Big Bang GDragon Rap Collection

[momo]: lol @ JT and Melly. you two….hahah. Anyway, everyone who posted comments here helped as well. Thanks!



  • Intro: Victory (3rd Single: BigBang 03)
  • Always (Always EP)
  • Heaven (Stand Up EP)
  • Super Fly (Lexy: Rush)
  • But I love You (Hot Issue EP)
  • Run (Se7en: 24/7)
  • Fly Gentlemen (Yg Family Vol2: Why Be Normal)
  • Baby Baby (With U EP)
  • Mad About You (With U EP)
  • D.I.S.C.O Part2 (Uhm Jung Hwa: Disco Remix)
  • Oh My Friend (Stand Up EP)
  • Anystar Remix (Park Bom)
  • Forever With You (3rd Single: BigBang03)
  • This Love (Vol1: Since 2007)
  • Intro (Se7en: Just Listen)
  • Goodbye Baby (3rd Single: BigBang03)
  • Intro: Work It Now (Gummy: Comfort)
  • Oh Ma Baby (Always EP)
  • A-Yo (JinuSean: The Reign)
  • Shake it (Vol1: Since 2007)
  • Big Bang (3rd Single: Big Bang 03)
  • Dirty Cash (Vol1: Since 2007)
  • Intro: We Are Big Bang (Always EP)
  • So in Love Part 2 (Kim Jo Han)
  • How Gee (For The World EP)
  • With U (With U EP)
  • Lady (Stand Up EP)
  • Can You Feel Me (Se7en: Se7olution)
  • V.I.P (2nd Single: Big Bang is VIP)
  • What (YMGA: Made in R.O.K)

[from melly]: OK I GOT IT LOL. the list is complete. i can sleep peacefully now (figuratively speaking)

[from JT]:  I helped!

Source: 힙플/다음tv팟”
Youtube Channel: jeongpark91
Post taken from: stardaisy212


~ by Momo on May 5, 2009.

33 Responses to “Big Bang GDragon Rap Collection”

  1. that’s cool…
    i’ve not find yet about 2 songs either
    but we will ( i think )

    thanks momo & stardaisy212

  2. the first ? should be Run by se7en

  3. the second is goodbye baby from with u :]

  4. yea the first is Run by se7en. had Taeyang in it too.
    the second is goodbye baby? (but that’s more of a guess)

  5. not “with u”>.< Oops haha

  6. 2nd one is goodbye goodbye baby
    1st one: i’m working on it!

  7. ohhh myy, i love his rap<3 xDD

  8. 6th : Run (Se7en’ album “24/7”) feat GDYB

  9. ^^^yeah the second one is goodbye baby definitely!!!

  10. For the 1st ? is Run with se7en

  11. 1st one: Run by Se7en from his 24/7 album
    2nd: Goodbye Baby from 3rd single – B I G B A N G 03

  12. thanks a lot… luv this a lot… he is so talented…

  13. whooo yeah G-Dragon~~ love his rapping :]]
    look how much he’s done since being a little 13-yr-old rapper/trainee ^^

    loved it!
    GD’s raps are so awesome!
    luv you!!

  15. cool. wait r u doing one for T.O.P?

  16. I think you missed “Party” by Uhm Jung Hwa. Awesome list BTW.

  17. awwww~~awesome!!!~~~XD
    GD’s rap is juz…wow!!!~~~
    dun know y…when hear GD’s rap…i got the special ‘feel’…can’t describe it by words…^-^

  18. wheres the winds song? Rain is falling?

  19. I loved him in Perry’s Storm but I don’t think it’s on the list.

  20. kay -chan i concur, I have had the w-inds song on heavy repaet lately uz its so darn awesome

  21. haha. what about the other “With U”? you only put in the intro one xD

  22. TO JT: lol no u didn’t! LOL

  23. OMG, this collection video is sweet! GD rapping = hot hot hot

    >D I’m about to play this in repeat; thanks for posting! ^___^

  24. yeah i have the song RUN by se7en feat GDYB i really love it…tehe it’s really good

  25. this is awsome!! thanks for doing this for the fans!!

  26. wow. this is sick. thanks!

  27. WOW, i lovee. It’s nice.
    G-Dragon is Amazing.

  28. =) oh my friend is from stand up, not always.

  29. wowww JT and Melly u did an awesome job! 😀 i love it!
    do you have the download link?~~lol

  30. ooo!! thats soo cool!! lol
    how about the song G-dragon by Perry…. lol
    ooo well…
    next time!! ^^ lol


  31. OMO!! Nice nice!! Hot hot! <

  32. 33333

    One request: Is there a TOP one?? I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR TOP OPPA’S RAP REMIX!!!!!!

    COULD THERE BE ONE?????? ><

  33. so um…i think big bang is so hot as hell and i like there song it is my heaven and other song and i wish that they have a great year and dlite birthday is next to my it is april 26 and my is april 25 so yeah i happy that there a birthday next to my birthday so yeah lol and i hope they hve a great time and great year lol will later

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