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EDIT: 50 seconds of 2NE1’s FIRE has been released. D-2

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Thanks to 와쥐베베님
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I seriously don’t know WHAT THE FREAK Lotte Duty Free is, what it telling me to do or buy but damn, I love it for bringing me sexy men in suits and being freaking adorable.

I love Bong’s vibrant smile, I love Tabi’s cuteness yet sexy, I love Dae’s dorkiness and Baby being Baby and busting a move, I love Bae’s amazing small eyes smile, but hate that fact that Bae didn’t get to sing in this song, i mean… WTF? he just lipsync to Dae’s voice, it’s so obvious, not fair.

I also love the GRI moment. can you spot it?


~ by Vicky on May 1, 2009.

66 Responses to “Join | Big Bang – Lotte Duty Free MV”

  1. OOOH the song sounds cool with the other artists’ voices combined
    i just love dae’s voice i get tingles when ever he sings xD

  2. Lotte is a clothes store I believe….

  3. Well, maybe Bae wasn’t around to record the song or his voice just doesn’t fit in this type of songs.

    On the other hand, I found another genre that Daesung can consider singing. XD

  4. oh wait… google shows more of a cosmentic store,,,

  5. lotte duty free reminds me of those tax free shops you see in airports, where you can buy a lot of different things.

  6. OHMYword! I love this song! It’s like when you see all these sexy men in suits…I’m like in heaven, and this is the music that’s playing in the background.

    I just love Dae & Seungri’s voice<33 ahhh~ muhshisuh!
    and then GD & TOP’s voice add so much spunk to this song and makes it more awesome. super sucks how Bae only gets to lipsync, grrr

    I love the cute dance they do…haha! and seungri’s bust-a-move part

  7. its not fair that Bae is lipsyncing. I’m not happy….his voice is so dynamic and unique that it would have sounded great in the song. Well anyway, the boys look great

  8. lotte duty free is probably one of those duty free stores you see in airports
    the ones that you can only shop in if youre going out of the country
    and lotte is probably sponsoring it
    so its lotte dutyfree :]
    this song is soo cute
    i think taeyang didn’t sing cause the song is a slightly lower tone than his normal singing voice is
    soo sad :[
    but my hubby daesungie was wonderfulll~

    I don’t get why YB is lipsyncing, either. It’s so strange.. -___-

  10. i love this! everyone is so hot! i didn’t know song seung heun sings.

  11. SOO HOT TOP!!
    the rest of the guys didnt matter
    theyre all old..
    even if it is rain.
    Y DIDNT TABI SING?????????
    y did they make him dub with DAE’s voice??

  12. They all look like they sang while the tape was playing when it was filmed, but then the editors just used the tape version and nothing that was live… cause it doesn’t quite match to me. pity…
    They all look fab in th suits thou.

  13. It’s really cuteeee!! but it’S really evident that every part Taeyang ‘sang’ was lypsync over Dae’s and Baby’s voice… but anywaysXDD Tabi is just amazing in this, and Baby’s dance is so cute^^ and there is finally a SeungHyuns moment also! in the very end, it’s Tabi and Baby!! *yay!!!*

  14. its just a duty free store that has a lot of different brands of clothing and other things:)
    but omggg the song is so cuuute~
    daesung and TOP look uber cute^o^

  15. tae yang probably just wasnt around to record it.
    top is ridiculously cute here.. i might die giggling.

  16. HOT HOT HOT men~~ yum yum~~ 😀

  17. Bae didn’t sing at all. I was a bit shocked, but I can probably guess why. Either (1) Most of the singers in the MV had a similar kind of voice, Dae’s probably fit better ir (2) He had a sore throat. To be honest I think it’s the first because only one member of BB is actually heard (I think). The were there for show, but you didn’t hear a lot of voices much. That’s okay though, still hot as ever.

  18. OMFG 😀 SO HOTT! The lotte duty vid!
    AHHHHH frickinggg awesome! my face was like 😀 the whole time.
    lol & BTW, omg! FIRE sounds so good! omg i’m so excited!

  19. Whatever they are selling….ill buy it. just give me bongie in a suit and smiling like that. XD

  20. I wanna say…I am taking my SATs tomorrow and I wanna thank the Big Bang Fansite for posting this and bringing my spirits up, I wanna thank Big Bang and Lotte Duty Free (whoever or watever that is) for releasing this and most of all… THANK U T.O.P FOR BEING SO DAMN SEXY THAT U MADE MY DAY AND U MADE ME WANT TO DO THAT MUCH BETTER 2MORROW!


