GDragon Solo Stage during BIG SHOW Concert


Updated with Audip Rip of the performnace
This is only a MQ version I got off daum, hopefully there will be HQ in the future.

Thanks to yuki님
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This is during Big Bang’s BIG SHOW Concert back in January 2009, Bong performed his solo by doing a freaking HOT DJ section, consist of rapping and solo tracks he did.

First it was the song ‘GDRAGON’ from Perry’s album (from when he was 13), it was FREAKING AWESOME!! I was going insane, I love that song, one of the thing I love about Bong is his stage presence, it’s just no words can describe, he just make you feel like you’re in another freaking world. After that it’s Hot Issue, and damn!!!!!!! this ish is HOT!!!! literally since we have all the sexy dancers in the front, Bong was just working that DJ booth is like pro. Then it’s the This Love remix that I love so much. AHHHH!!

Taking off his jacket then ‘This Love’ starts…………. AHH~ I love it love it love it whenever he perform this song live, he’s just one person, one… but he got the whole freaking thousands people in the crowd move to the beat with him, this guy is just amazing. I know every word to this song and yet I can’t speak Korean to save my life haha now you know how powerful GD is. I can’t even call him Bong at this moment, feel like calling him GD, cuz onstage, that’s what he is, not Kwon JiYong or Bong, it’s GDragon man~ GD ALL THE WAY!! The bow at the end was HOT!

I’m still really mad that YG didn’t release the DVD for this concert yet and they already aired this on a Japan TV channel, I really wanted to watch this for the first time in HQ and with my dad’s sound system, but this make me somewhat less mad 🙂


~ by Vicky on April 29, 2009.

32 Responses to “GDragon Solo Stage during BIG SHOW Concert”

  1. Firstttt!!!!!

  2. oh that was good..i gotta buy that dvd

  3. Thanks so much for posting! Quick question: is YG still going to release a DVD for the concert even though it aired in Japan? Because I really hope so!!

    GD was really amazing in that video. And I love the remix.

  4. Liza

    I really hope so too
    but YG hasn’t announced anything about it yet
    only the live Album was release

  5. speechless. i mean d performance 😀 its damn cool

  6. OMG! I’m Speechless!!! GD on Stage i have no words to describe him!!! <333 simply AMAZING!!!

    Thanks 4 posting this ;D

  7. It’s only the cd right now :I


  8. damn you know what?
    i was just watching ‘hot issue+this love’ in stand up concert this morning while having my coffee
    and this boy amazed me everytime i watch that perf
    coz it is too freaking cool
    but this is even cooler..and powerful
    that i can’t describe it using words
    gosh him alone is more than enough to make people move along with his beat
    i freaking cannot stand it when he raps
    he brings out another kind of power and sexiness
    and totally agree that we can’t call him bong/kwon jiyong
    MR.G-DRAGON is amazing
    I LOVE YOU..

    gosh please release his solo album asap
    i can’t wait to see what he is going to bring us this time
    definitely something worth to be anticipated ARGHHH

  9. and it didn’t take me much time to spot that he’s wearing his LV kicks!!! which is worth USD $1000!
    (not sure if it’s true..but that’s what i found in some websites)

  10. ahh yes gd♥ !!!!!!
    his voice is so heavenly.
    gosh i wanna meet him.
    and have him.

  11. Ji Never Fails To Amaze Me.
    The freakin stage presence & power is just LOVE.
    I really am speechless right now.
    I was shaking and freaking out while watching this.
    I Still am ^^;

  12. OMG VI youre a life saver or a killer[good]?? either way..youre the best^^

    thanks for sharing!!! I cant wait to see the rest..,,GD<333

    can i scream now?…




  15. I found it but it also has this really awesome GDYB song at the end. ❤

  16. dun dun dun dun

    g the dragon

    I freaking adore that song. He has such an amazing stage presence that it just blows my mind whenever i see him perform his solo songs.

  17. why do people call him Bong? isnt that like a name of a drug…? O__o…

  18. GD is absolutely amazing….
    I need the DVD now!!!!!YG must release the is a must…
    YG PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. xD Oh my gosh, okay, I was spazzing to my friends
    about this when I saw it. LOL At 4:02-4:04, I think
    I hear him say “To Vanessa” (my name is Vanessa btw)
    even though I know he didn’t, IT SOUNDED LIKE IT! :’DD<3333
    xD ahaha. I like G-Dragon, he’s awesome. ^___^ I can’t
    wait until YG releases the DVD! 😀


    Ahh, i died watching this.

  21. Yeah! Thats my Kwon Leader u see there performing and demonstrating his
    SEXINESS and HOTNESS…(i think thats a word xD)

    after seeing Tae yangs performance of look only at me and then GDs GDRAGON and this love, i so have to save up for the tour DVD when its released!!
    COME ON YG!!! When are you going to release the tour DVDS??
    we’re all dying to buy it!!! and if anything awesome that happened was cut out, i will rage like i did with the GREAT concert- they cut out the bit when Big Bang had their animal suits. i desperately wanted to see it!!! D:
    (sorry if i sound abit over the top or melodramatic…hehe thats jst me)

  22. love this perf so much….really hope the dvd comes out soon! its so sad though…just checked the news…now gd and yg are getting bad press since yg stated that the background “beat” is already made, some supposed “music” experts and netizens are saying that yg exaggerated gd’s talent for press and that if gd does not develop his own beat…he should not be included as the music writer and only be referred to as the writer..honestly i dont know who these people are or why they feel that they have to be so nit picky on semantics…its because of ppl like them that kroean singers can’t make music freely

  23. But I lOve you girl…G the Dragon…This lOve…
    why is G-Dragon “Always” “Wonderful”??
    ‘i dont understand’ what makes him ‘So Beautiful’
    You are myy ‘Number 1 and I am ‘Mad About You’

    BTW, whats up with the pole dancers??

  24. love it! he’s always so adorable!

  25. ohh my god he is tooo hot i almost cried i don’t know why i guess i was too excited lol…

  26. The last song, “This Love,” isn’t that song originally by Maroon 5?

  27. wat the fans have with gd, its love (:
    G D r a g o n Until Whenever ❤

  28. @ Georgina -Ed,
    Yes, it is originally by Maroon 5.
    GD did a cover/sampling of the song, in what would be a Korean version.
    This is so cute, I hope the BIG SHOW concert DVD comes out soon, or at least a HQ version of the Japanese broadcasting of the concert.

  29. OMFG YEAHHH I KNOWW! i loved this performence the most.
    i remember freaking out b/c of all the kind of things he did.
    Ah, i’m still amazed. i love this boy. he can do anything.
    Aha, i love the little rapping he did for each song remixs.
    Whooo he was hot when he started walking around. GDHeaven.
    anyways yeahh. gotta get to Homework now =]

  30. did yg say they were releasing the big show concert on dvd? ):
    or if they had any plans on doing so?

  31. & yeah…wtf wif d pole dancers??????
    eventho they were nothing compared to my beloved superstar G-Dragon up thr,but thr’s really no need of them…freaking annoying!!!! they shud juz focus on GD all d time!!!!! ignore all that s***ks dancers…=P

    but OMG!!!!! GD is TOO HOT!!!!! & i freaking love that “G-Fragon” song…saw d vids of that clip,he’s cute!!!LOL

  32. ohh ok thanx bbjet

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