BB Malaysia’s & 2NE1 Sunset Glow Meet & Greet

for more info on the above, please go to the link given below

there’re a few changes had been made. please refer to the new info below


As usual BB Fansite will be co-sponsoring another Project Meet and Greet organized by BBMalaysia Forum.

Welcome all Malaysian VIPs and IVIPs (residing in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur) to come and meet with other fans who share the same common interest (BigBang). Also, not forgetting to have loads of fun.

The more the merrier!!


  • When? 2nd June 2009 (Tuesday)
  • Time? 10.00 AM till 4.00 PM
  • Where? Suria KLCC
  • Fees: RM50/pax


  • Games (Scavenger Hunt + Charades)
  • Lunch @ Chillis
  • Talent Contest
  • Photo Session
  • Loads of prizes to be won

So for  those who are interested to join, please send an email to:

Also, regarding the fees, you need to bank in the money first in order for the staff to book the venue.


~ by Momo on April 30, 2009.

35 Responses to “BB Malaysia’s & 2NE1 Sunset Glow Meet & Greet”

  1. yes another meet!!!!
    cant wait!!!
    had lots of fun last time…

  2. Aww, I wish I can fly to KL to meet you guys.
    I wish there will be meet and greet for Brunei BBivipz. ^^
    Wow, have fun…

  3. YJ – hey im from brunei!! but im studying in kl right now….i came for mvips greet&meet last time, it was awesome!

    Another meet & greet?? wow, mvips are active!! We’ll confirm soon if im not going back brunei just yet =D hehe

  4. *will

  5. another meeting? wow..i really wanna join the MVIPs..=)
    it’s on Sunday..hmmm..i think i can make it..keke..God’s willing, i’ll get the chance to join this meeting..

  6. i hope i can join the meet at this time…

  7. i want to join it too!!!
    but,i guess i;ll can’t make it.. 😦

  8. erm,nape rm50.?
    hope i can join u guyz.!!!
    where can i get infos.?

  9. erm, lunch include fee tu skali ke.?

  10. can’t wait!!!
    fee rm50 tu dapat souvenier ak??
    just asking?? hihihi

  11. eh.aku nk pegi korg tau x bile big bang nk wat show kt malaysia?

  12. i’d like to join please! OMG OMG!:D

  13. OH EM GEE!!! 2nd June????!!!! Tuesday?????!!!!! ANDWAE!!!!!!!!!
    i got claz on Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!
    why not Wednesday or Friday/Saturday/Sunday?????
    really2 sad ney… T____________T
    by any chance u changed d date bcoz of poprainbow meeting huh??
    it’s good tho but still i CAN’T GO!!!! ~~

  14. Oh my god can you guys stop doing that T_T I am a malaysian but im residing in australia now. and everytime it seems im going back to malaysia i miss out on the meet! Can we have a sydney meet? 😀

  15. wow, cant wait to meet the guys!!!

  16. Hey u guys, do i need to register or anythg to be an official VIP’s?
    please reply.

  17. omg!!!!!!!
    i want to go to .
    but i guess i can’t cause i am staying in kedah right now!!!!
    and yup i still can’t go if i stay in kl becuz i’m still under 18 (my parents would never allowed me to go to this meet..

  18. rm50…mahalnya….

  19. oh no…!! why change it to 2nd june?? i couldnt come…. exam on 3rd…! definitely cant…! omg…!how?

  20. come you guys aren’t replying my emails???
    I’d love to go and i maybe will but i need information.
    i sent to both the emails mentioned but i’m not getting replies!!!
    please help me!!

  21. okay…i plan to join u guys. but rm50?? plz reply my email. 🙂

  22. Indonesian meet plz.

  23. i wish i can join u guys…:(

  24. i’m new wit big bang..
    hope u guys can show me more bout big bang here..

  25. haha. the meet was today? dang. sorry dudes. just got home. kinda just opened this site. can’t believe i missed another meet up. yah, u guys should make another one this month. ngeeeeeee….

  26. when da latest gonna be held???

  27. saya di sabah owh..saya teringin sangat mau chiil out may fan of Big Bang.

  28. errr!hello!i’m new in bb..and i found this,annyong! ^^
    i’m lya…hee 🙂

  29. hi, im new in BB. please i need someone to guide me about this event. someone please e-mail me, what should i do. btw, im Adjrun coming from Banting, Selangor. BB’s fan

  30. please the next event…

  31. hi, actually im kinda new to BB but i really loves them. i really wanna join this event because none of my friends are not into BB, so if i join this event i hope that u can guide me and fyi im really shy in making new friends 🙂 -please email me-

  32. haiiii….
    im new here… i really love BB so much…
    love all their songs…. 19 june 2010 i was go to U-KISS fans meeting at kLcc…actually i really want to go BB concert or FM…
    if u heard anything about BB want to come malaysia..
    hope u will email me…bcoz i really want to go see them…

  33. Will bigbang come to malaysia again in 2010?
    I’m Bigbang 2010 VIP.. I’ve missed their visits in the past..T^T

  34. i will do anything to see BB if they come to Malaysia…hey my brother loves them to..

  35. when are bb can have a tour here??
    do rep..hum..cant wait to see them damn much too…^-^

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