Message From YG 20090430

a long & overdue one.
read with caution.

includes info on 2NE1 & GD’s solo.

i’m very sad right now. so my translating reflects that.

my random comments in GREEN.

Message From YG 20090430
Translated by gdluvzmc @ VIPtranslators
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it’s been 8 months since he last posted a “YG Message” … back in 2001 he first started this to deliver the official news straight to the fans, wanting to tell them personally.

but since recently he’s been planning so many things, they were subject to change without notice (YES THEY DID -.-) & the fans didn’t like this, so he would like to APOLOGIZE for this behavior. (apology accepted.)

also, he would like to assure the fans that any news coming from sources other than associations w/ YG to be taken lightly or as “prior information” instead of anything being official, & that only the “Message from YG” would have accurate info on his plans, since he wrote it himself. so fans, take news lightly until they are officially confirmed.

a LOT more under the cut —————->

ABOUT G-DRAGON’S SOLO ALBUM (this is heart-breaking T_T)

the expected solo album release of GD that was meant for April has been unfortunately postponed (figured that…)

2 months back, he’d noticed that G-Dragon had become very tired of the people around him & decided to send him to counseling.

“His condition was a bit more serious than a slump of depression…”

this was due to the lack of a real break since his debut, which had taken a toll on him mentally & physically,
& add on top of that, the immense pressure from releasing his solo album.

even though promotional activities technically ended w/ their “BIG SHOW Concert” in February, they have continued to work on a Japanese Album, set to release in June, & have been busy filming CF’s. the truth is that there wouldn’t be enough time for jiyong to release his album on April 2nd.

“Looking at Jiyong & him being so tired, I feel very sorry. I never considered the time & environment that he is working under, having always expected good results.”

so he said, “Jiyongah, don’t worry about the exact timing, just finish the album at your own pace,” & handed him the responsibilities to work on producing 2ne1’s album

even though there are important issues at hand, he believes that jiyong’s condition is more important & that those who have been waiting anxiously for his album would also agree.

then a month alter, jiyong came back to his bright & cheerful self again, lately being enthusiastic about his album. (this boy…. *BIG SIGH OF RELIEF*)

then he goes on to talking about the album:
– it’s gonna be a mini album w/ 7 songs.
– will feature new composers so fans will get to enjoy a different feel from what we’ve seen so far.
– all the songs will express jiyong’s own music style.

“i personally think they are satisfying.”

in regards to the style & concept for his solo album, jiyong is currently vacationing in europe, which started yesterday (for about 8 days). (BON VOYAGE MY LOVE *tears*)

all the album preparations are in its final stages, but since BIG BANG is set for promotions of their Japan release in June & July, jiyong’s solo album will be scheduled to release in August.

“we hope the fans understand!”

Misconceptions about Jiyong’s Composing

there’s some rumors that he would like to clear about “collaborative composing,” in instances where jiyong & other composers work on a song, but only adding his name to it.

Music composition involves creating the lyrics & the melody together, which is a very important part in producing a song. Until now, all the songs that jiyong has been “collaboratively composing” – 100% of the melody, raps, & lyrics came from him.

In the cases of YG composers, usually before making the melody, the accompanying music is made first. this is ordinary work which can be done in a day. the beats come together in the following 2-3 days.

jiyong usually chooses from hundreds of ready-made beats that he likes & works on the melodies & lyrics at home. then he goes to YG studio where he records his own demo. the final song that appears on the album is the product of the other BIG BANG members’ opinions, & then they start work on practicing & recording.

it’s technically called “collaborative composing” b/c the beats are not done by jiyong, but has many different parts in it that involve a number of people. (this includes TOP’s composed pieces as well).

“i hope that there will no longer be any more misunderstandings about this.”

2NE1’s Official Debut Schedule

YG’s new female group 2NE1 was first revealed in the CM song “lollipop” w/ Big Bang a month back.

the group will be releasing their debut single on May 6th, entitled “FIRE.”

“Fire” is produced by YG’s main producer, Teddy, who also did Taeyang’s “Look Only At Me,” & Uhm Jung Hwa’s “D.I.S.C.O.” Teddy not only composed & wrote the lyrics for the song “Fire,” but also is the overall producer of 2NE1’s style & video concepts.

– the song will have a reggae, hip-hop feel to it.
– the choreography will be done by Sean & Aimee, who also worked w/ Taeyang.
– the director of the MV will be Seo Hyung Seung

“we hope to achieve great results w/ the best staff for the group’s debut.”

