05.01.09 Daesung BHC CF Making Film


Youtube Channel: kieworld
Post taken from: elavip@soompi

~ by Momo on April 30, 2009.

10 Responses to “05.01.09 Daesung BHC CF Making Film”

  1. Lol Dae !
    The funny man is back and trot is his thing !
    I know ppl will buy this chickens
    They look so delicious with him hosting it

  2. Whooooo! GO Dae Sung! XD

  3. i can see it already in front of me,
    you’re going to buy chicken at BigHitChicken and see him dancing and singing ‘Look at me, CHICKEN!’ =d
    *everybody joins along*

  4. wow…look delicious

    this guy is grown up and can work alone without any help from his hyngs

  5. Hehehe.. Dae. <33 Got to see a lot of his cute smile~~

    Look at him rocking the suits and having all the hot girls with him. ;D

  6. Hahaha Dae is so funny!
    It looks so fun, i want to be in there
    having to too. Lols.

    it looks so natural for him, i love his fun personality 😀
    and the girls all around him AHAAA i’m not even bothered by that either he looks perfectly comfortable and everybody else LOL. it seems like a really open and fun atmosphere 😛

    btw that chicken looks good LOL ;D

  8. It seems the girls always love DAE, who wouldnt love his hotness ❤ ^_^

  9. lol..awww! daedae sOOO cute and YUM!!!


  10. wowww that a LOT of chicken lol!!! Dae looks so cute ^^

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