BigBang GDragon’s Cameo appearance!

is this good enuff?


youtube channel: elaisvipp

Big Bang GDragon, who have been said to have slight depression and is currentlyon his Europe vacation, has a special appearance on 2NE1’s new MV.

2NE1 released the MV to their debut single ‘Fire’ on the 6th. In the MV, GDragon had a cameo appearance. He was seen swinging his head and moving comically to the lyrics ‘ChalRang ChalRang’ in the song.

It was previously mentioned in YG’s message on how GDragon has been having  a hard time coping with work and had been down with slight depression a while back. Fans’ responses to his cameo appearance have been welcoming too.

His solo album will be released in August.

K Bites:


~ by Momo on May 5, 2009.

58 Responses to “BigBang GDragon’s Cameo appearance!”

  1. Bong hwaiting! I was laughing like mad when I saw him in the mv though, I really hope he stays strong and fights the depression!

  2. hahahha! he was such a dork! what caught my attention is his weight..boy our leada should eat more.
    he is really a good sunbae..hwaiting!

  3. haha, bong is such a freak XDDD When I regocnized the guy I noticed that it ONLY COULD BE BONG !! Noone else would do such hilarious stuff hahahaha

    I love 2NE1 <3<3<3 Their track is amazin <3<3

  4. bongie~~!!!!!!! omo… i laughed and cried at the same time… :,(( it’s been such a long time since i’ve seen him goof off like that. i really really miss him sooooo much. hope he gets better soon. we wish him all the best right??

    bongie HWAITING!!

  5. lol his part is so funny! aaww i didnt know GD was depress…
    *cry* poor him i hope he gets better

  6. it’s him…..
    i didn’t recognise him before, almost like a girl
    but it’s his style
    quite funny outside but hope inside of him get d same
    we luv u jiyongie ❤

  7. i pray that GD gets better!!!!

  8. Thats not G.D…………


  10. hahahaha
    that was funny,
    but that is GD ^ ^

  11. ch… i love GD. Dont like 21 always hanging onto BIG BANG for support. Gah, it looks to me as if they’re using BIG BANG’S FAME as their OWN INSTANT TICKET TO FAME/SUCCESS. Having GD produce most of their songs and also their main ALBUM! What will happen to BIG BANG then?oush, if they’re REAL artists, they’d know what to do,not to mention, almost all *21* members are OLDER than BIG BANG. I just want to hear more BB music, cool, fresh, funky and fun to listen to- GD’S just 20 y/o, he doesnt need the pressure and stress. All these are GOING TO AFFECT their MUSIC.

  12. ok big bang had the help of 1tym so why can’t 2NE1 have the help of big bang??? it just gets annoying when people keeps on saying that 2NE1 is riding on big bang’s fame…big bang came out different than other boy group and now 2NE1 is doing the same…

  13. don*t think that BB’s music will be affected by 2NE1. In my opinion its good that GD helps them. I like their style n BB has lotta other stuff to do. Ok Bong is / was kinda exhausted but i dont think thats its 2NE1 fault.. I bet he likes to help ’em

    2NE1 n BB HWAITING ❤

  14. THAT IS NOT G.DRAGON>,<!!!!!!!!!!!!



  17. haha i was kinda scared when i sae him xD
    BTW all of you sayin its not him:
    C.L DOES HAVE BOOBS and GD DOES NOT as seen in the vid…xD
    so it’s him..

  18. you got to be kidding me, haha!!
    why don’t you watch actual MV, the whole thing fm top to bottom?
    you’ll see how DUMB you sound in that if anyone claim to be a FAN of BIGBANG, PLZ get it RIGHT this time!!

  19. @ jen105 why do u sound so mad??? that is GD not CL…lol…chill

  20. jen105, why are u so mad over such a small thing? geez -_-;

    i don’t see what the big deal is with GD or BB helping 2NE1. if u claim u’re a BB fan then u should know that YG Family has always been TIGHT. just look at how most, if not all of BB songs have either Teddy, Perry or Kush’s help in them.

  21. at first when i saw him i was like WTF with the hat thing!!! cuz when i read somewhere he was going to appear in the video, i thought he was going to rap or sumthen, not do the hat thing he was doing…… i couldnt stop rewinding and laughing though!! LOL^^
    (gotta luv him)

  22. wow Gd looks so funny xD
    i hope he gets over his depression (:
    and return to normal…if he has a “normal” ;D
    G D r a g o n Until Whenever ❤

  23. BAHAHAHAHA~~~!
    Ji Cracks Me Up!!
    I didn’t notice him the first time. I was just like “wtf? whose that? oh it’s probably CL.”
    But after watching it again i was like “KWON JIYONG YOU DORK!!” xDDDD
    I crack up everytime i watch it.
    Gotta Love Kwon Ji<333

  24. i seriously didn’t even notice that part lol but yea he’s such a dork gotta love him!

  25. Perez has done it again, he posted 2ne1’s video on his blog

  26. oh ya…. i forgot^*^. you CAN’T never teach a person or persons who’s born idiot…sigh.
    a person who put this up originally is NOT even BIGBANG fan that’s way i’ve got pissed off at first place, so there.
    but i’m laughing so hard at Y.O.U, dummys, haha>.<

  27. heehee GD is so silly! je t’aime G-Dragon! il est tres bete ^^

  28. jen105, so you’re saying CL has no boobs? ;DDDDDDD Cause really, that person is as flat as…it’s Bong.

  29. jen105 you are an idiot. that is obviously GD. watch the better quality version and his face is pretty damn visible. also, they kept the same outfits throughout the whole MV, why would CL change her outfit for that particular scene. idiot.. for a self called fan of big bang, you can’t even recognize gd?