2NE1’s promotional debut plans:
the song “Fire” will be released on May 1st through the group’s official website. w/ a 20 sec teaser, everyday adding another 10 sec. May 5th will have a 1 min version.
– on May 6th the MV will come out, as well as the full song being available on online music sites.
– there will be 2 versions of the MV, filmed on the same set, but no duplicate scenes. it’ll be a Re-Edit, not a remix, so as to not make it seem like they’re releasing 2 different songs. this will be an interesting experience.
– 2NE1’s debut stage will be on SBS Inkigayo, May 17th.

it’s been 4 yrs of preparation, & 2NE1’s album will have 10 songs which have already been recorded, but since they are newcomers, the plan is to first release “Fire,” to express their image & be their title song. From July to October, there will be plans to release a mini album, as well as a full-length album. the group will be active for the rest of the year.

This is YG’s first female group since SWI-T in 2002, & YG is more than a little nervous about it. w/ these difference concepts, hopefully the fans will lend their support to 2NE1

A long story much needed.

(idk wat to think right now. like i knew something was wrong, but i didn’t think it’d be that bad. he just did it to himself. i’m kinda mad, but at the same time sad too. that he was hurting like that. just glad that he’s better now…. but now he’s away from me >__< come back soon.)

DISCLAIMER: jiyong was FEELING DEPRESSED, but he ISN’T NOW. so we’ll try to be good people & not dwell on the past & spread this like wildfire. i just hope gossip sites don’t turn this into a fiasco. cuz it’s not anymore.

  • look out for jiyong in europe these next few days (i’m counting down on twittter).
  • look out for 2NE1 in may
  • look out for BIG BANG in JAPAN in June/July
  • look out for G-DRAGON in August.


HE DOESN’T LOOK SAD TO ME (anymore) OKAY. jiyong fighting!


~ by gdluvzmc on April 29, 2009.

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  1. As long as he takes care of health…

  2. Aww, poor Ji Yong..

  3. omo. so that’s what happened?
    it IS sad, but it’s a big relief that Jiyong’s okay now.
    wow. being around the same people for two years can get
    tiring. good thing YG recognized this and hopefully
    Jiyong is enjoying himself in Europe. ^__^

  4. btw…thanks for sharing this with us.

  5. I hope Ji is having the best time of his life in Europe. That boy works too hard and it is about time he gets a break. It is amazing what he can do when he sets his mind to it, but I am glad the people around him realizes when he should break away from it all and have a vacation. I really hope Ji comes back from Europe all refreshed and happy and ready to go! As much as I want his solo album, I’d rather he take care of himself first. I am happy he is doing just that. I knew from his previous hairstyles that Ji was not in his right mind (I kid…please don’t kill me)– and I am glad he is getting better. Phew. This boy…stop worrying us! T___T;;

  6. thank you for the notice !
    πŸ˜€ but what about taeyang’s
    next solo album ?

  7. omg poor jiyoung…hopefully he’s doing much better now…and he does deserve the break! wish it was a bit longer..8 days doesn’t seem enough for some reason…lol…i know we all want jiyoung to be back quickly but i also want him to rest longer and recharge his energy…it’s just so sad to hear that about jiyoung. Top was probably going through something similiar to because there was a period where I kinda sense that he was getting tire of all the attetion that he got from big bang…like you know he wasn’t the joking funny talkative TOP that we all knew when big bang first debuted…hopeefully they all get the rest they need!

    big bang fighting!!!

  8. I can’t help but worry about GD, especially since he was sent to counseling. I mean, from what I can tell, in Korea things have to be seriously wrong before idols get any kind treatment, and probably even more so for a mental affliction like depression. I’m not sure if a brief vacation is enough of break. Depression is a really serious and chronic problem. I hope YG is treating him well!

    That said, I’m still really disappointed that Big Bang will be concentrating in Japan for the rest of the year. At least we’ll have GD in August.

  9. let’s make things clear….jiyoung WAS under a depression of sort…he IS NOT anymore. I hope stupid news sites and what not don’t start going off about GD being all depressed like they went on about TOP trying to commit suicide. I’d hoped YG didn’t use the term depression but he did, unfortuately and with it comes alot of negative connetations. But nonetheless, we should look towards the future then dwell on the past…GD IS HAPPY NOW. I am really happy GD is back to being enthusiastic again, its so hard to deal with as much pressure as he’s doing at his age…i’m hoping his friends and support system come through for him. He’s got Bae and YG ent. i hope he realizes all the people who love him in his life – his friends, family and all of his fans.

    oh and …..2EN1 IS GOING TO BE BOMB.

  10. AAH he’s in EUROPE! (I’ll keep mes yeux peeled!)

    *hug* to jiyongie for being sad. DONT BE SAD look at all these amazing fans who don’t care about your break or anything else, just you! *glows*

    kudos for making it through, GD, and not drugging it up or slicing limbs. THAT would be catastrophic.