  22. Wahhh, omfg. OMFG, OMFG! HOT MEN IN SUITS!
    talk about heaven, all over again.
    AWWW WTF? How come Tae Yang didn’t sing?! WHATT?!
    yeah i’m mad too. OH MY GOSH, G-Dragon! cute =]
    Hahaha i love them being dorky and fun.
    drools* AWWWWWWWW i love them! WTF? i’m still mad about
    that but G-Ri moment was cute!
    Damnnn FLYYY 21. Is that Sandara? ghetto, but still pretty!

  23. oh my gosh, the guys are hot with suits now!! especially our favorite Big Bang!! so sexy!! ^^

  24. FIRE!! such an addicitng song already!

  25. VICKY!!! Duty Free is a shop thats around the world and it ships international goods (food etc) to thatt place so people travelling too that country cna buy stuff their use to we went to duty free many times in Phillo so i guess Lotte World has on keke
    Ohhh why did YB have to lip sync to dae’s singing? =(

  26. omgomg >:O
    i do not get it. why’d bae get..cut out? O___o i have no idea what happened. butttt the mv was so adorable lol.
    at first i was like..spazzing and everything and AHH RAIINNN LOL.
    andd omggggggg BIG BANGGG AHHH HOTNESSS~ they look so adorable and everything just OMGG >xDD
    then it gets to the singing part and its SOOOOO obvious that dae’s voice is being replaced by bae’s? i don’t even was TOO obvious made me confused enough to stop smiling.
    O_O poor bae. what happened >:O

  27. wow! they all very adorable & fresh!!!!!!!
    i love jiyong d most in this mv!!!!!!! & his lil “scream” at 1.28 freaking cute!!!!!!!! ^_______________^
    plus, so good to c Rain as well…
    & but yeah,why youngbae din hav his own line in dis song?

  28. Baby’s voicee ~ <333 ahh, i’m just completely in love with it.

  29. o.O it’s not right..that voice is not supposed to be coming out of YB…..o.O Why doesn’t Daesung get to lipsync his own voice. I’ts too weird to see YB with such a deeper voice…. x.x;;;;;;;;;

  30. dayum, our boys looking mighty FINE in those suits (:
    and theres songseunghon bonus x)
    but GAHH TABII!!! looks so dang cute in that hair<333
    and may i say,
    jiyong’s hair should STAY THIS WAY

  31. and FIRE is anticipated

  32. I don’t think Bae’s voice suit this song. All the people who sang in this song have kinda similar voice. It would be difficult for some of the none singers to try and match Bae’s high pitch. XD

  33. it was really goood until i heard taeyang sing the part and im just like O__o

    but TOP is definitely SUPER CUTE in this video 😀
    i love my choi seung hyun ❤

  34. Lotte Duty Free is also a department or variety store in Korea,
    similar to Westfields in Australia.
    So they have everything from groceries, clothing stores, cosmetic stores, supermarkets and more.

    and the FIRE song has such a catchy intro. cant wait til they debut with the entire song instead of 30secs of it

  35. GRI action!!!~~

  36. Jiyong’s suit!!

    It’s the Margiela blazer he wore in the winds mv!

    they all look so happy and cute.

  37. omg them in suits 😀 i love my boys in suit ahha…. for those who dnt know, lotte free is those tax free things that u can buy inside the airport like clothes, perfume etc. when u go into the gates just before u get on the plane or get out the airport, u see these stores, they’re lotte free gifts ^^

  38. no lotte duty free
    is this thing on airplanes or aiports where they sell stuff without tax and stuff

  39. Tabi sang
    G Sang
    SR Sang
    Dae Sang
    Tae didnt =(((!!!
    Lotte Duty Free is a store XD who cares what it sells XD
    It has hot guys like all of big bang and Rain in it. <3!

  40. OMG! Kang Ji Hwan, Song Seung Hun, Park Yong Ha, Bi, Ji Sung and Big Bang altogehter and in suites. Thank god I can still breathe ^^ SO S-E-X-Y ❤

    And I’m also anticipating 2NE1’s debut !