  30. Hahaha, that was such a sweet surprise seeing him!! GD was absolutely adorkable! Hehehe =DD

  31. aww GD u dorkie(like me, hehe)
    don’t be depressed, if you keep doing this, i’ll keep crying……*crys* TT_TT

    please use your common sense, WOMEN HAV BOOBS. (yes it’s in capitals, so what.)
    it is very obvious that this person at the back(GD)has no boobs whatsoever so it cannot be CL OR MinJi

  32. wow if you are a REAL BB fan then you could tell that GD is the dancing behind minji.

  33. lol perez uploaded the vid at the same time i was recording a mini cover of it ahahaha —>

  34. ROFL, I love this guy. He sure doesn’t looks depressed to me.

    But, seriously, these guys need a break.

  35. i love him he makes me happy no matter what

  36. damnnnnn (:
    i’m so happy! i loveee him!
    but dangg, that’s alott of hair flyin’.

  37. hahahah how cute! 😀

  38. Hahahahahaha awwww, we all miss him so much!
    i love that dork! Hahaha he was smiling.
    Depressing..what? Nahh, he looks happy there =]
    Lols i hope he got PLENTY of rest of his stay
    in London. He comes back tomorrow right..? or today?
    LMAO when i first say that, that made me so happy.
    still does.

  39. AWW, haha i saw that and i was totally LOL xDD bong is so cute ;D
    and DANG on perez hilton. that’s actually PRETTY GOOD for all the trash they usually say LOLL. and then i saw this comment by sillypanda:
    okay last thing.
    it’s amazing for people all the way in Korea to be recognized in America.
    yeah uhm hate to break it to ‘yall but most American stars if they came to Korea and tried to perform in our shows. wow thats epic faliure. yeah they’ll have their week or so (if they’re lucky) of fame but afterwards. they go down. and if your white trash music or “hip-hop” was that awesome and better than our shit. how come it isn’t dominating our charts?
    yeah thought so.
    okay that was supposed to be my last point but .. uhm lets see
    baby hit me one more time? oops i did it again? yeah britney spears. pop.
    HELLO. thats like kpop except more embarassing.

    I TOTALLY AGREE. lollll..cause well..i live in America and ALSO it’s not like i’m a total fob or something..i’m pretty americanized LOLL, (i’m actually trying to be more asian xD) and i’m not very impressed with the music scene here..first glance and first time i heard big bang i IMMEDIATELY got obsessed with k-pop. no kidding ;D now its totally different and at that time i was KIND OF getting into american hip hop or whatever..i dropped it for k-pop LOL xD i just think much better? it sounds so much more interesting in Korea and the entertainment industry is pretty good?! here…right now its kinda…not great or anything..i don’t see much happening and there’s no ONE AMAZING BOY BAND..well if you count jonas brothers? but seriously..just my opinion but i think they suck. vocally too and that’s sad T___T
    but a lot of girls seem to like them..hehe..or maybe it’s because i’m asian? LOLL well..that’s my view on it..and what i think :O

  40. 2NE1 HAS TALENT. ;D
    they’re super fierce/super hot no doubt 😀
    that’s something to be proud of.

  41. It’s funny how he just randomly pops up out of nowhere. 😀

  42. @ milkydonut:
    first of all, i’d like to make it clear that OBVIOUSLY, im into kpop, too. my ipod is mostly asian songs. and out of those asian songs, most are rain and big bang. american songs… not that into it. BUT, im here to debate AGAINST you. you have to admit that everyone likes different genres of music. if not, there wouldnt be music groups. because the whole point of a music group is for the group members to support eachother with their own unique talents and personalities. that is why big groups like suju gets popular, because all kinds of people like them. if you are not impressed with the american hiphop right now, that means its not your type of music. it does not mean kpop is better. but it does mean kpop is better FOR YOU. would you really expect a black person to go listen to big bang or 2ne1?! come on, be realistic. unless you live in korea-town, japan-town, or china-town, most people around you probably like american music better. i know most people around my area think kpop is shitty music. i cant say they have no taste in music just because they dont like my music. and if every one did like the same things, this world would be black and white, wouldnt it? you showed ur view, and that was my view. thank you for reading :]

  43. @jen105 & people who commented on her:
    guys, dont hate. i’m sure she gets it by now. bottom line, CL has boobs, GD doesnt have moobs. LOL. jen105, next time before you say something, research on it a bit. that way u wont get bashed so bad. but its ok, everyone makes mistakes :]

  44. yeahh!!! cold hard proof!!!

  45. AAHH GD!! he’s so hilarious!
    i really hope he gets better though. keep going strong jiyong<3

  46. THAT made my night<3 altho i saw it yesterday ehehe
    hes such a cute freak, HAHAH gotta love that man (;

    BTW, whats with all the drama here??!
    gosh u guys cant we all jus say
    and move on. hahah its ridiculous
    lets not start a debate here 😮

  47. kehe so funny.. it scared me a bit cos i didnt expect it, but then made me happy cos hes still having fun..i also like the song, well done to them all:)

  48. gosh, I love these two together!

  49. lmfao oh what sad ‘fans’.

  50. I think G-dragon maybe gay right?

    Editor Edit: Please be careful on what you say in here.

  51. hyung: why would u say that?
    editor: HAHAHAHA true that. u never know when some hardcore fan is gonna hunt u down and… 0_o

  52. btw being gay isnt a bad thing. but it certainly is if the person you’re calling gay isnt gay.

  53. i spot Bong on the MV ^^ LOL~~

  54. gay as in happy right?
    Bong is happy?
    all his stress is gone =)

  55. HAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LUV GD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. LOL he looks like he’s not depressed.. =’)

  57. i heard GD LIKES minji alot.. we’ll this one is a real proof.. xDD

  58. awww G-Dragon dont be depressed x,(

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