04.27.09 Shooting Caffe Latte CF | 04.26.09 Hite Concert Stalker Pics

[DOWNLOAD] 04.27.09 Shooting Caffe Latte CF on Mnet WideNews

Thanks to S님

Even though they’re taking a so called “break” right now, all of them have such bad dark circles it’s heart breaking. Bong talked about how sorry he is that the activities are delayed and thanked the fans for supporting them by doing a cute little hand/head movement, aw….. Bong ah~ full of sunshine. On the other hand, Baby likes it when you compliment his VJ skills hahah THUMB UP! Baby tried his VJ skills on the MC, asking something about Wolly that suppose to be a secret, then Bong was like “please don’t air this” haha but Baby is still proud of himself.

Dae is talking about Tabi again, with how he put his finger in his…………. belly button? haha Tabi look like one of those kungfu dudes in the acient chinese drama, haha with the ponytail and ninja skills to kick your butt kkakka

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
On Dae’s Birthday, April 26th, it was also the day of Big Bang’s Hite Concert, so Dae celebrated his birthday with the members and all the fans who attended that day. Dae was caught wearing the gag glasses that make him ever more adorable than he already is and the halo that make him look so innocent (and somewhat disturbingly cute) Happy BirthDAE!!! When you look at the pics you can see how extra hyper Bae is that day, he was sassing it up, haha I love it when he curls his lips, Baby even did a handstand to celebrate, while Bong did the ‘pony tail’ hair again, channeling his punk side.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Tabi also revealed his new hair, the hair that he currently have for his drama “IRIS”. In this drama, he is the cold blooded assassinator named Vick (… I love that name haha) And seriously, this is my favorite hair on him.. EVER! His sexy self shaving his own head looking at the dirty mirror in HELLO MV cant even compared.

So Tabi’s new hair:


This is only a portion of the stalker pics, there are TOO MUCH, zipped it up for you 🙂


04.26.09 Hite Concert Stalker Pics

Tabi’s new hair

Sassin’ it up!

Handstand FTW!

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~ by Vicky on April 27, 2009.

118 Responses to “04.27.09 Shooting Caffe Latte CF | 04.26.09 Hite Concert Stalker Pics”

  1. AHHH. Happy birthday to Daesung^^ hehe.
    Taeyang’s picture xD yee.

  2. haha love taeyang’s picture with the attitude lips.
    and the one after that, looks like his crotch is on fire O_O

  3. AHAHAHAHHAHAAAHHAHA the 2nd pic op taeyang looks weird HAHAHAHAHAHA XDDD <333

  4. TOP sure looks hotter with that hair!! ❤

  5. Tabi’s hair is adorable! so is GD’s LOL. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAESUNG!! i know randomm. -.-

  6. Holy, Mama! They look so adorable in these pictures. I would have downloaded all the pictures, but I have no common sense when it comes to technology.

    Gdragons hair looks better on him that day too.
    Shit, any kind of hairstyle will look sexy on TOP.
    Lol “at the crotch on fire…”. Teayang doing lip action made my day. Seungri, boy you sure look excited.
    Daesung…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

  7. kooperz001

    i didn’t get what was so funny with Bae’s 2nd pic
    so i was confused with everyone
    but then you point it out hhahaha


    i seriously just LAUGHED OUT OF MY NOSE hahaha

  8. they all looked hot!!!!
    GD i miss u a lot..love everthin about u

  9. oh yeah i love it when GD is licking his lips.
    and Tabi’s Iris ‘do is hot!


  11. DAMN! TABI’S SEX HAIR *__________* oh gawd : major nosebleed :…LOL AT BEBE’S CROTCH ON FIRE! BWHAHAHAHA


  13. aw that’s great that Dae got to spent his birthday with his fellow members and the fans…hahaha super cute with the halo and gag shade Dae lol..Bae still looking ever so hot..Yongie seriously I think he look good no matter what…Baby doing the hand stand was cute =] OKAY! TOP super SEXY~loving the hair..he’s totally working it…

  14. SR looks SUPER HAPPY for daesung’s Bday

  15. Dae looks totally cute with the halo. The gag glasses… not so much. >w<

    Thanks for the vip file, Vicky! ^^

    Ooh Dae’s hair is getting so long too. o:

    LMAO@’Sassin’ it up!’ …I see what you mean. Bae and his curled lips = so hot. XD And wow, that picture of him with the flames is really cool [ har har ] except for the fact the flames look like it’s coming from his crotch. ROFLMAO.

