05.02.09 KM Campaign “I Say Music”: G-Dragon, TaeYang, SeungRi

i’d say “No Genre Just Music”


Credit: S @ BBVIPz
Re-upload to Youtube: elaisvipp

What’s Music Mean to You?

GD: I Say Music – What’s music mean to me? (Music is) my shooting star – because music is like my dream and I always work towards that dream.

YB/TaeYang: I Say Music. (Music is) my friend. I think it’s been always music that has comforted me and stayed by my side since I was little. That’s why I think music is my best friend.

SeungRi: I Say Music. (Music is) happiness and sorrow. Music is my everything and SeungRi the person is music.

[Translations: pgeorgie]
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~ by Momo on May 3, 2009.

13 Responses to “05.02.09 KM Campaign “I Say Music”: G-Dragon, TaeYang, SeungRi”

  1. They are so cute and sweet<3
    I say Music (Big Bang) Because they are the heart and soul of what music should be

  2. i say music( big bang) as they are the core to all great and good music
    hehe ^^

  3. big bang is just damn inspirational

  4. big bang is my music

  5. hehe gd “like byul ddong byul”
    aw they are real music artists!

  6. d’aww
    wow seung ri’s eye bags just gets worse and worse huh

  7. TY chinguuu ^^ BB is music ♥

  8. haha apey, what does “byul ddong byul” mean? D:

  9. Omygodd. this video is so cute.
    I LOVED their messages. (:
    i feel the same way. (:

  10. Aww, I’d like to hear what Tabi and Dae would say.

    Their answers were all great. ^^ I like Bae’s answer the most.. Maybe I’m a tad biased, but I really like his answer anyway. ^o^

  11. AWWWW G-Dragon is so cute (: “I say Music..”
    they should so cute saying that.
    Aw, TaeYang, i thought that Ji Yong was your Best Friend.
    he’s gonna be sad b/c you replaced him. Ahaha just kidding.
    AWW Seungri said his own name. Haha.
    Where’s TOP & Dae Sung’s?

  12. OMGGG<3 bongie has the best engilsh i think xD GAHHHHH THEY’RE SO ADORABLEEE<3333 bong looks freakinggg cute :} his expressions and smile are stunninggg<3 ;] even with gramma hair xDD BAEEEE<3 is so hot LOL 😀 and LMAO. seung ri’s message is SOOO SEUNG RI AHAA. he is music LOLL ;D the messages are sooooooo adorableeeeeeeexDD

  13. http://community.livejournal.com/bigbang_media/133803.html#cutid1
    Top’s version

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