2NE1: FIRE MV Street & Space Version

Download it at HQ21

Can you spot Bong???????


Thanks to 그렇습니다


thanks to 엠와이


~ by Vicky on May 5, 2009.

60 Responses to “2NE1: FIRE MV Street & Space Version”

  1. aaaaaa is he in it? i cnt spot him!

  2. posers…

  3. Ahh! I ❤ it!! hehe

  4. GD is in the Street ver. at 3:21
    this song is HOT….i like the street version more than the space one but the choreo is awesome….props to aimee

  5. @ Christina
    LOL. okay. if you say so.

  6. I ❤ both versions! It’s HOT! LOL
    I seriously can’t find Bong..haha
    Is he playing the drums? LMAO o_O

  7. o0o haha! thanks Sweetsorrow18!

  8. AHH!!
    i can’t see him
    and ive been waiting for this a long time!!!

  9. whoa
    lurvee them!

  10. Christina,
    why are you even watching this if you don’t like it?

  11. cant find GD.but i love the song.it definitely has a fresh sensation.appropriate for summer even..all the best to 2NE1!

  12. damnnn flyy.uhm, alright. DAMNNNNn i love
    sandara’s part where she says fire and you see it.
    Haha. No wonder, it does have a india/bollywood vibe.
    Minji’s & CL’s voice sounds the same-ish. but i can
    tell the different. Uhm Minji’s young.
    Damnnnnnnnn nice. robot parts. AHHHH i can’t wait till
    they perform this song. Niceee. dance. Ghetto much.
    I love the 2 versions. No wonder for all the pictures
    they were wearing different things. OHHH i get it now.
    Damnnnnnn i sense some G-Dragon styling. even with him
    being gone. sniff, i miss him. Hey the 2 versions are
    kinda different.
    AHHHH NOOOOO! VICKY! WHERE’s g-dragon?
    HAHAHAHAHAHA OKAY. now i see him. LMAO that made me smile.
    Aw, man. good night nows. GDNight.
    can’t wait to download them =]

  13. lol. GD in the street with Minzy solo dance. haha!..something was wrong with Dara’s clothing in the street.., so weird. lol. i liked the space version better. anyways they were all over the place, i didn’t know what they were doing expect putting up gangsta signs…lol. Bom is so beautiful. i<3Bom. CL is better with shades. (not trying to be mean) i<3CL most. thank you.

  14. LOL! BONG is at exactly 3:21 o n the street version. hes the person fliping his hair like crazy! HES SOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PS!! i saw a small avi of BONG and i cant find it anymore, if someone finds it can they pleaseeeee tell me!!1

  15. LOL SPOTTED how random xD
    i like the space one better but OMG 2ne1 scream female big bang!!
    definately lived up to my expectations anyway! love it!

  16. omg
    is freaking
    crazy & hilarious & random
    and 2ne1 are adorable

  17. HAHAH jiyong on the street version towards the end
    thats so funny (;
    the song has heavy beats
    and its so techno&repetitive
    BUT what can i say, i like these girls (:
    i wanna see a perf!! waiting for real debut
    hopefully soon 😀
    i like the song tho~ & dang, i can sense
    gd helped out alot hahhaah
    enough with those cutesy stuff. ya get me? (;

  18. is this just a digital single release?

  19. Yeeees,I saw him being all dorky there> How cute,awwww,one big bite!

  20. omfg they rock!

  21. Oh shit!!!…

    lmao at gdragon
    what a cutie though ❤
    i actuall didnt like them much at first but they’re growing on me 😉
    good song fsho

  23. is it just me or does it remind you of ‘ah’ by afterschool?

    Like we do when the boys are performing live. =D Like New Years?

    PLEASE! Can we. I want to see their debut stage. 😀


    eh eh eh eh eh…. 2NE1!!!!

  26. finally!! haha
    i personally like the space one better but boths good. cant wait for the live performance!

    ❤ big bang 2ne1 GDragon

  27. awesomee =DD can’t wait until 2NE1 have their first live performance of this song or Lollipop. =DDD IT’S JUST TOO GOOD!!!
    2NE1 Hwaiting~ ^^

  28. love love it! GD is so cute! Minji catches my attention. She’ll be an awesome little sister who you would want to put in your pocket.

  29. YG really needs to open an official VIP board for us english folk (States-side lover of BB; damn technicalities). Loves to BB/2NE1!!! VIP/*BLACKJACKS* FIGHTING!!! (though i can’t join either; again, damn technicalities)

  30. OH. SO. HOT.

    ROFLMAO. i could not believe that was BONG?!!??!?! LOLL. was it really?!?!? xDDDD

  31. Both vids are good and the quality of the production was def high! I like the fact that 2ne1 went opposite direction of most korean girl groups, by going feirce in music and style! The only thing that will REALLY put them at the front of the industry is a Powerful LIVE performance, where the girls will have to SING GREAT! then its pretty much a wrap..

  32. oMG I LOVE THISSS <33
    minji’s young but she still a sexy dancer!! (lolz at GD in the back)
    i like Park Bom in the space ver. very cute ❤

  33. is the mp3 out yet?

  34. So Hotttttttttttttttt

    It’s real


    thank you

  35. wow cl does remind me of gd and she even sems to like yellow(since her headphones are that color) just like gd.

  36. Ohhh, LOVED IT!
    I can really feel the “bollywood” thing.
    Haha GD in the back!
    Its took me ages to find it!
    First at 3:21, it shows his head
    & then @ 3:22 he’s dancing.
    I wanted to see more of him! 😦
    Anyways, its awesome!
    2NE1’s gonna be No.1~

  37. is it me or Bom seems to be touching her hair a lot in the street version? it’s like the hoody is making her hair gets into her eyes when she dances or smth >_///<!!