  11. oh mannn! jiyong’s depression? that’s crazy. but it makes sense with all of the stress and responsibilities. everyone has a breaking point, right?

    i hope his stay in europe helps him recover ASAP!

  12. @sweetsorrow totally agree w/ you.
    he’s happy now.
    thank goodness.

  13. ah~~sigh of relief~~.~!
    i appreciate GD’s perfectionism but i soooo want him to be healthy in every sense of the words!!!
    i know that i’ll & wish to wait for GD’s album until whenever he’s ready for us the fans all over the world!
    i want him to take it all in his own pace & liking<33
    so LOVE G.DRAGON to pieces^^.

  14. this makes me really sad…

    I hope jiyongie enjoys is vacation though and finally gets to relax…and do lots of shopping, he’ll definitely have fun with that!

    also i can’t wait for 2NE1! they’re going to be great…thanks to the all the help from GD..

    he should be proud of everything he’s accomplished since he’s debuted, but he needs to take a break.. his fans will wait

    august isn’t that far away… and I’d rather have a healthy, happy ji yong

  15. little question… when they have a album in Korean… is that only there or Japan have the same to ? Or Korean album stay in Korea and Japanese album stay in Japan? Just curious if thats gonna be easy for me to buy his solo album in Tokyo …

  16. it’s sad that he was depressed, but i’m happy he’s feeling better and is taking a vaction but i wish i could be in europe to ^ ^…
    i’m also very excited about 2NE1 debut which should be awesome πŸ˜€

  17. aww sucks for gd.. but it’s good thing he’s better now ;]!

    LOOL 2NE1’s single comes out on my bday ;]

  18. Poor GD… so sad.
    OMG I whish he would come in France!! Are there any more details about this 8 days trip?
    Fighting oppa!

  19. I hope he’s having a great vacation. He really deserves it! Ji Yong oppa~ even tho we’re all upset about your album being delayed, we’ll still support you no matter what, so take your time.
    VIP can only be happy when each member of Big Bang is happy too. ^_^

  20. I feel too many diff things after reading this article.

    But, the main thing is GD is doing good now. GD fighting!! Love that gif btw. So adorable. ^^

  21. awwww, GD!<3
    glad he’s okay.

  22. thanks. he’s gonna give me another heart attack.
    i’ve gotten a few already. he’s making my health dwindle…
    gahh i’m late for class lol

  23. YG thank you for giving our GD his time to relax and not pressure himself. agree w/ you melly that somehow I sensed there’s something wrong but I didnt think it was that bad either. Im so sad 😦 but IM so glad that he’s OK now. JIYONG HWAITING!!! Have fun in Europe!!! don’t worry, and dont need to hurry on your Solo Album release,,as long as your HEALTHY and CHEERFUL, I can wait until whenever^^

    starts countdown for 2NE1 yay!!! HWAITING 2NE1!!! πŸ™‚

    PS: ❀ yoU Jiyongi!!! πŸ˜€

  24. omg! i kinda had a feeling something like this was gonna happend. i hear music geniuses are very emotional and sensitive and can get depressed like this.

    but im so happy he’s ok now! and i hope he takes care of himself in the future.

  25. PS: thanks melly ^^

  26. I hope they don’t release their Japanese album till late late June..they need the most break they can get !! ^___^ (Plus, I won’t be in Japan till July >.< haha)

  27. I can’t say much in response to GD.
    Only that I hope his album in aug does well.

    I can’t wait for Tae and SR to come to the US in May
    And for Tae’s solo album.
    Or Top’s for that matter.
    And the movies/dramas XD!!!
    And 2ne1!!

    Im so excited!!!

  28. awww! JiYoungie fighting!
    i hope he has a good time in europe!
    ILY,JiYoungie! (:

  29. YAY!
    if he wants, he can postpone his solo activies again (i’ll be sad) but as long as hes not “sad” no more, then
    G D r a g o n Until Whenever ❀

  30. i wasn’t going to comment… lol^^ but i just had to. my jiyongie oppa got us all worried up!! i have to say, i was really sad when he was gradually getting slimmer and slimmer and less smiley than usual. we all know how playful all bb members are. he became so reserved and it was so obvious i was a bit disturbed. i was like, what’s wrong with my oppa??