    GD does like a lil rock/punk-ish. He doesn’t look bad with the half ponytail look minus the glasses though.

    Awww.. SeungRi’s pic with the big smile = adorable! ❤ HANDSTAND?! GO SEUNGRI! :]

  16. TABI’S HAIR IS SO MOFKN SMEXYY. rugged, husky.. definetly fits him. i love the ironic situation happenin on the second pic of taeyang. XD Dae be looken extra smexy these days!hahaa GD be looken fly as always. x3 wahaha. mmm. gotta love me some SEUNGRIIIII. <33

  17. Got cut: I like Dae’s own eyes better than the glasses. ;]

    Ohhh this is Tabi’s best hairstyle! The sexiest he’s looked. Loving the long locks. ^__^ Don’t change it plz. I didn’t like the days where he had his hair very short. >w<

  18. hot

  19. HOTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
    oh, how hubby top melts me<3
    too effing sexy xD i agree, it is the shexiest ~
    &bong’s hair isnt…that bad…not compared to the perm

  20. OMG TOP looks SO HOT
    mmm the hair makes him look so… rugged… and hot haha
    hmm this hairstyle is a close 2nd to the sunset glow hair (i love that one XD)
    haha dae looks so cute and excited!!

  21. this time BONG looks HOT!!!!
    with nice clothes
    cuz i seriously don’t adore the snake skin skinnies that he wore the other day
    bong ahh~ i miss him too much

    lol at bae’s lips..
    mmm juicy juicy and looks yummy~~
    hahaha oh gosh cheating on bong again >.<

    and what was u trying to ask gurl?
    do i even need to mention that TABI looks hot no matter how his hair is???
    but seriously, this hairstyle suits him alot
    and make him even hotter than last time

    and OHHH i freaking lap the smiling pic of baby!!!
    just gotta love that tooth of his for no reason
    hahaha it’s too freaking adorable
    baby your handstand FTW!!!

    Love ya ❤

  22. Aww LOLS DAE SUNG! oh yeahhh, Happy Birthday Dae Sung!!
    Ooh damnn yeah he does look hot in it. I Agree. Best
    hair on TOP. G-Dragon. gosher, i give up. He looks cute
    in his hair style. I LOVE THE PICTURES!
    OOh that means in Iris, even if he plays the bad guy, he’s still
    gonna be lookin` hott! =]
    AHAHa, that’s so funny how his name is Vick in there.
    Vicky, you you are really lucky! VI, vick, lots of BB stuff.
    Aww Thank You. ima download =]

  23. BTW, G-Dragon didn’t look that happy….why?
    awwww either he’s tired or sad b/c his solo album is gonna
    get delayed. ugh, CHEER UP! it’s Dae’s BDay & the Hite Concert.
    Ahhh* Seungri did his hand stand. Every member is hot!

  24. Vi
    HAHAHA the first thing I noticed is ToDae!!!
    Oh, so adorable. It’s Dae’s bday, of course Tabi will be by his side ^^

    LOL, what a coincidence, Vick,
    Bet u fly to 7th heaven gurl

    HOT!! Of course it’s hot!
    I can’t even compare those two. It’s hot.
    When I look at Tabi’s pic, the song ‘So Hot’ playing at my head.
    Ah~~~ I should borrow Mc Donald motto, I’M LOVIN’ IT! :X
    What a cold assassinator he is, he kills all girls heart with just one blow, no matter how far the girls are. Tabi…

    I love Dae’s 2nd pic. haha
    He looks so cute. He doesn’t ever think about his image as a idol.
    Especially the gag glasses. Hahaha

    Kakaka yup, crotch on fire. Hahaha
    What a bunch of naughty gulrs we are. 😀

    Ok now, I’m not that hyper if Bong stick with this hairstyle,
    It make him looks skinnier & older.
    I love the cute Bong

    But I like Baby hairstyle. Hehe
    He looks fine with it.
    Baby handstand remind me of dirty cash MV. Gonna watch it again.

