61 Responses to “[Fan Encounter] Spotted in a Japanese Restaurant: TaeYang,Teddy,Kush,Lovely Miss Aimee”

  1. LOL…she is really one lucky girl…i want to meet youngbae too…*sigh*…

  2. aww~~ ❤ you’re so lucky 😥 good for you to see them in real life…idk if i would be calm enough to see them :”) ~~

  3. omg this was so cuteeeeeeeee! ^^
    and really really I’m impressed because her behaviour was good.. I know how stupid I am and I would stare at him like a fool all the time with psycho smile on my face..
    but she was very mature and this is how fans should behave ^^
    I’m really glad that there are people that can treat idols like humans not something that belongs to them ^^
    and of course I’m jealous xD
    but I’m waiting patiently for my own chance ^^

  4. aaaah lucky much!

  5. Ouh gosh, I’m so jealous !!!

  6. OMG!!
    she’s SOO LUCKY! XD
    haha to be honest, i probs wouldve done the same thing though – whenever there are famous people, i get really shy!
    awww he sounds like SUCH a sweetie
    hehe it mustve been cute when he put his hands on aimee’s shoulders ^^
    what a great fan too! so mature – VIP represent! 😀

  7. I am more jealous of Aimee than the fan. although I’d still kill to be able to see TaeYang in person. hmmmm….I wonder where Shaun was ?

  8. aww thanks for translating =) little things like this made me smile i’m happy for the lucky fan girl and i applaud her for keeping her cool. she sounds like such a sweetheart. seriously it seems as if all of you girls and guys? are sweethearts too haha we need more big bang fans in this world ok well minus the crazy ones that would kill for big bang. spread love not war! lol

  9. Wow, she’s so lucky. I wish I can be her and I’ll go to asked him do me some favor
    : signature,… I want to be her so much. I can’t see YB and BB’s members on stage or go to they concert. She’s so lucky to live in Korean and meet them. I think that if I live I Korea, I’ll go to the YG’s office everydays try to meet BB, LOL. So jealous :[

  10. WOW. Impressive! I liked how she reacted and gave Bae his space and let the boy eat in peace. I seriously would not have known how to react. Just leave him alone or try to get a picture with him? It’s more insane for international fans I guess cos we RARELY get to see the boys and chance encounters like this NEVER happens sooo…sigh.

    Lucky girl. I probably wouldn’t have noticed in the first place! Tahnks for the translation!

  11. she’s set a very good example. kudos to her and letting TY eat in peace. (:

  12. *GASP* what a lucky fan*CRY* i wish i would be able to do that i wonder if she did go up to YB would it be too rude? because he was still eating…but who is Aimee?

  13. yea, i admire you. i would of went up to him and asked to get an autograph and a picture. i would of left him alone after, but not w/o an autograph. i wonder if i will ever get to see bb in my life. ur so lucky.

  14. We really need more calm and mature fans like this. Nowadays, it’s hard to find fans like those. All i ever heard was psychotic fans who would even buy a tissue one of their five-member idol group(not big bang) used. Talk about disgusting.

    We should set Shinhwa fans as our target. They have some of the most considerate and mature fans ever. No wonder why shinhwa could stay so long in the industry. Let’s show the world that BigBang is nothing but positive influence on us Vips, shall we?

  15. awww, i’m just wondering,.. what could have been YB’s reaction if the fan approached and asked for his autograph and want to take pic w/ him???

  16. OMG! ure so lucky 🙂

  17. WOW! omg just to be in the SAME area as YB I wuld die!! I think Aimee is the super lucky one! gaahh!! I respect the fan for restraining herself lol I think that takes A LOT. I would also be in disbelief that no one is going up to YB lol but at the same time I would be happy that no one did:D

  18. you should have talked to him. he is very nice. i met him in japan and took a picture with him. he’s very quiet though.

  19. lucky girl. even luckier Aimee. T_T

  20. Yes this was a very calm fan. She gets props for not going insane. I honestly would have done the same thing and not bothered him while he was eating. I might have introduced myself to them later and given them by business card.
    From what I know Shuan is in the USA and hes coming back in a few days. GD is somewhere in Europe and the others are busy filming for TV shows. Aimee hangs with TaeYang all the time since he has nothing to do but rest and workout. Its nice they get to chill now and relax.