    same thing went on with tabi oppa as well, hm?? he was supposed to be the jokester and all, then he became real serious and uptight, i got a bit scared. even in FO he was really quiet. it was a huge leap from when he was in manwon haengbok!! so different. suddenly he’s all shy and huddled up to the corner. only daedae got him to crack a few times on FO. thanks daedae!!<33

    but, still, i’m glad that they’re slowly getting better. i hope YG will know now, not to get too excited about planning things. we know that they’re doing it all for us. but we can also understand if they need a break. don’t make us worry again now boys! you know we love you^^ PLEASE TAKE CARE…

    big bang hwaiting!!! 2ne1 hwaiting!! can’t wait for them. hip hop reggae?? bring it on!

    p/s: hoo man!! you KNOW jiyongie’s gonna come back from europe all sexy and classy, right?? he’s so gonna pick up on the gentleman style and do his own spin-off and make it fly baby!! europe’s the fashion capital after all. ooohhh…. aren’t we all gonna just soak it up then… tee hee^^

  31. Omg… I was shocked, when I was reading this :’ i’m very sad right now. so my translating reflects that.’ I really thought Big Bang is gonna split. Any they r working individual.. Hmm.. But it’s sad for GD =(

  32. Thank God he’s okay now! I almost cried while reading this 😦
    At least he’s getting some rest now…and visiting europe, lucky him πŸ˜€
    GD Fighting! ^_^

  33. poor GD…
    i understand how he felt wif all dat pressure…
    he’s a human being aftr all…
    i’ve been depressed b4 but i bounced back thanks 2 BB…
    hv fun in Europe GD baby…
    take a lot of rest…

  34. AWWWW :[[[[
    this is so unknown but *sigh*
    why must they work SOO hard..
    GD with his solo and 2NE1..
    TOP with his solo and drama..
    Seungri with 2 dramas..
    Daesung with family outing..
    Taeyang with his 2nd solo..

    D: get rest boys! ❀

  35. oh my.
    poor jiyong, but i’m glad he’s okay now.

    and while i read that he was in europe (with the rest of big bang i assume?), does that mean he’ll meet up with seungho and daul kim and TAKE PICTURES for us lovely fans to squeal over?!?!?!

  36. poor jiyong.. =( hugz. but thats good he’s ok now..
    i hope he’s enjoying himself in Europe. hopefully he feels alot better.

    i mean.. for a young age. he has soo much responsibilities and work.
    he does needs to take a break.
    if their real fans out there who loves him they will understand his situation.

  37. NOOO!!!
    but yay?
    oh poo, sadness.
    i’m glad jiyongie is feeling better! i noticed in a LOT of fancams how down and rather pissed he looked 😦 but it’s in the past!
    jiyongie and his amazing musical talents will always conquer!

  38. ya, i agree wif edabooh, i saw a few of GD fan cam at hite beer concert, esp while singing last farewell, GD look very sad and tired 😦
    feel sad for him but lucky he can get rest! hope he can rest well, play well and buy hells of lots fashion things he lik πŸ™‚
    bb hwaiting! will support them any time! any moment!

  39. Boooohoooo ~ rawr pooor Ji yoongiie HONEY ! ):
    i hope so much that we’ll be BETTTTERR THaN BETTER ^^ .
    SOMETHING TEELL ME THAT HE LL BE FINE : ) im sure . Ji yoongie is STROOONG! i knooow it. he s talented and HOT. why do he have to be so depressssed ! : DDDD . hwaaaitiiiiiiiiing hunney. a lot of people is thinking of you right NOW. There’s a lot of good VIBRATIONS in there. weell , hope so ^ cuz me i am givin’ some gooodgoooood VIBRATIONS :)! hihihihi , JI YONGIIE ROCKS. ~

    foreveer and eveer Jiyonngie HAPPINEESS. ❀


    HAPPYHAPPY Mellly ~~ ❀

    – Sojana. as SojiieANDSeungRii :).

  40. oh my!
    I’m glad that Yongie is better now and is back to
    his happy old self *whew* I just hope that he’s not going
    to over work himself again =[ cause i don’t care when his solo
    album is going to be release i’m willing to wait patiently for it
    PLEASE! try to have LOADS on fun in Europe Yongie =]

  41. AWWW!!! Yongie, just keep on keeping on! Fighting, I’m so glad he’s on a break now, just time to himself, the boy needs a break.

  42. awwwwwwww
    love Gd
    he must be really tired.
    I hope that he feel better coming back from the break
    he is so cute
    i think the last concert of this year
    his face seem so sad
    he is my star
    i hope that he is back with full energy as usual and back as our cool Gd( with the old hair)
    but i love everthing that he likes
    anyway loveeeeeeGD and good luck for the trip
    i pray for him everyday.