  25. kooperz001

    “at the crotch on fire…”
    i love that phrase. good job. hehe :X

  26. btw vi,
    what reaction will Kenley do when she look at Bae’s crotch on fire? hahaha
    i’m evil & i’m enjoying it. keke

  27. i just noticed
    youngbaes crotch looks like its on fire…

  28. hahaha 2nd pic of Taeyang… Tabi’s hair tooo hot. I want GD back T_T. Seungri so cute. HAPPY BIRTHDAE DAESUNGGGGG

  29. happy 20th dae!!
    he looks dorky and adorable with those glasses! and todae love! gahh so cute!
    thanks for zipping it all up vicky!
    i was looking at the pictures in the zipped file.theres one picture of tabi wearing his beanie,shades and his scarf.then the next picture he took off his scarf,and the next picture he took off his beanie and shades.hahah like he’s gradually taking off what hes wearing.gahahah maybe i shouldnt even continue to say what i was thinking.LOL!!

    on a less perverted note,
    GRI pictures were the cutest! bong resting his elbows on baby’s back.how loving is that.hahaha.

    i love love bae’s first picture!he’s lookin mighty fine! esp with those lips. XD
    i love tabi’s new hair even moreeee.and his 2nd picture up there has gottt to be the hottest.kekeke!

  30. my boyfriends are so HOT!!! TOP HOT…total hotness my yongbae too and gd hahaaha he is getting into my system now..dae dae HAppy birthday..so cute…and maknae’s dancing skills always surprise me…
    can’t wait to see IRIS!! love him more more!


  31. Damn! Tabi’s lookin so much hotter these days (not that he ever wasn’t hot), and with that new IRIS haircut, it’s lyk cake. xD

    Taeyang cracks me up!

  32. Top’s hair is sexxxxxxxxxxxy!

  33. xD Daesungie happy birthday!!! (for realz this time here in US) And you are so effing cute with those glasses and halo!!! Plus, GD’s hair is really growing on me now that everything’s HQ and he’s not wearing those glasses. (still…for his hair to grow so fast. >_<) And OMG. Tabi’s hair….HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT. Even hotter than Youngbae oppa’s fiery crotch. 😀

  34. Every one of them is like totally s-e-x-y. XD

  35. And then he has to do this sexy hair flip…DAMN YOU TABI. >_< (Aha…Tabi so isn’t a sexy name…it’s so teddy bear like. But that’s him for ya~)

  36. every1 looked hooooT!!!!
    thanks vicky..vicky you are very lucky…VI and Vick…i am so jealous..hehehe

  37. definitely hot. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAEEE XDDD

    aaaah hehee

  38. -Tabi’s Hair Is Definitely SEXY<3


    -Ji looks EFFIN HOT!
    i have no words for him
    Maybe it’s just cuz i’m so biased
    but DAMN he is friggin hot.
    Gotta love him~

  39. ouuu besday daesung!!!! happy besday 2 u!!!

  40. Tabi is hot. But YB with the firecrotch is hilarious.

  41. I didn’t know it was possible for tabi to get even hotter, especially that much. oh man am i glad i was wrong.

  42. OMG TOP IS HOT!!! HOTTER THAN “FIRECROTCH” BAE!!!! (Sorry Bae-Lovers) He has the kind of face that can rock any hairstyle, I reckon…

  43. hot??

    hyper hot!!
    gosh! he’s i dont know!!!
    i can’t think hahaha

  44. Tabi’s new hair=definitely hot.
    I laughed so hard at Taeyang’s crotch on fire.
    Great pictures xD

    and happy birthday, Daesung! xDD

  45. Hotness overload!!
    All of them are looking mighty fine and HOT

  46. TABI’s NEW HAIR LOOKS FUCKING HOT!!!! >.<!! yay DaeDae~ah ^^
    lmao at the YB piccie with the fire xDD -looks like its coming out from his crotch haha xDDD

  47. totally freaking good lookingggggg, hahahhahahhah ASDWSQESQAdass !!$$^$%#@! ohhh my godd, they were so happy together, and its like all my bff there taking pic on my best freind’s bufdayyy, ahhahahahahaha, dont mind the imagination, baee, luv u, ji young u were so hot uuu

  48. hair= hot.
    i like his new hair style better than that fudge-ie looking
    swirl before. 😡
    sorry oppa, but you’re working this due better
    than all your other ones i think. 😀

  49. omg tae is so sexy

  50. TOP. so. hot. O.O

  51. AAAwww,I’m late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our smiling sun DAE SUNG AH!!! HWAITING!!!!
    And OMG Bong looks so cute with that long hair,Tabi’s hair is great too…they all look so handsome.

