Amazing quotes about Love.Music.Friendship

Its amazing that one can write such beautiful yet symbolic desciption about love, music and friendship. And to quote from the famous Japanese writer Haruki Murakami is mind-boggling!  I just had to share this with all of you. 

Georgie’s heart felt extremely warm after reading it. How do feel after reading these quotes? Does it make your heart feel warm inside?


Commenting on the “Excertps from Senoso: GD Talks About YB” on her blog (, Lii said:

“The way i see it, in my opinion, even tho GD seems to be the one with the stronger and louder personality, as compared to Bae’s more calming and sweet presence, as far as their friendship is concerned, GD is the one relying more on Bae for that moral support. I truly believe this, which is why when it comes to GDYB, I feel that I can never thank Bae enough for being that wonderful and ever reliable pillar of support for GD, giving him that confidence to be all the more creative and crazy and wacky because even if the world does not understand and go against him (GD) instead, he knows that he can always count on Bae, to rely on Bae to still be there for him.

“So really. thank u Bae for helping GD be the amazing artiste he is now. The fact that u matter damn much to GD just goes to show how important a person u are to him. U must be that amazing and I really wish for the friendship of GDYB to go on forever. Like fuhevuh. Because when the both of u are together, the obvious love between u two never fail to inspire. The warmth it spreads is so uplifting, it gives hope that true friendship can exist and, last.”

Quote from “After Dark” by Haruki Murakami was provided by Tofumon:

“You send the music deep enough into your heart so that it makes your body undergo a kind of physical shift, and simultaneously the listener’s body also undergoes the same kind of physical shift. It’s giving birth to that kind of shared state.”

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~ by Momo on May 5, 2009.

14 Responses to “Amazing quotes about Love.Music.Friendship”

  1. B_E_A_U_T_I_F_U_L!!!

    thanks for sharing!!! 😀

  2. awwwwww…so heart warming!

  3. how sweet! ^_^

  4. i totally agree
    it is heart-warming
    me as well, couldn’t thank bae enough for being there for bong
    it is obvious that bae has became a part of bong now
    and both of them shall not be separated 🙂

    i’m a major GD lover
    but i love bae..
    for always being a sweetheart, working hard, amazing&awesome
    he is just special in my heart ❤
    thank you Bae, let the GDYB love spreads 😀

  5. awww Bae,you’re such a wonderful person.
    i love you more,more!!!

  6. who is Lii?

    such an amazing pair.

  8. Wow, really cool perspective on GDYB. Lii’s words are so great. ^_^

    GDYB LOVE. <333

  9. wawaahaaa ~~ Jii Yoooong and Youung BAAAE ! ❤ FRIENDSHIP FOREVEEER !! : )
    Whaaat a strong FRIENSHIP ;O ! they are boooth counting on each other, if oNe is down, the other ONE is comforting.
    ~ RAAAAAAAAAH ❤ . SO CUTE ^_________^ <3333

    Ji yonnng and Young Bae. ❤ staaay what you are forever, and ever. YOU ARE WHAT YOU ARE. – UNDEFINITLY CUTE HOT AND SENSITIVE ❤ . rawr.

    – Sojana.

  10. that’s so heart warming and WOW, really good i mean i couldn’t have said it better myself

  11. sniffs* AWWWWWW i think i teared a little.
    Wow, that was really was heart warming. True, wouldn’t
    say it better myself. AWWWw i love GDYB.
    All i can say is ‘Awww’ now.

  12. awwww GDYB true friendship 4ever!!!

  13. Oh this is beautiful, I don’t use the word beautiful a lot, because I really mean that beautiful is a so strong word, but this blog is beautiful.. the way she describes it all and so. It’s so true what she says, I really think that GD’s creative personallity have much to do with how bae is there for him, and supports him.. GDYB FOREVER. they deserve this friendship will last to the end<3

    .. I feel there is a lot of mistakes in my english in this comment, so sorry for that if there is ;D

  14. yup!! i saw an article that jiyong was saying on their BB documentary..they were portrayed as if they were rivals but the truth is Young Bae has always been his friend and that he will never hesitate to choose Young Bae to be his friend beside him in his death bed (kind find the exact words!)..and yeah! MURAKAMI is my hero…in writting i mean..and big bang in music! LOL!

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