  44. well i just hope our bongie will never go through something like that again. the people around him [fans especially xD] will be very concerned for him..which might turn into other things and other kinds of ppl may spread rumors etc. i’m just glad he’s okay now :{ i didn’t think he would feel that way D; judging from what all big bang members have said in interviews and done in the past..since..they’ve been through tons and they have undying dedication and commitment you know? especially bong, he’s somebody people don’t really doubt and pulling things off..and he’s just a really bold leader. a true person ;D< i wonder if it might have influenced the other members in any way :O i kind of want to know what they think..maybe they didn’t think he was serious because of the kind of person he is? lol ok i’m going to stop i don’t think i make too much sense xD aahhh. i knew something was a little off before. i never thought this would be the cause D: did it seem to you he wasn’t AS ennergetic in interviews and all tht a little while ago? probably because all we can see is that pretty smile LOLL<3 yeahh..well anyway i soooo hope he’s having an amazing time in Europe..luckyyy him ;D it just him!? loll. well i’m sure bongie is going to enjoy it at least a little bit. ohmygosh. nvm, its a REAL REST of course he’ll enjoy it ! xD
    haha. okay i’m done blabbering :]
    BIG BANG FIGHTING<33333 don’t worry jiyong ah ;D we can wait a little bit for your album always if it means letting you get a breath of fresh air ;D β™₯

    ~ β™₯ V I P F O R E V E R β™₯ ~

    Take care of your health!!

    Even though I felt very UPSET your album is postponed but if you ask me Album or Health
    I’ll definitely say HEATHH

    Take care πŸ™‚
    Take your time, you talented boy(or should I say man ;DD) πŸ™‚ <33

  46. Awww, i know something bad was gonna happen.
    it’s okay YG, we know that you’ve been busy so
    apology accepted. Awwww, he had to go to counseling.
    SADDDDD! whatt? AWW I’M SO SAD NOW! JI YONG! you
    NEED REST! LIKE RIGHT NOW! see i knew that he would
    be more tired. Even if the other members are busy too,
    he has to write music and stuff. OH OKAY. ahahaha
    what’s up with this boy? idunno but i love him!
    AWWWW Yay, i’m happy now. AWWW, yay he gets rest. but
    how come i keep on see him, like perform and stuff
    on the updates? Have fun Ji Yongie. Don’t work, just
    rest! Wahhh Japanese plans..they are so busy this year =[
    makes me sad though, but seeing the smiles on their faces
    i’m good. Of course Ji Yong composes his own, even if
    others help out. Wait, i thought Ji Yong was helping out
    with 2EN1’s debut too. i thought that 2EN1 was gonna
    debut differently from others. is this different..?
    AWWW WHAT?! G-Dragon’s SOLO IN AUGUST! aren’t they gonna
    have a Korean Mini-Album then too? Why’d it get move down–
    nevermind. AWW i have to wait that long. && i was so excited
    b/c i thought it was coming out in April/May. UGGHHHH!
    I’m some-what happy though. Just because this summer is gonna
    be busy but i’m happy b/c they will be performing and stuff.
    And that G-Dragon’s okay. Thank You. Yes i will be counting down
    too, until he comes back!

  47. Oh geezzzz, jiyong ahhh, sounds so busy.
    OMG i fricking hope he can heal in time ;[
    ilyyyyyyyyyyyy (:
    & i can’t wait for 2ne1’s debutt (: FIRE?
    sounds COOL, i mean HOT (: lol.

  48. wowww so much info T.T i glad he’s ok now πŸ™‚ let’s support 2NE1 and BB together ^^ <333 i’m looking forward

  49. HAVE FUN IN EUROPE GD! I hope you enjoy your vaca :D:D

    I really am excited for 2NE1 and a bit nervous for YG at the same time haha. Dude, no worries GD abt not releasing your solo album in time…it’ll just make summer more anticipating!

    What I really am stoked about are the Japan activities! idk why! I just can’t wait for that! Wooo!

    but for now..TOMORROW! I really wanna hear that Reggae HIP HOP beat!!! BB & 2NE1 fighting!

  50. I hope GD has a good time in Europe^.^
    I’m waiting for BB to come out with their album:)

  51. kwon jiyong T___________T
    i knew that!! during the seoul whatever award
    i mentioned that he looked as if he is in depression or something
    he was too tired T_________T
    but i’m happy that he’s back to the hyper bong now
    and he’s in EUROPE now!!
    i can so imagine him being excited and doing mad shopping!!
    on the other hand, apology is accepted YG
    since u’re giving the boys a REAL BREAK now ^^
    i’m more than satisfied..continue to care & concern for our boys ^^
    the boys are all HAPPY NOW!
    so people stop talking about who is in depression or whatsoever
    cuz i can see that all of them are happy in all the CFs lately πŸ™‚
    i can’t wait for august!!!!
    gosh how long i’ve been waiting for his solo??
    but still, i hope he takes his time and BE HAPPY!!
    it’s heartbreaking for us to see them in depression or something
    and can’t wait for 2NE1’s debut!!
    YG’s strategy is pretty good
    release 10 sec by each day..gosh he’s so good in creating suspense
    LOL..cant wait for FIRE
    sounds pretty hot ;P