  52. OMG!!! TOP wif dat hair is seriously HOT!!!
    i was drooling all over da place…
    aww… i kept changing favorites bcoz of dis site…

  53. omggg TOP is so HOT T.T <3333 love his new hairstyle!!!
    thanks for the file Vicky *.*

  54. AHHAHAH 😀 they all look so happy! TABI IS HAWT MAAN



    If not favorite it’s DEFINITELY one of my FAVSS



  56. Tabi’s hair hot???…pshhh
    he looks delicious!!!
    Gosh especially with the hat and those HUGE rings
    Dang my man’s got style >.______<
    what about changing the name to Jess or Jessie ;P
    (or not it those names sound kinda lame XD)
    iris better come out soon

  57. part handstand? XD


    seungri’s smile 😀
    taeyang curling his lips 😀
    i dont mind much of GD tying his hair up anymore lol.

    happy birthdaeeeee!
    ^(that’s genius)

  58. lol the picture of YB looks like the flames coming out of his crotch lol

  59. TOP. HOT. *faints*

  60. Tks 4 share

  61. TOP is too HOT!!! A lot of ppl don’t like GD’s tied up hair but I think it looks so natural on him! Its just hair band and tie up.

  62. Top’s hair is the definition of sex 0.0
    is it just me or is bae’s crotch on fire? i know he’s hot and all lol but flaming crotch!?!? wow…

  63. lookin good tabi.. looking good (Y)

  64. ok i just died!!
    TOP’s hair is freakin HOT!!!
    Thanks for sharing guys!!

    TOP’s hair is HOT!! ❤ *nosebleed*
    I loves all the pics..
    happy birthday kang daesung..
    he know how to making us laugh..daedae’s glasses so funny..LOL
    GD’s hair..omona~ his really look alike jihoo..XDDD

  66. first of all …happy bday daesung

    super cute with gag glasess

    second…..lets talk about hot and sex now
    omg …top looks sooo sexy and amazing ..his hair ..his clothes ..every thing
    and gd .. wow ..really make me look at him diffrentely
    he looks simply and just wake up and coming to concert like this without any makeup …tooo sexy

    bae 2nd pic ..haha iwanna some of your fire

  67. awww man. they’re so hot.


  68. […] bb fansite […]

  69. HOT HOT HOT!~ ^^

  70. TOP’s Hair is so HOT ! The best ever !
    he should stick with it
    Makes him look sexay !

  71. OMG !!!
    Tabi’s new hair it’s so hot
    He’s so sexy with that hair
    love it so much !!!!

  72. Yes VERY hot 😉 ❤
    Its my favorite hair style!

  73. TOP’s hair is hot. I agree with the term SmexHair, as it should be referred to from now on. BTW the lil pony looks good on GD.

    Happy b-Day Dae. I know you’ll be getting a call from your Dumb Hyung making maknae even more jealous, and maybe from Hyori too makin TOP jealous.

  74. TOP’s hair is DEFFINATELY HOT! so hot.
    Happy Birthdae dae-babe<3

  75. omo. TOPs new hairstyle is absolutely HOT.
    I do really like it.
    it looks so ‘bad boy like’
    & somehow innocent at the same time.

    thanks to Vicky for the zip. ;D

  76. IDK about the faces TaeYang is making but he’s looks soooo freaking sexy.!!! OMG Dae Dae oppa happy birthday!!!! LAte

  77. happy belated birthday Dae Sungiee, and yes TOP’s hair is SEXY and HOT.
    woo Big Bang. Aja aja Fighting!! ;]


