02.02.09 BANGS Cyworld Interview Subbed


Translator: Beau
Editor/Typesetter/Encoder: o0hockeys_angel0o
Timer: zoby
Q.C.: JULiE`
Raw Provider: mooncake

Credit: YG One Love @ http://ygonelove.wordpress.com/
Post taken from: Beau@ VIPz Overseas


~ by Momo on April 28, 2009.

15 Responses to “02.02.09 BANGS Cyworld Interview Subbed”

  1. сануу монголоос мэндчилж байна

  2. it’s so cool hi all. i an mongolian . do you now . big bang is amazing i love it
    g-dragon is number 1

  3. what’s their official BLog address?…

  4. the Báng blog…what ??? it’s truth

  5. ahhh, adorable.

  6. what is seungri standing on? why does TOP look so short next to him xD

  7. ^LMAO. I replayed the video and I see what you mean. XDDD

    Hahaha, I just noticed Tabi yawning… then trying to end it as a non-yawn type thing, but he failed. So cute. XD

  8. hahaha TOP is yawning and tries to hide it.
    very cute.

  9. I love BANGS!
    And I love Tabi yawning. XDD!!!

  10. sorry
    but they said big bang blog
    what is the website?
    is this this page?
    i think it isn’t right
    can anyone tell me please
    i want to see

  11. awwwwwww<3
    they all look so adorable xD
    i love it when they talk LOL. i could listen to them for a whole day rofl :D!

  12. Awww They are so cute. Thank You.

  13. awwww Tabi’s Ohhhhh :O hahaha

  14. i miss the old days when GD was all into hip hop with the baggy clothes and cap worn sideways

  15. MONGOLIAN BIG BANG FAN i love it

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