  52. he’s so stressed out yet he still worries about the fans, but you know what? ill wait for it no matter what. he can take his time, ill love it whenever it comes out =’)
    plus august is my birthday, this’ll be the best birthday gift ever! ❀

    loveeee GD foreverrrrrrrr ! ^_^

  53. JIYONG FIGHTING!!!!! <3333

  54. I’m so relieved that GD feels much better now. Hope he’ll have a great time in Europe. I wonder if he goes by himself or with his friend. If he goes by himself, wow he’ll have a chance to practice his English. I can wait to August. I’m always ready for his solo album but his health is the first priority.

  55. awww, poor baby =(
    a vacation well-deserved =)

  56. aigoo.i really feel sad for GD :(( but its a relief that he’s ok now. i can’t wait for May 6 XD

  57. aaah so cute.
    he works so so hard.
    i’m glad he feels better.

  58. so first of all, thank you so much for sharing this : )
    and secondly, my heart sank when I heard that JiYong was .. going through tough times. I’m just so glad that he’s okay and I hope he knows that there are so many people are there who care for him and of course, he has us!
    Health first, then work I guess – you won’t disappoint us, because if you’re not happy and relaxed, fans are going to be super sad too!

    miss you GD, have fun in Europe ;
    enjoy, live, laugh, learn.
    SMILE ❀

  59. I knew something was off with him. I felt it as I watched the different things. I just didnt think that it was that bad.
    I’m happy though that everyone saw it and stepped in to help him. If I cant be near him I’m glad theres people around him that care about him. Bongie please relax and just enjoy yourself in Europe. Actually im happier that its coming out in August. Thats the month of my Birthday and that will be the greatest present ever! (even better than the fact that ill be 21) Just rest bongie and take care of yourself. I think i want to go to europe XD
    ohhhh cant wait for 2NE1’s debut.

  60. I felt really down when I read that GD was going through
    some “depressing” times, because I didn’t even know it myself.
    But I’m so so happy to hear that, that was in the past
    and he’s the healthy and okay Kwon Leadah that we all know and love.

    Oh GD~~
    Though I miaa ya’, please enjoy yourself in Europe,
    it’s all I wish.

    We’re always support you forever.
    Jiyongie FIGHTING.

  61. Oh GD i had no idea
    so he just shut himself off from everyone around him or something?
    loads of work does that to ya. im always close to a breaking point during the last few weeks of skool though his load is much bigger than mine

    glad he’s better though and can’t wait for his album!

  62. Ho !.. Good!

  63. everyone has down times.. he’s my age, and no one i know my age can take on that much and not get drained out. people seem to forget that that he’s still the age of an average university student. and most of us are still playing video games and sleeping till noon every day. glad he’s feeling much better now.

    2NE1.. their song is written by teddy. you can’t go wrong if you debut with a song written by teddy. they’ll be fine xD

  64. i knew it!
    kwon jiyong! i love you (:
    i’m just glad he’s better now.
    He really needs a rest, and works alot which is good.
    remember that line from number 1:
    “I’m a hardworking man and work from my fans”
    Cannot wait for the solo album! I’ve been dying.
    I don’t really care when it comes out, just as long as it comes out! teeheehee.
    GD’s a great composer *thumbs up*
    It must be a hard job. but he’s so pro πŸ˜‰
    OH & 2NE1’s ON FIRE! XD
    Can’t wait for their debut & MV.
    Lol adding 10 secs everyday. XD
    And they’ve got all their songs set to release a mini-album this year! awesome!!
    love GD forever!
    Know that your fans are always supporting you & love you!
    Have fun in Europe πŸ™‚

  65. Sorry,
    that line from Number 1 is:
    “I’m a hardworking man and i work for my fans”

    LOL whatta typo! >.<”
    Jiyong FIGHTING!