  79. Tabi’s hair is kinda hot. No doubt! He is already mine <333333

  80. ok so i’ve learned to love GD’s hair :]

  81. ahhhh bong doesn’t look so bad with that hair he acutally looks like my best friend—my bestfriend’s a girl—lol
    tabi hair is total hotness
    happy birthaday t o our dae dae

  82. . belated bday daesungie <33
    and LOL .. i noticed fire coming out of yb’s crotch :]
    and my Tabi looks HOT HOT HOT as heellll KOSJIUY&%@@V 😀

  83. Tabi’s hair… killed meXDDD GD.. he’s so cute like this!! they are all black and he’s there with some orange-white jacket: leadah must be different I guess^^ Taeyang’s second pic looks loke he’s on fireXDDDDD Baby is just adorable, like always:P and Dae… he really looks happy^^

  84. hehehe.. 🙂 i love the
    picturess ! especially
    taeyangss ! 😀 and tops
    hair is hot ! 😀

  85. […] 04.27.09 Shooting Caffe Latte CF | 04.26.09 Hite Concert Stalker Pics [DOWNLOAD] 04.27.09 Shooting Caffe Latte CF on Mnet WideNews […]

  86. OMG that looks like a yummyyummy cake!
    ROFL happy birthDAE! that is so cool ;]
    lol. NICE SHADES DAE! AHH so adorable (:

  87. goshh!!
    bong ah~i love you..you’re my sunshine and i wanna be your sunflower
    hahahahaaaa gosh i’m fully utilizing of what he said about baee lol

    and is it just me or baby is somehow different after his solo activities?
    idk..he’s so much hotter
    and he portrays hotness and cuteness at the same time
    gosh i usually don’t like baby with fringe
    but now his hair looks good o___O
    i find myself eyeing on baby hahaha~

    and Tabi LOOKS HELLA FINE omg
    i think he gained some weight
    he looks somehow..more buff LOL
    making him looks fine in those clothes
    and i like his kungfu-ninja-dude hairstyle!!
    and he’s too cute when he laughs
    *shyness* and then he goes ‘hahaha..’

    and extreme LOL @ ‘crotch on fire’

  88. TOP’s hair is so effin sexy. can he get any hotter, this boy ceases to amaze me…..

  89. omgomgomg
    kay so:
    1) i think this is the best jiyongies hair is going to get for a while. hahah i love him but his hair choices are sometimes questionable.
    2) TOP’s new hair = STRAIGHT UP SEXY. no debate there.
    3) who else loves the picture of Bae basically straddling some flames? hahahah. i don’t even know how that would work, but he’s channeling his inner fire-crotch hehe

  90. oh my god i love top’s new hair its so freaking sexyyyyy! lol ty was probably really in the mood that night. baby with the handstand… wtf?! LOL i ❤ them sooo much 🙂

    they all look so amazing ;] i somehow miss them..

  92. ❤ TOP’s hairr!! GAAAH
    ❤ TY’s lips xD
    ❤ SR’s cute smile~ :]
    ❤ GD… yeah. My love is unconditional when it comes to JiYong~ xD
    & Happy Birthday DS!! 😀

  93. btw, is our BABY STARTING TO LOOK MORE LIKE HE WAS BACK IN THE DAYS? ROFL i mean he’s becoming less “strong baby mannn” and more..”original baby before strong baby”? LOLL if i make sense xD anyway, to me he does and idc however he is but i’m excited he kinda looks more..”BABY” LOL<3333333 i love you baby 😀 rofl<333
    he’s evern wayy more adorable nowww. he gets cuter whenever i see him. like a breath of fresh air LOLL OKAY. i’ll stop with my corniness xDDD

  94. Awwww, DaeSUnggieee =) BIRTHDAY PARRTAYYY!
    Thats what I’m talking about! Hopefully
    he had LOTS AND LOTS of fun & rest ❤
    is SEXXXXXXYYYY! SO IN LOVEEE <333333333

  95. top’s hair says–> “i just had sex…….” LOOLLLL!! keep it tabi. unless you find other ways to make your hair say that. hehe^^ srsly tho. it’s so lazy and messy and manly it’s irresistable~~

    and bongie is undeniably sexy this time. i admit, i was iffy when i first saw the half tied up and ajumma look. but NOW! omo!! he just found a way to make it fly baby!

