FILA CF Summer Pop Collection



Credit: 워아이GD @ bbvipz


Credit: 구름둥둥 @ bb-flow

Re-upload to Youtube: elaisvipp


~ by Momo on April 30, 2009.

9 Responses to “FILA CF Summer Pop Collection”

  1. “CAN YOU FEEL IT?! My Energy~”
    “I LOVE FILA!”
    Make me want it:]

    ahhhh they all look so HOTTTTTTTTT.
    btw, i freaking love bongie’s hair in this ;D
    they’re ohhh so adorable when they just have them doing natural/fun things in cfs and everything. kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :P!
    askjdf;al skd f, they’re so adorable T_______________T
    lol, they look amazing ALL OF THEMMMM 😀 thankkss ;]
    they never cease to dissapoint even when its freezing cold.
    i’m proud of our amazing boys<3 xD

  3. I miss the boys T_T [them all together]

    but im glad to see glimpse of them^^

    I LOVE BIG BANG!!! 😀

    they look amazing HOT and CUTE!!!

  4. after seeing that FILA is such a turn on. lol xD.
    the boys seem like theyre having so much fun, despite it being really cold and windy. they have so energy in them 😀

  5. in the first vid look at GD at 0:05
    in the second vid look at GD at 0:09

  6. OMG in the first video, at 0:02, HE LOOKS SO HOT!! SEXY 😀
    too hot (:
    aaaaand…..fila is one of my fav brands (:
    G D r a g o n Until Whenever ❤

  7. Aww, they look so good! Fresh, summery, happy! =D

    I love the ending when they shouted I LOVE FILA WHOOOO!! ^^

  8. Stares* They are so cute, i love them!

  9. awwww they look so cute ^^ wow who would knew that was freezing that time ^^’

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