  66. woah.
    i never really thought that GD had it THAT BAD, i always thought it was just being tired/hectic schedules etc.
    i’m so glad he’s doing better better now!
    i can’t imagine what it must have been like for him, always working, composing, performing, doing interviews and producing for other artists non-stop for years – not to mention the enormous pressure of working on his new album!
    thank god that he went to get help, and is now taking a break πŸ™‚
    but sheesh, only 8 days? i know that seems like forever in kentertainment world, but thats so short for me! wouldnt he get jet lagged for the first day or two in europe, before being able to fully enjoy his time there?
    -actually knowing GD, he’d just hit the shops straightaway no doubt haha XD

    yayyy 2NE1 teaser starts TOMORROW! IM SO EXCITED.
    hmm reggae/hiphop sounds interesting!
    dw, mr YG, ill give ’em my full support πŸ˜‰

    thanks for the translating! it was hella long πŸ˜€

  67. GD!! I LOVE YOU for always doing your freaking best for us!!
    i dont care how long it takes for you to fully recover and for your solo album i’m gonna be a 100 percent behind you!!
    I’m gonna be your fan and BIG BANG’s fan forever!!!

  68. Gosh, Ji Yong sunbae…
    Understand, very well.
    Do rest rest and lots lots of rest.
    I feel like wanting to cry that Ji Yong doesnt take care of his health.
    Rest rest rest now, alright?
    Big Bang hwaiting!!

  69. jiyong! im upset it got far to depression but i am SO relieved that he is happy and dorky as well all know him to be. i love him..his health and happiness comes before his solo album. ❀

    for 2ne1!!! yayay… the way yg is giving out 10 seconds each day is knew..i i cant wait for their debut!!!!!

    jiyong oppa..i love you.hope u have fun in europe!!! take care of your body and your health.always be happy!
    love always…alicee

  70. I have so much to say that i dont know where to start and how to put my feeling into words.

    i agree with Lena when she she quoted that GD is “a hard working man and i work for myy fans.’ im one of his fans so when i found out that he suffered from depression, it sorta made it feel bad. he has worked so hard since BigBangs debut and hasnt received a proper break,so its great to hear that hes now on vacation in Europe. even if its only for 8 days, its still better than nothing.

    And for G-Dragon solo album, he can take as long as he needs and postpone it as many times as he wants – us fans wont care because his health and well being is more important to us that his solo album. it seriously kills me inside when i see G-dragon all tired and stressed out. thats how i felt when i saw his fancam of last farewell. he looked tired out and showd no enthusiam. instead he lookd sad and seriously stressd.

    But according to Yang Hyun Suk, GD is back to his old bright and cheerful self which is also great to hear, which also makes me feel so much better. i hope that something like this never happens again to G-dragon and that when his solo album is finally released in August, G-Dragon WILL and MUSt receive the support that he deserves for all his dedication, hard work and what he had to endure in order to satisfy his fans.
    G-DRAGON FIGHTING!!!! TAKE CARE!!!! SARANGHAE!!!! dont do anything else to make us worry about you πŸ˜€

  71. eonni…thanks for posting as well as translating^_^

    hm…for me…(fyi..just my opinion..) something is yah..i agree to melly eonni…something is really fishy bout this post or message from mr yg bout jiyongie oppa..

    oh well just forget about what i said..

    i will wait..we can wait…it’s still no the end of the world as long as he’s fine and he’s healthy physically and emotionally…i’m/we’re okay with that….

    thanks melly eonni^_^

  72. eonni…by the way.. ilove that avi^_^ can i snatch it! haha! i hope jiyong is really as in really okay now and HAPPY^_^ cause me? i’m happy to see him like that!!

    i’m so loving now that avi^_^…i mean GIF haha! πŸ˜€

  73. Oh poor GDrae !!!
    I’m gonna look forward to his solo album
    Been waiting for it for a long time, finally a news come out abt it. Even though it’s bad news, at least we are informed than kept behind closed doors.
    Also looking forward to 2NE1’s debut
    WOW 4 YEARS OF TRAINING ! I’m seriously looking forward to what they’ve learnt this 4 years.


  74. fighting jiyonggieeeee!!!


  76. Hello. If you want to read stories of wonderful ordinary people, this blog is yours. Enjoy it! youΒ΄ll like it!

    PD: You can also send your stories! Thank you!

  77. i’m a Tabi fan but lately i’ve taken quite an interest on GD too. poor guy, it’s understandable that he would feel more depressed than the average person, considering his workload and responsibilities. but hey, good job in keeping it together and actually getting out of the depression! GD fighting!!!!!!

  78. wah !!!!!!!! we waiting for ur solo so long !!!!!!!!!

    fighting ji yong !!!!!!!! we love you !!!!!!!!

    thax melly!!!!!!!!

  79. jiyong, please take care of yourself
    I don mind waiting for another century
    don get too stressed πŸ˜€

  80. God. So that was it, kwenchana Jiyong :]
    We understand. I am happy that you’re having a vacation now,
    rest well Kwon Leadah. Fighting! We’ll wait for you~

    i’m glad he is fine!!