    the curls are looser and more wavy than curly and it looks absolutely gorgeous!! even his tied up hair looks effortless. very, “i just woke up” and sexy and i am just eating it up….!!! i like it! i am definitely loving it. it’s putting really embaressing thoughts in my head about bongie… ^//////^

    so the conclusion is, whenever he changes his hair, wait a bit and you will see gorgeous results! hahaha^^ bongie i love you!!! saranghae<33


  96. Ooh thanks for the vid! LOL… GD’s so cute with his head on his hands, nodding left and right. xD

    I didn’t think this Caffe Latte CF would also feature a BB mini concert show….

    Ohmygoodness, Tabi’s laugh = so cute. And he looks so hot with that hair and glasses. 8D I don’t even know what Dae was doing.. xD;

  97. I love TOP’s and GD’s new hair it looks super HOT!!!!!!!!

  98. […]  04.27.09 Shooting Caffe Latte CF | 04.26.09 Hite Concert Stalker Pics [DOWNLOAD] 04.27.09 Shooting Caffe Latte CF on Mnet WideNews Thanks to S님 Even though they’re taking a so […] […]

  99. Hi VICKY!!

    I thought I’d share this allkpop article with you guys ;D



  101. top’s hair is definitely hot. it is probably one of my favorites!

  102. something tells me yongyong’s up to something something thats why he’s growing out his haaaaaaaiiiir :3

  103. Tabi is always HOT, yeah liking the new cool hair

    fire crotch XD
    daesungieeeee so cute, hope he had an awsome bday yeiiii
    ah loving Top with that hat on
    and I like GD’s hair do
    zip file wiiiiiiiiii

  104. Has anyone seen this yet?? its the filipino prison mates dancing Lies and Tell Me

  105. semua sangat smart.!

  106. awwww.sugoiii!
    How i love these boys.
    i hope they do indeed get to rest well during their break. (hopefully more so when they go to the US)

    Vicky thanks for uploading hon. & as usual, your more information section was very appreciated.
    Dont know what we’d do without ya girl! ^_^

  107. bongie why are you so freaking adorable. I loved the interview when it was him and baby on the side and he has his head on his hands and going back and forth. >.< too cute!

  108. (my very first comment)
    happy belated b-day to daesung (my b-day also d smme day)
    and i luvvvvvvvvvv TOP’s hair

  109. Aww i’m sad to G-Dragon. gahhh why?!
    What?! they are suppose to be taking a break! wahh, they look
    so tired too. they aren’t hyper and stuff =[
    Awww GD, Ahhh* CUTEEE! his hand/head movement is so cutee!
    Lmao, Seungri is cute. Hahahaha G-Dragon. i love their relationship!
    Ehhh TOP….uhm alrighty.

  110. are you kidding me ?
    what kinda question is that?
    hot or not?
    have you even looked at the guy its like 100 degree just loookn at him and
    i – am – MELTING
    woo ee it is HOT HOT HOT

  111. TOP’s hair is hot (obviously) but I’m too distracted by GD’s. I love the ponytail. I tie my hair like that all the time but it never looks that great.

  112. hey guys Help Me!!! Did TOP get a cosmetic surgery? or not

  113. they’re so hot oh mah gah top saranghaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  114. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DAE SUNG!!!!!!!!!!!!

    TOP NEW HAIR SO SEXY!!!!!!!!!

  115. HAPPY BIRTHdae (:
    i love top’s new hair. sexy sexy ;DDD
    personally, i think GDs hair actually looks
    good. :DD i like it better than the huge
    permed frizz one xDD

    BIG BANG ❤

  116. SeungRi + Handstand = Bboy VI. xD
    Ahh SeungRi is awesome.
    And Top new hair. *-*
    Aiii To goood. =.=

  117. Wow. Top is so pale on the shooting vid.
    Top’s new hair is freakin’ awesome. ❤

  118. im totally loving TOPs new hairstyle too. its so slick
    haha gd looks so girly. he pulls it off too. xD
    daesung looks adorable as usual of course

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