY please be careful..ok!!!! MELLY!!!!!

  9. lol i will! thanks for looking out. i’m staying away from sick ppl, no offense to the sick ppl

  10. it’s also been reported in CANADA as well. fyi.

  11. @ wonder jay; thanx yahh!!
    >.< i live in mexico
    gosh this situation is so bad!
    take care all VIPZ!
    in america & mexico fo’sho!

  12. to the IVIP family, TAKE CARE. stay safe and keep healthy

  13. ohhh that’s why my friend in Mexico is staying at home T.T ohhh i hope the flu don’t get me T.T i live in Perú

  14. Omfg, this is the freakin’ worst.
    A bunch of people I know just came back from Cancun for spring break.
    And we’re all like “Omfg, d o you have swine flu?”
    OH GOD.

  15. swine flu touch Canada yesterday i guess cause they talk about that in the new and… New Zeland have 2 cases…Just hope everythings gonna be alright soon especially in august i don’t want miss my trip in Japan XD

  16. Aww, i hope no one got sick!

  17. this has lots of helpful info about the flu


    my parents are already going crazy over it during dinner

  18. Oh so nice of you to post this, I guess the situation is getting really bad, I live in Mexico but in an area where the disease hasn’t spread yet, there are alot of areas where classes are suspended as well as public events, so everyone is locked at home, evryone is so scared, including me.

    I hope it all ends soon.

  19. I’m from mexico and i gotta said that I got swine flu T_T is horrible really but i wont’t die ^^ even though, i cant’t go out of my house for 2 weeks T_T

  20. @ Nataly
    glad that at least one person appreciates my message of hope. lol 😀

    i live in sydney, australia and our government is taking measures to ensure that the disease doesnt spread here. theyve set up special cameras at our international airports that detects bacteria on the surface and apparently if you do have the swine flu, the special camera will detect it. Cool yeah??

  21. VIPS, stay healthy, check up your sicknesses if yur sick~
    Just imagine Seungri the doctor checking up on yu and TOP checking any symptoms~ etc.
    wonder_jay reply;
    yerh im australia too, they’re doing so much its compliacated,

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