  82. seriously??? does GD has a twitter???

  83. oh my ji yong please take care of your health >.<
    but i relieved after i heard you are fine now.
    can’t wait to hear your album.hope it will be a big success

  84. phew……… have fun in Europe!!!!!!!

  85. […] Message From YG 20090430 […]

  86. Ji Yongie get some rest!! i hope this vacation is a real vacation where hes actually not doing any work at all. Man its really shocking knowing GD was depressed, he always seems so happy and full of energy.
    Anyways does anyone know where in Europe he is, UK?
    Ji Yong Hwaiting!! 2NE1 FTW fo shoo!!!

  87. Omg, Jiyong, I love you. And even though I’m so sad about his album being delayed, I want him to get better first. I’ve always thought that he never got enough rest & had way too much pressure. He has to constantly compose songs, writing one hit trying to top the previous one. He also arranges music for other artists and is now producing 2NE1. Can this guy get some rest? Anyways, he’s in Europe now…I hope he relaxes & has a blast. His album is going to be AMAZING no matter what.

  88. jiyong has been really good with hiding his emotions cause he’s always so crazy when he’s in front of the camera. of course there are times when you can really see a difference in him….but i’m so glad all is better now. i really hope he gets to rest very well in the 8 days. although that’s very short enjoy it yong~

  89. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG EUROPPEEEE !!!!! I LIVE THERE *EYES WIDE OPEN* duuude… I have to go to some capital cities in my neighbor countries… XD ahhh~~ Who tracked him down already?? I wanna see him

  90. I don’t care if he doesn’t release his album. Well… I do care, but his health is more important than anything. Take care of yourself GD!

  91. Oh Jiyong I feel bad when I hear how down he was, I’m so happy he’s better now, his health and happiness are so much more imporatant than anything else. I hope he has a nice time in Europe and feels refreshed. Yay he’s closer to me now anyway, doubt he’ll come to England, but at least he’s nearer πŸ˜›

  92. […] Message From YG 20090430 a long & overdue one. read with caution. includes info on 2NE1 & GD’s solo. i’m very sad right now. so my […] […]

  93. aww very glad he’s better now..

  94. hmmm cant wait til 2ne1’s debut! i like the song so far, its pretty sick. catchy. im glad GD is better now. im sure his fans would like him to be healthy, and not dying from writing songs. fighting!

  95. People, which country do u think he is in right now ?

  96. aww GD, please don’t make yourself soo tired that you will breakdown;;
    If this his album did come out on April 2nd, i could of got it as a birthday present…..waa πŸ˜₯

  97. i hope jiyongi keeps an eye on his health!!


    He’s in EUROPE!! OMG OMG OMG, I HAFTA KNOW WHERE!!!! >____<

    does anyone know smth bout which countries he’s visiting????

  98. aww i LOVE that gif haha
    thank you so much for this info!! oh noo jiyong.. too much stuff without a break! glad he’s feeling better :]]
    “jiyong came back to his bright & cheerful self again, lately being enthusiastic about his album” – yay thats why we love you gd!
    OMG excited for 2ne1, bb’s japan album, and gd’s solo album especially!!

  99. awww… GD oppa fighting^^
    I m also worried about his health more than his new album poor GD didn’t hav break for so many months at last free^^

    OMG my birthday is same date as 2NE1 debut date oo so happy…^^
    LOVE ParkBom…
    ❀ GD oppa fighting
    BigBang & 2NE1 fighting!!!

  100. aaaa, what a relief that he’s okay. as long as he’s fine, than that’s okay. i can’t wait 2EN1 to release their album too!! aaaaa.^^
    but, is it true that jiyong will be paired with jeSICKa in wgm? i hope not. hope he’ll be better soon!! oppa, saranghae!! ^o^

  101. His smile always make me feel happy.I don’t want hic album now.I need his helthy.Why dose he hard work to tired???I feel so worry to him

  102. suzee: gd loveeeeesss cloths, so im assuming paris.

  103. what is his twitter?! πŸ™‚

  104. I was just listening to one of big bang’s songs on my ipod touch. I got carried away and started to sing along.lolz my sister came in and started cussin me out cuz it was on full blast.(i hooked it up to my speakers and like the whole like fuckin neighborhood started cussin me out. I just told them to shut the hell up and respect big bang. (they don’t know who they are. i feel srry 4 them)

  105. I do not want to make you ppl mad but i think ya gotta chill with that oh i care so much about Gdragon. I mean like they are the best and cutest gus in the world but chillax with it. Don’t put pressure on them.

  106. OMG my yong yong jiyongie…pliz take care about urself..i worried about u…

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