TBS Special “Iris”: TOP in Akita


Translations by kimyoon @ livejournal
Subbed by elaisvipp
Vid credit to madeeriko + Gonome | thanks Boosa


~ by Momo on May 3, 2009.

18 Responses to “TBS Special “Iris”: TOP in Akita”

  1. where can i find this with english subtitles????

    omona, top looks amazing!!! :]

  2. wow it must be REALLY cold.. top looks awesome:]

  3. dang seung hyun got owned !
    i really like his hair like that
    its cute (:

  4. TOP is so freaking adorable <333 he just look so awkward saying hi to the little girl lolz….he make such a HOT assassin…

  5. coolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll


  7. tabi looks so tall when hes standing next to that girl. ahas.

  8. top’s looking good!! lol he got owned by lee byung hun at 2:58. LBH looks funny running away with the girl haha
    TOP IRIS fighting woot!

  9. wahhh
    haha i love himmmmm

  10. seriously.. that green suit.. flashiest assassin ever.
    but heeee soo cute with the curly hair x.x

  11. TOP looks awesome in green suit <333

  12. he looks like Goo Jun Pyo xD
    really every Korean with cruls will look like Goo Jun Pyo xD
    but I tinkt it is really cute!!
    like the hat!!


  13. love TOP so muchhhhhhhhhh
    TOP fighting IRIS fighting

  14. t.o.p looked like goo joon pyo at 3:18..
    the curly/wavy hair and in the hat
    that time in the movie when he told jan di to meet him at the tower while she was eating her food..ahah!

  15. Aww, Tabi look so cute with the snowflakes in his hair. <333

  16. How come i can’t see the video?
    i tried refreshing like a bunch of times.

  17. hahaaa hes so cute when they asked him about Lee Byung Hyun. his smile :DDD

  18. TOP is getter hotter day by day, can’t wait for this drama.

    And I’m so happy and proud that my translation got here. This is one of my main resources of Big Bang news. Thanks for making subs!

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