More Excerpts from Senoso


[from pgeorgei]: I guess it’s safe to assume that this has not been translated before. Thank you, guys!:

JiEun, Big Bang’s stylist, talks about YoungBae:

“When you’re around him, you can never whine or complain.

“While he was preparing his solo album, we came to learn about his tremendous abilities and potential. Teddy, who worked on the album with him, agrees. His musical talent, entertainer’s instinct, passion and the ability to move people and convey his sincerity to people around him are TaeYang’s greatest strengths. He makes sure every staff member is taken care of and lets them know how sincerely grateful he is for what they do for him. Also when any of the YG employees leaves the company or is having a hard time because of a personal problem, he is the one who sympathizes with and/or miss them the most. I am often touched by him, thinking, ‘Oh, I didn’t think he would know but he did.’

“When we were shooting a music video for his solo album, we were on a tight schedule and had to work around the clock. Needless to say all of us were completely exhausted. During a break, all the staff members gathered around to complain how it was too much to handle and we couldn’t take it any longer. Then I just happened to look up and saw TaeYang quietly wiping his bloody nose, standing alone in a corner. Of course, he was the one who was working harder than anyone… We were older nunas and hyungs but were acting so immaturely. He always works and thinks things over two, three times harder than any of us.

“That is why all of us at YGE worked together toward a common goal – we all sincerely wished him to succeed. TaeYang has this extraordinary talent to move and motivate people.”

G-Dragon Talks about Mr. Yang’s Comparison of Big Bang Members to Trees:

“Once, Mr. Yang compared each of the Big Bang members to a different kind of saplings. He says I am like a tree that blooms brilliant flowers to attract people’s attention; TOP, a tree with a thick, heavy trunk; TaeYang, a tree that grows well by itself; DaeSung, a tree that bears lots of fruits; and Seungri, a tree that will grow taller after a good pruning. I think they are really apt comparisons.”

[Translated by pgeorgie][Original text (c) YG Entertainment]
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~ by Momo on May 5, 2009.

18 Responses to “More Excerpts from Senoso”

  1. I love GD’s part at the end ❤

  2. Pretty good tree comparisons

  3. wow! i love YB even more!

  4. oh my GOD! my youngbae was suffering silently..i wish i were there to take care of him. MA BOI please take care of yourself too. don’t do that again don’t be sick, don’t tire yourself too much that i don’t want you to bleed. I LOVE YOU. take care again.

  5. aww why was he bleeding from his nose??? =( YB, you think of others before yourself too much. please take care of yourself too!
    YOUNG BAE<3333

  6. aww why was he bleeding from his nose??? =( YB, you think of others before yourself too much. please take care of yourself too!
    YOUNG BAE<3333

  7. awwww *CRY* my poor taeyang worked so hard that his nose bleed
    please take care of yourself YB! and everyone seems to just love him as well!

  8. awwww!!! taeyang is such a sweety….reading this makes me want to cry… he was standing alone in the corner wiping his bloody nose…..taetae….gosh love him dearly!!

  9. lol the tree analogy was hilarious XD

  10. AH BAEEEEE<3 he never ceases to touch me at times 😛
    and bong, ahhh he’s just amazing naturally xD

  11. i such an emotionally person lol..i find myself getting alittle teary eyes while reading the one about what JiEun said about Bae…and how he’s always letting the staff know that he’s really grateful to have them..and poor baby~all alone in the corner wiping his bloody nose >_< Bae always amaze me…him and his innocent/pure hearted self is love <33333

  12. LOL i find the tree comparisons sooo funny yet sooooo compatible!

  13. thanks for the excerpt! yeah taeyang is so sweet and nice!! and humble :] but when he gets on stage it gets burning hot! haha

    wow i like YG’s comparisons to trees!

  14. bloody nose part was amazing. it’s crazy cause i’m sure everyone can totally imagine it happening it. i dont think i’ve ever seen a more sincere artist that’s this successful

  15. damn I love Tae Yang More he is such a sweetheart and humble and hes just my dream guy lol and i love the tree comparisons

  16. I’ve said this before, but it’s the truth. Bae’s amazing. He’s so caring and sweet. Always working so hard and thinking of others.

    …omg how did he get the bloody nose? D:

    Hehehe, YG’s comparison is really cool. And fitting to BB. ^___^

  17. awwww the comparison is really true i think

  18. aww that is so cute. taeyang is such an angel. a goddamn hawt and cute angel but an angel none the less. so humble too.
    the comparison is so clever. made me smile.

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