  41. They look so cute! especially TOP , he looks sexy and cute at the same time ❤ , he’s gorgeous *0*!
    BB FTW!

  42. Uhh, I think it’s NOT because Bae’s voice doesn’t fit. Rain was there for god’s sake. I’m betting he just wasn’t there for the recording. He’s working on his own solo album after all.

  43. gosh couldn’t be…bae didn’t get to sing
    but i think it’s because bae’s voice doesn’t fit though
    it’s weird..i rather dae did his part himself though
    other than that
    ohhh my bong is back with the mellow hairstyle!!!
    and his smile kills!!!
    mr.tabi looks dorky and cute as well ❤

  44. woo more good

    visited mi blog, in spanish

  45. Agree with Jiyanz.
    I think Bae’s voice just won’t fit in. Bae should be able to record it unless he got sick or something. If anyone talk about how he’s in US then how come Baby’s voice was there?

    I don’t know, usually i think it was Dae’s voice who is able to somehow merge Bae’s and Baby’s voice. Dae’s voice does have a harmonizing effect.

    @Ethrapt: Bae’s currently on a ‘vacation’. And what’s Rain’s voice there gotta do with Bae’s? I think Rain’s voice does fit in this song.

  46. =.=
    Poor Bae.
    But Maknae’s voice was awesome. :]

  47. ahhh that lotte mv was the besttt. i can rewatch it like 2938018423 timeees~! =P choi top and all the hot korean guys =)

  48. […] Join | Big Bang – Lotte Duty Free MV Join for the latest news on Big Bang, but the most awesome part about is that this forum […] […]

  49. interesting!

  50. OMG 40SECC!!!
    SO HOT!!

  51. O_O Song Seung Hun is so gorgeous.

    Why, yes, I am loving the Lotte Duty Free video. And when TOP goes, “I wanna be with you,” I start grinning like crazy. He looks so great. I’m liking GD’s hair. I gotta agree that YB lip-synching to Dae Sung’s part is a huge rip-off. I mean, it’s out of synch. -___-

  52. whyy does BABY HAS A SOOOOO SEXY VOICE . ; O lmaaao HOTTTY OUT THEREE , aand LMAO Ji yonngie is sooo CUTE X) adddiicteed to his hotty face and smile (: rawr rawr<3333 ~ TABII ~ RAWRSO HOT .
    DAE : WAHAAAAAAAAAA<3333333333


    – btw , 2NE1 ARE SO HOT ^__^ ❤ OUHHHMGEEEZ, FIRE FIRE FIREE ~~~(:


  53. GD looks like a prince with his sweet smile…love GD

  54. LMAAAO , ALWAAYS REPLAAAAAY LOTTEDUTYFREEE LIKEA 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 TIMES
    ~~ ❤ BIG BANG IN SUITS FOREVER @____@ <33

    -SOJANA , baby iheartyou, x_x

  55. aaah yes i love FIRE.
    gosh i cant wait to hear other 2ne1 songs!!!!!!

    i love that touch of silver on gd ~
    SO I’M LOVING YOU—> that song is stuck in my head.
    and gd’s smile is amazingggg

    CANT WAIT!!..

  57. Lotte Duty Free MV <33333 fangirl heaven~~~~lol

  58. woa woa woa, 2NE1 is so catchy! I was actually kinda annoyed that it stopped there D: I WANT TO HEAR MOREEEEEEEE.

  59. ive been hearing lotte duty free alot these days lol i thought they were lottery tickets? XD
    yeah why the fuckles did they make bae lipsync =( he even lipsync to maknae’s voice i can tell =p

  60. i can’t wait for the full Fire song!!!

    and GD’s smile when he says “once again” at 2.43 has got to be one of the most beautiful things in the world.

  61. i think Lotte is a place in Korea..haha

  62. I like the 2ne1 preview. the lotte duty free is cute!

  63. Rain smile was creepy lol. Seung-ri dance made me bust out laughing. I couldn’t get my eyes off hot.

  64. I just dont find 2ne1’s song catchy yet…

  65. ahhhhh GD’s so cute! ^_____^
    i absolutely love his smile!
    and i spotted the G-RI XD
    Cannot wait for 2NE1’s “Fire”

  66. Lotte is a big corporation in South Korea. They have like departments and stuff, so its like duty free shops in the dp store. I live in Korea L:)

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