[Update] 04.26.09 Hite Cool Concert

[fyi]: earlier i posted the fancams but i accidentally deleted the page (wanted to edit and replace the faulty yt links). elaisvip youtube channel got suspended. hence, faulty vid links. anyway, these arent FANCAMs. so, you’re able to watch the complete performances aired on Pandora TV.


Last Farewell

Haru Haru

DaeSung’s Birthday Celebration

Sunset Glow


Credits: credit: 판도라TV, 유화정 @ cyworld
Re-upload to Youtube: elaisvipp
Post taken from: elavip@soompi


~ by Momo on April 28, 2009.

18 Responses to “[Update] 04.26.09 Hite Cool Concert”

  1. WOOOOOOOOT thanks for this!!

    they all look sooooo amazing!
    especially TOP. HOT HOT HOT!!

    but i must say..the sound equipment was not the best >.<

  2. ^ i agree although the sound quality is probably due to the fact
    that the vids were copied from a program that streams live.

    and poor YB. he slipped during Haru Haru.

  3. ahhhhh<3 truee ^^^ i heard some noises from the microphone? lol idk anyway xD THEY LOOK AMAZING<33333333333333333333333333333333
    xDD ugh i have a cereal piece stuck in my throat Dx


  4. haha. nvm. i take that back.
    they did have pretty bad sound equipment. xD

    the stupid mics didnt get the best of them ;]

    AND top’s a smexy cutie!

  6. Gosh, all of the songs above are on my list.
    I’ll watch to them later ^^
    And thanks for this as well ^^
    Hwaiting!! ^^

  7. is it just me, or is dae dae looking EXTRA sexy?
    haha, big bang FIGHTING!! =]

  8. TOP is friggin’ HOT! Daesung is such a cutie pie, so humble.

    I miss them performing Lies! I got back in the Lies mood!

  9. O_O so going to watch that drama! yes! crime fic and big bang 😀

  10. thanks

  11. aww top is so cute! after he took off his beanie he tried to tidy up his hair. don’t worry dear, u look HOT as always! XD

  12. top >>33
    soo hot and amazing as always ..and how sweet when he take care of his friend daesung((he should be very happy))
    perfect friend..perfect man for any girl

  13. @ Daenie – haha, I agree, Dae is looking specially sexy in this concert.

  14. thank you!

  15. ooo i miss their live performances so much!!

    i know it sounds silly but i’m really sad they would not be performing much in Korea anymore since they are focusing on Japan. And usually Korean singers who went over to Japan will have lesser opportunities to perform coz Japan do not seem to have as many music programs. And from Japan they will move on to the US, and they would not be active in Korea anymore. just like BoA,Se7en and many more. i want BB to remain in Korea!! =X

  16. awwwww i was missing this songs ^^ they look awesome specially when Tabi shows his new hair ahhhhh he looks so hot with that fire thing lol~~ thanks 4 the videos

  17. […] [Update] 04.26.09 Hite Cool Concert [fyi]: earlier i posted the fancams but i accidentally deleted the page (wanted to edit and replace the faulty yt […] […]

  18. hahahahahahahaha………

    did any one see what happen to taeyang…lol..my hubby is so

    cool….watch haru haru..@ 2:38…hehehehehehe..baby i saw that…

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