  38. fasho’

    i love minzi in the street ver, you wouldn;t think she’s too young! and dara with the fire is hot! wowww! so much teasing and it’s worth the wait!

  39. @ tinka,
    you can dl the mp3 @ zedge

  40. i like the street version much better! the song’s catchy but i’m not really digging the ghetto image. they could try to soften it up a little. i can’t wait for their live!! finally something different from the urgh cutesy-sweet-girly-bubblegum girl groups out there

  41. these girls sound and look like pros already!

  42. omo!! so ghetto i love it!! FIERCE!!!!!!!!! i love it… stay that way girls… i’ve had enough of cutesy cutesy girl group idols. we need some FIRE up in female kpop idol land. now lets see em LIVE. oooh they gonna blow up the stage i just know it. these girls be full of attitude!!

    haha^^ i can’t seem to tell who’s cl and who’s dara. i think dara’s the one in the pink cargo pants right?? i love dara’s outfit! and the sideways do rag thing goin on?? really nice and unique! i sense GD flair with dara… they’re so similar. cutesy but really edgy and powerful and awesome!!

    lol at my bongie bein a dork back there. hehe^^ i miss him so much!! rest well and have a good time yongie^^ we’ll see you soon!

    2NE1 hwaiting!! BIG BANG HWAITING!!! my baby bongie saranghae<33

  43. JiYong is such a dorkie haha

    I like the song alot! I wish 2NE1 great success in the future with this song! 2NE1 Hwaiting! ❤

  44. the thing that i like the most about these girls is: they don’t appear slutty and yet can still bust some serious moves. love the way they are so different from the current girl groups in korea.
    i like the street version better, although the space one is cool and screams big budget production XD
    anyway, in my opinion:
    CL – female GD
    Minji – female Daesung
    Park Bom – female Taeyang
    Sandara – this one i’m not sure, but more like female TOP than SR

    that’s the vibe i got from watching and listening to their vocals and parts.

  45. Daaaaaamn these girls got some attitude and i love it!! The space i admit kinda scared me a little bit. There was so much going on that it was like o.o? Dude the street version!!! NOW THATS WHAT I EXPECT FROM YG LADIES!! That was freaking amazing!!

    lmao your opinion with how each one is like a big bang memeber or close to one. I was thinking the exact same thing for CL XD

  46. love 2NE1

  47. i couldnt comment this morning when i donwloaded the song >< i like this song, kinda stuck in my head now. space version is definately better. and hahah at GD randomly dancing in the other version. wish the quality was better so i can see his face properly. hope he is well and having fun. i am excited for their live performance.
    2ne1 fighting!

  48. @squizzy and top’s princess

    that’s weird, cuz i hear both Tabi and GD in both Minji and CL (im like already hearing the boys as i have fire on repeat/assigning parts, can’t wait til someone remix a “male version”)…then i hear GD sometimes in Dara (how he rap/sings in a higher register)…then DaeDae,BaeBae/TY, and VI in Bommie (depending on which register she sings in)

    aside from “male version” im waiting on…
    english remix (official and fan version)

    battle of sexes remix (yes, i hope beyond hope that there’s a BB/2NE1 official remix–kinda already written since BB will be in Japan for summer and fall. so @ least once, do “lollipop” *fingers cross*)

    ALIKS089 club mix

    official stage mix

  49. There’s so much hype!! the videos have more than 500k views in Korea, not counting the worldwide youtube ones. and this mv was posted on Perez Hilton again!! they won’t take over BB will they XD

  50. i love it! i like the street one better. i dont exaclty know why, i just do. lol. can someone tell me who is who please? i got lost. too long w/o looking at them. forgot. hahaha thanks :]

    universe: NO they will NOT take over BB! HELLS to the NOOOOOO. and theyre on perez hilton again? SICKKKK!


  52. ARGH i just can’t get enough of CL’s part at the beginning
    I’m DIGGING THAT GIRL man.she’s the perfect female version of bong!!
    and bommie is just stunning and pretty
    yeah i pretty agree that she lacks stage presence
    hope she improved though, her voice is gorgeous
    sandara is really pretty too,
    but i hate that her part is digitalized
    i wanna hear her real voice RAWR!
    so i’m still doubtful at sandara’s singing though
    what really impressed me is MINJI!!!
    gosh..is she really a 1994???
    cause she looks effing gangsta
    with hella nice VOICE!
    2NE1 rocks~
    just gotta admit that they’re unlike girl groups nowadays ❤

  53. some addition to my previous comment..
    i like this song, but i just don’t love it as much as i expect myself to.
    idk..maybe bcuz i have too much expectation on them
    i can see the potential of each member in the song,
    but they definitely have more
    so i’m waiting for their debut stage
    pull off the digital thing in the song!
    i seriously don’t like it o__O

  54. @ Cristina Idk umm we have made this clear HATERS arent allowed.the song is Fire no pun intended…it has a reggae feel i really feel 2ne1 is gonna make it.

  55. luv ’em. they r all great+Best.!
    but i love BigBang more. hehe. 🙂
    2NE1, hwaiting!!!!!!!

  56. i CAn soo see GD in CL

  57. love both versions ^^ <33

  58. @asfa, yea! it’s almost like CL is the girly GD xD.

    – I like them both, but I LOVE the street version. And the song is really good! 😀 if it is this type of music they will do, I deffinately gonna love them d;

  59. hot song
    stuck in my head
    ding ding ding ding ding

  60. THNAKS love th song!
    diff from other krn songs

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