Lollipop CF New Version


*15s and 30s.

credit: s

credit: 아련알섬님

Re-upload to Youtube: kieworld
Post taken from: Chau@


~ by Momo on May 3, 2009.

11 Responses to “Lollipop CF New Version”

  1. FIRST:D

  2. omg my comments keep getting cut off O_o
    i said:
    yayy first for the first time lol xDD

    i actually like the other version better, but THIS IS STILL WAY HOT 😀

  3. cool, theres some different cuts in these CFs :]
    aw, they didnt show any park bom

  4. I love TOP’s ‘pop pop’ at the end of the CMs.
    That phone looks soooo cool! I really wish they had them in the states … I want my secret light… 😉

  5. OMG TOP! i love how he did that “pop pop” thing at the end! its soo cute! :3


  7. lol was top shaving with that phone ? xD

  8. cool! ^^

  9. st // Hahaha… does sorta look like it. XD

    Pop! Pop! Hehe Tabi was hot at the end. =D

    …The phone looks so cool. *-*

  10. Ooh i like. Ahhh i love the Lollipop phone! 🙂
    I am so happy that Big Bang got to CF that song.

  11. I’m confused. It is May 6 in Korea now and the full song of 2NE1’s Fire is still not out yet?! i don’t know if it’s out in korea yet but shouldn’t it be?? maybe i’m relying too much on the internet for the information. anyone have the song now?

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