  21. shes so lucky…. she should have asked for an autograph as he was walking out. thats what i wld have done

  22. wow~
    she’s so lucky.. XD

  23. That was a lucky chance for the writer to see TaeYang. And she definitely gave him the respect that he deserved by not bothering him during his off time. Especially while he was eating. I’m pretty jealous of Aimee lol. Not only is she gorgeous and talented but because of that (talent) she’s friends with a lot of the YG Family. And can’t forget her boyfriend is an awesome choreographer. Lucky girl!

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  25. LOL… I can imagine Bae just munching away. XD

    Hahaha, ‘only interested in Mr. Yang’? Shoot… my eyes would all be on Bae. =D

    Aww, that was a lucky fan to even see Bae in public! Even tho she didn’t get his autograph or talk to him.. she had direct eye contact with him for a moment. O: So lucky.

    And her reaction was def cool, not all fangirl crazy. I’d probably be the same. So shy on the outside, but dying on the inside. XDDD

  26. SHE SAW TEDDY!!!!!!!!!!
    OHMIGOD!!! I luv him ;-;…I would’ve acted like a complete phsyco and clinged to him ;-;

  27. I’ve known Aimee for a long time ever since when we were in high school. She’s a cool and super nice chick. She was also always an incredibly talented dancer. Anywho the fan is super lucky, man… I’m jealous of Aimee because she seems to be getting around in the world, so lucky, and I’m here still back at home… sigh. Haha, big bang hwaiting!

  28. OMG! That is the cutest story ever! She is SO lucky >_< My best friend would die if she ever saw him in person!

  29. @Darkumbra
    how do you know all that? just curious.

  30. ahhhhhh i am so jealous of aimee! lucky her! anyways wow the fan is so calm about it seriously i would be squealing and cannot sit still in my chair ahahhaha dearlord just reading this made me so anxious so wanting to meet them!! gah YOUNGBAE-ah!!! i cannot get enough of you! hearing stories from ppl and all over is crazy!

  31. @vannie

    Well I know this through work. I have a friend who was interviewing Aimee and I guess they have been talking more friendlier than usual. She was the one who told me. Not in too much detail but I guess its safe to say in public. lol


    Have you spoken to Amiee recently? I’m just assuming Shuan comes back to the US more often then she does but I am just guessing. I dont really know too much about how choreographers work over seas.

  32. I don’t want to sound offensive, but who is Aimee? I have heard of all the others, but I’m not sure who she is. Judging from the other posts it sounds like she is a dancer. Which one is she? There are a couple of dancers I really like from his performances. Thank you!

  33. haha that was a really cute experience.
    ooh maybe our youngbae has a little crush on miss aimee =X LOL
    just a observation hahaha. where was shaun ?
    he better watch outt. hahah jkjk
    but yeah that was cute ❤

  34. interesting fan experience. i would totally stop both aimee and ty for a picture. ^^

  35. BBFan

    Aimee Lucas is a dancer and also coreographer along with shaun evaristo (her bf). they are both from U.S. and also they are both from philipines descent. these two helped tae yang with the coreography of his whole album and also helped BIG BANG with some of their coreography like WITH YOU and NUMBER1 i think :]

  36. { kaykaynwhybee }

    it is possible. i mean she is a nice looking girl, seems sweet and CAN dance and we know that tae yang LOVES to dance too.but she is taken so i dont think tae yang would steal shaun’s gf from him. probably they are just close friends.

  37. man if i was her i would just run to him for an autograph <3]
    tae yang isn’t the type to reject someone

  38. Wow she’s so luck! I would have acted the same way. I don’t believe in stalking celebraties and hovering over them asking them for autographs. I believe that we are all human with gifts and no one should be harrassed because they decide to share their gift with the world! 🙂

  39. I’m glad you didn’t draw attention to them because that would be a hassle to them haha. That’s weird.

  40. awww that is super cute….i can really picture it…Bae sitting there and enjoying his yummy food =] i like how the girl didn’t go bananas and run up to him….wow! after reading this..its totally getting my excited!

  41. OHMYGEE . She’s so LUCKY to be in the same place as YOUNGBAE ❤
    && I respect her for restraining herself and letting him eat in peace (: Idk what i would’ve done if i saw him ! -sigh- BigBang ❤

  42. Damn, she acted really cool.
    I would have died if I saw TY…
    I would have raced over for an autograph.

  43. I think I would be too stunned to do anything but sit there and drool lol. I would like to think that I wouldnt just run over and beg for an autograph but who knows. I would definately wave as hes leaving to see if he waves back.

  44. Mmm, I’m glad she stayed calm. It made her inner-thoughts seem all the more interesting, haha. Yeah, I’d have stayed put if I were her,s imply because I’d be too shy to approach.

  45. who’s aimee?

  46. lucky fan!! why is she so calm??
    hahahaa omg if i were her, i would really go to bae and call him YoungBae Oppa ^^
    but wait..i don’t think i have the guts though lol
    goshhh she’s so lucky ^^
    and from her description, BAE is a cutie (well..everyone knows..) 🙂
    AIMEE!! i’m a fan of her 🙂
    that’s cute to read how bae put his hands on aimee
    seems like they’re hanging out alot lately
    that’s good..the boys seem to be having a relax life now
    i’m happy..and satisfied 🙂
    hope the boys rest well and rejuvenate themselves
    and comeback soon! ❤

  47. OMG you are so lucky 🙂

  48. st

    She’s a dancer from US. Her BF,Shaun Evaristo and the crew helped bae with his album and also some of BB’s choreography. She’s nice and friendly though (from what posted before in her myspace blog..). She wrote about our boys while she practiced with them..and helped iVIPs to pass gifts to the boys..how sweet. i really like her..hope she’ll continue to be good friends with the boys ^^

    For those who don’t know who is aimee! she’s the girl in Number 1 MV!! The one whose butt got smacked by our Youngbae~sexy and hot..and i really like her physique!

  49. […] [Fan Encounter] Spotted in a Japanese Restaurant: TaeYang,Teddy,Kush,Lovely Miss Aimee momo [from georgie]: A lucky fan wrote about her chance encounter with our YB and posted it on YBEffect on May 3, 2009. […] […]

  50. wahhaaa : OO FAAAAN HWAAAAITING ! ^___________^ <33
    YOUR ARE VERY STRONG TO NOT GOO ANNOY YOUUUNG BAAEE LIKE A CRAAZY ~ XD , because me too i won’t 8) ~ i wouldn’t have alL the guts to do it .. weell , one daay i’ll be a famous persoon too . AND I’LL TO TALK TO YB AND BIG BAANG MEMBERS !! :DDDDD ❤
    tryying to reach someting really far , but i can do anyways . IMA BE KOREAN SINGER OR A SINGER.. EVEN IF IM NOT KKOREAN .. WELL ^_^


    – SOJANA .

  51. aish she shoulda totally went up to him and asked for an autograph
    i wouldn’t get my pride get in the way in these emergency situations (:


  53. OHMYGOD, yeah i would probably act differently too xDDD as they leave i’d probably go up to them and ask in the sweetest way possible if i can have an autograph LOL. how could they turn you away?! a big bang member would never do that right? LOL.
    especially in front of mr yang?! ahaa. IM ALSO SOO ENVIOUS OF HER.
    THEY LOCKED GLANCES AND HE QUICKLY TURNED AWAY?!!!? the whole description is SO ADORABLE. it’s like bae is just any teenage boy you have a crush on LOLLL<333 that’s sooo sweet ;D GAHHH, THEY SEEM SO ‘CLOSE’ TO FANS:OOO i guess most of the time people that want something more don’t get it D: and the others that do don’t want it as much? ahaa..idk MAYBE xD such a great oppurtunity if you know what i mean ;DD but i guess also..if i was 26 maybe i’d act and think differently so i’d best shut up about it LOL. ahhhhhhhh, but just the thought of that. so cool xDD!

  54. my heart melted!

  55. but who is this miss aimee??!!

  56. wwwooooow.
    i’d want to seee him eating near by!
    i doubt that i’d keep my composure. probably squeal with joy XD

  57. @Darkumbra…
    I have no idea, it’s been too long since I’ve seen her… she’s moved far away from her roots here in Northern California, last I’ve heard she moved to So Cal (los angeles where movie stars room free sorta) lol

  58. Who is aimee?

  59. Aww.. T.T
    I would have gone over to ask him cauz he’s a good guy. =.=
    Lucky Lucky Lucky girl. T_T
    She should have talked to him. ^ ^

  60. LOL~~ lucky girl 😀

  61. omg crazy lady. i wuld hav walked straight up to him and asked for it. though id b in english he myt hav said no then. lol. Taeyang isnt the sorta person hu wuld say no is he? id only recognise Taeyang though. i wuld hav only known him. XD
    such a lucky girl. shuld hav at least taken a photo or something. id b a one in a bagillion chance for ivips
    wow all the rumours that wuld erupt frm this whole TY & aimee thing wuld b crazy [not that i noe hu she is]

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